Saturday, December 22, 2007

FInally, Happy Dance.

Christmas ornament 2004 side 2
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Is there anything more pathetic in the needlework world than a stitcher sifting for her ort bag looking for a piece of thread longer than an inch to use to finish the last few stitches. I don't think so. I did manage to find the last bit tonight.
And the other side:

Christmas Ornament 2004 side 1
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Christmas Ornament 2004, by Periwinkle Promises. The red is Thread Gather's Silk N Colors In the Burgandy, and the green is Forest Green. This is on 28 ct. white linen. I stitched the 2 sides together with some white sewing thread, and gave it a bit of stuffing for dimension (a suggestion from a friend).

Abi asked if I limit the size of my ornaments. and at first my gut reaction was yes, I like smaller ornaments. But then I looked at my collection and I just stitch what I like (I do have some big ones). This one in particular I thought would be smaller than it ended up being, About 4 inches square. My big question for in the heck is she able to stitch so much with a baby the same age as mine?

As for christmas...My house is clean, decorated, and my gifts are wrapped....bring it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stitching Post!

Ornament tree 07
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I was able to put up my ornament tree in my craft room. Although I have had it for a few years I don't think I have taken a picture for you before. You can see toward the lower right my first ornament I ever stitched in 1999, Merry Christmas from Oklahoma. That year Ian and I were in Tulsa while he was in school, we couldn't afford to head home for christmas, and I stitched about 10 of these as gifts to friends and family. Speaking of Tulsa, while my heart goes out to the midwest ice storm and their power issues, I have to laugh when I hear the news reporters asking if they could of been better prepared if they knew how bad it would be. I keep thinking of how poorly Tulsa handled snow for the 2 winters I spent there. They DO get snow and ice EVERY year, but they think of themselves as "the south", sorry guys, you were not in the confederacy and your climate is not quite the same psst, that's Texas. The city of Tulsa has maybe 5 plows, and they would only plow the highways (2 in the city) , what got me was they would never plow the on or off ramps! I literally watched the plows pick up the plow before leaving the highway. Cars skidding right behind them.

Oh sorry I got off track there.... here is my progress on the green side of Christmas Ornament 2004 by Periwinkle Promises. See the front here. It is of course the Queen stitches are slowing me down. But I hope to have it done by Sat...and maybe assembled by Mon.

Back of Ornament
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not much to say....

....cause not much is getting done. I finally got the decorations out of the attic monday, but little is actually 'done' with any of them. I did get a new ornament sorting box and organized the ornaments. I told Ian we can start a new box for A. but if Ian or I get any more ornaments, then it needs to replace an old one. Ian and I each came to the marriage with a full 6 foot tree worth of ornaments, some bizarrely similar.

We headed out to our usual place to get the tree this year, with my intention of purchasing a potted pine to decorate, then plant like we did 3 (4?) years ago. This place is about 30 min away and we have been there 4 times in the past 7 years to cut our own tree. We weren't there last year, so when we drive by it and there are just a few brown pines (drought), and a big development ad board I was a bit confused. I found out later, Ian thought the same thing but nobody said anything out loud. So we kept driving thinking it must be further ahead. About 10 miles later, Ian called 411 to get the number and we discover they had there are no trees to cut for 4/5 years to come. But I am not worried since I wanted a potted one anyway. Of course once there we see that the little potted guys are very Charlie Brown, and not what I wanted. They had cut trees from the mountains, I got a small one of those. So we drove 60 miles to buy a tree that we could of gotten a mile from our house at one of those lots. SIGH.
At least I supported a local business right?

Other than that my house is a full time wreck, A. has a cold, and finals are this week. Stitching has definately taken a back seat.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Finished ornaments
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OK I know they are not fabulous, If i did a third it would be perfect. I have never consructed a round ornament before and not one with a glue only/ no sew technique (thought it would be still took me 2 days to do). I worked on my mitering technique. The one on the left was done first the one on the right 2nd and better.

I thought about sewing it, but then I could not figure out how you get the board inside, course I could of just stuffed it. Finishing is a continual learning process, with so many methods and choices involved...I would love to take a finishing class someday. I am hoping to finish more ornaments before Christmas, I have 6 waiting for me...but I am running out of time. Anyone know where I could buy some?

Deer Hil Farm cross Stitch (for those of you who asked) is a wonderful little store right on 9G in Hyde Park. The owner is very helpful and knows just where everything is. She has complete stocks of fabric and thread, and alot of charts (quite a few in the sale bins too). Right when I walked in she had a little tree with several of the 07 JCS ornament finished and on it, it was nice to see the finished ornaments. Fora small shop she has lots of models and they are all up to date. It is worth the day trip for those of you nearby, oh and there is a rc hobby store for your husband to visit right next store.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Haul

Thanksgiving Haul
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Over thanksgiving I visited Deer Hill Farm Cross stitch in Hyde Park, NY and when I returned from our trip there was my package from Stitching Bits and Bobs. The full haul includes:

• Bent Creek: Snowbound
• Sweetheart Tree: By the Sea sampler (no wonder I could not find this one.. I was looking for a chart not a kit!)
• Little House Needleworks: Through the Woods
• Arelate Studio: Grand Old Duke #1
• CHS: Rainbow
• Homespun Elegance: Old shaker Tune
• Cricket Collection: Sleepy Hollow
• Blackbird Designs: Blackbird Sampler
• And of course the green silk for my Christmas ornament (but I am working on that now, so it isn’t in the picture)

This just about cleans out my wish list, now I just need some time to stitch.
A few days ago I was freaking out abit realizing I have a very short time before christmas to get ALOT of stuff done, and that I would only have about 3 whole days alone to get it all done between the end of school and Christmas. Ian and i sat down and planned out every free sec we had, so as of right now, 3 days later, 90% of the gift shopping is done, and 99% of the christmas cards are done. (still need a couple more addresses). YEAH I might get it all done on time.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


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Did you know that there was no t in poinsettia? I always thought it was pointsettia. Go figure. I started this ornament on a ecru colored linen, then after one petal decided that it was going to be too big. So I started a second on whe white evenweave (top poinsettia) It doesn't look smaller but it is. After I finished it I went back and finished the other for a christmas exchange. I was going to go buy the beads that the ornament called for, Mill Hill 02012. But first I checked my stash of maybe 10 different beads....Lo and behold I had the exact beads! I love it when that happens.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Annabeth Show- NY tour

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At least that is what Ian and I called it all week. We packed up the baby, the dog, and the food (me!) and headed north last monday for 1 full week of the tour. (It was not a vacation and thanksgiving was just a big dinner in the middle of it all). We broke the trip into 2, 5 hour drives stopping in DC to stay with relatives...the best way to describe this trip is to list for you who A. met for the first time, in order of appearance over the week:

Great Uncle Rob
Great Aunt Ginny
Grandpa's girlfriend
Great Great Uncle Bill
Great Grandma
Great Grandpa
Great Great Aunt Doris
Friends of ours totalling 7 and their children (not all at once)
First cousin once removed Hilary
First cousins twice removed Elise and Greg, and their children (are they thrice removed?)
Neighbors of Grandma and Grandpa

this does not include those who have been in the presence of A. before, Grandpa (my dad) Grandpa and Grandma (Ian's parents, with whom we stayed). We haven't figured out the terms for all the grandparents involved yet...
This event was so big because there has not been a baby in Ian's family line in years, he is an only child, so this is the first grandbaby and greatgrandbaby.
Needless to say our schedule was all messed up, the routine out the window, and naps wherever we could get them:

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We returned last night, and I am back at work today. I hope to have some cross stitching news for you tomorrow!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Somewhere over the rainbow

Sorry everyone for the lack of posting, We have had a busy week..Letssee...monday I dragged Ian and A to Portrait Innovations for our christmas (and first family) portraits. I was so proud of myself making our appt. on a monday so they wouldn't be busy, then when we walk in the door it was wall to wall families, VETERANS DAY, damn. We waited about 15 min past our appt. time...A. did pretty well for the first half of the pictures, but then quickly progressed to meltdown mode. But it was really nice, they took almost 70 photos, then you can go throught them right after and pick them up n 20 min. ahhh the wonders of digital photography. I felt a bit rushed, but next time I'll watch the school calendars.
Then tuesday A. was a subject in a study that the University is doing on how children learn. Basically they played with her (and I did to) for 45 minutes, with heart rate monitors and a brain activity cap on her noggin. Unfortunately, she was tired, and just fussed through the second part of the test. But they do it again at 10 months.
The rest of the week I have been trying to wrap stuff up because we are driving up to NY tomorrow, with a layover overnight at my aunts house in VA. (2 5-hour drives).

As for stitching, I am still waiting on my order from Stitching bits and looks like I wont get it for another week, but meanwhile I have been working on (very slowly) Brittercup's Poinsettia ornament from this years ornament issue. It looks fast, but not when you only have 30 minutes at a time to work on it.

The world seems to be pointing me in Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.. (Iz)'s direction. I heard his version of "Somewhere over the rainbow/wonderful world" song on the loud speakers in Target the yesterday. I always disliked the Judy Garland version, but love his version. Then today when I finished reading Dean Koontz's "One Door Away from Heaven" (I read when I am breastfeeding) He mentioned Iz in the afterword and how he listened to Iz's albums while writing the book. I think I am going to go buy his In Dis Life album, it looks like the best one.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Strep Ornament.

Front of ornament
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Thank you for all your comments on this ornament. The thread used is In the Burgandy Silk n Colors, by Thread Gatherer. I had it left over (apparently) from the M Designs Peace Ornament done years ago (found on the same page in the 2004 Orn. Mag.). The finish on this in the mag just shows the 4 sided box stitch with a frayed edge. But I got to thinking (I know trouble...right) the back would suck unfinished, I debated a fabric back, but then lightening struck, and I thought I'll just do another side with just the outer border and initials and a date, using the box stitch to join the 2 sides. THEN as I started the other side I asked my husband what he thought....HE said why don't you do the other side the same pattern but in green. Brilliant! Now I have to do it that way, His lightening being way better than mine. SOooooo then I get Strep Throat.


Didn't see that one coming did you?

Neither did I

or maybe I did...

No I did not get it from my daughter, although I don't know who to blame, I haven't had Strep since high school.

Antibiotics are one of the greatest gifts from science.

SOoooo feeling better I go on a search for green silk to "match" . I don't work in silk too much it is so expensive... $6.80 a skein, you should get a free diamond encrusted box to keep them in. but I caved and bought Dark Forest Silk n Colors, (and other stuff too) from Stitching Bits and Bobs....So the finish will take a bit longer than planned.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Christmas Ornament 2004

CHristmas Ornament 2004
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This is another WIP I am exclusivlly working on right now. It is "Christmas Ornament 2004" from Periwinkle Promises in the 2004 JCS Ornament issue. I had only done 1/4 of the center redwork last year before I realized It wasn't symetrical, and gave it up to the WIP pile. As with all my mistakes, give me a little time and I can tackle it it better with little to no frustration. So I got the center fixed and completed in 2 nights, and been working on the Queen stitches for the past few nights. I usually don't mind queen stitches, but so many of them....40 in one L shaped corner, takes quite a bit of time. But it has a really neat ridge effect when all the stitches are grouped together. I hope to have this ornament done (And I will FINISH IT!) next week.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spookline by Sam Sarah

Spookline by Sam Sarah
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Doesn't look like it would take 2 years does it? I changed this sucker so many times it is almost unrecognizeable from the original. The fabric is some random linen I had hanging around. The right hand leaves and green blocks are in WDW Kudzu instead of Cresent colors Green onion. The top border was moved down 4 blocks, the stars re-arranged and one extra added, and I eliminated the thread "hanging" the moon and stars (just seemed a bit strange to me).

I have NO idea how I am going to finish it. I guess that is my one quirk. I stitch to stitch, not to finish and display. For me the joy is in seeing it come to life. Consequently I have a drawer full of stitched projects that I really don't care about or think about that much. GO figure.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ready to turn in my mommy card.

Warning: this post is not for the faint of heart or who have a weak stomach.

First, an apology to the pharmaceutical industry, my child is not allergic to your antibiotics...It was a stomach virus. How do I know? Well I got the same 6-12 hour virus Sat and my husband Sunday. NOW I am pissed at the world.
I have not been sick* in about 12 years and Saturday night....FIVE times! Ugh. I HATE vomiting, as my mother put it, I would rather give birth again. I was never even sick during my pregnancy (THANK GOD). So the next day, Sunday I had to care for A. (who is feeling just peachy now thank you very much) on about 4 hours of sleep. I had a tough time standing without feeling weak. I could not wait for Ian to get home and let me sleep, but of course he came home with the bug and headed right for the bedroom/bathroom for the night, he is now sleeping it off today, which is supposed to be my day "off".

Why does no one tell you you get to relive your childhood illnesses again when you have a baby??? I have gone the past 15 years with only the occasional cold/sore throat maybe a flu here or there. I have earned the right to be healthy, but now, NOW? Will I get strep throat every winter again?, ear infections, chicken pox, viruses, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, ringworm, dysentery, lice??? AGGGHHHHH!!!
i am so scared.

*Sick from illness, I am not counting the fun,numb,drunk sick.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

One of those days

Today baby girl got sick, for the first time in her short life. Let me back up a bit to tell the story. Tuesday I head in to daycare to pick A. up to find the county health dept there telling parents that a caregiver was diagnosed with pertussis (whooping cough). So they are weighing all the babies and giving us a 5 day run of azithromycin. A. is all up to date with her vaccines (she just got a DTaP on the 5th), and I am reluctant to give her an antibiotic to treat something that probably does not exist in her. So I call my Ped and he says do it anyway. So yesterday she got her first dose at 5 pm.

This morning she drank a ton of milk, and then promptly threw it back up on me. Baby exorcist style. But she seemed happy and drank abit more so I think she will be ok. I head to my car only to realize my keys...they are in Ian's car at his work, so I move all the stuff for school to the truck (I have been away for a week so there is a lot of it). I finally get her to daycare, and I get to work to try and catch up on every thing. A minute before I am about to leave my office and teach a class, the daycare calls (no surprise) to tell me A. threw up her bottle...and tell me she has loose stool (which she has had since she was born! Breastfed !Hello!) I mention I think it is just the anitbiotic,to which they say no it can't be (it is like the first side effect listed on the fact sheet they gave us!) I call Ian who luckily can leave early to grab her, and I go teach DNA replication to a bunch of confused freshman.
I get home after Ian feeds her a bottle, only to have her throw it up an hour later. She is lethargic and pissed that she is hungry. I Call doctor, he says hold of on another antibiotic treatment, made appt for tomorrow. I feed her just an ounce an hour for three hours hoping small amts will help puke so far, she is now asleep, but i am not sure how long that will last. For the record I think it is the antibiotic...not a bug.

Ah motherhood...I am looking forward to a lifetime of sicknesses!

( Meg, we saw Resident Evil: Extinction yesterday....Don't ask)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Small Fall Thingy

Small Fall thingy
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I got this freebie from a fellow tarheel at the last meeting, and just needed something to get me over my stitching hump. It can be found here. I substituted 3362 for 370 so it would look more like the pattern. It is supposed to be finished as a Biscornu, but I am not sure that is what I will do with it. I did it on a loose linen and it may not stand that type of finishing without pulling out the threads.

Yesterday I had the day while A was at daycare...I cleaned the house! It has not looked this good since just before she was born. It is so nice to have a clean semi uncluttered home, even if it is for a small amount of time. I was also able to organize my stitching, I have 6 WIPs and 8 kitted right now. The reason I was so unhappy with my Wips is that 3 of them had color issues I have not had time to tackle. Color issue being finding the right color thread to replace some color currently in the pattern. I resoved that with spooktime yesterday replacing Cresent Colors Green Onion with WDW Kudzu. I got some headway on that during Biggest Loser last night.

Today (I am still off for Fall Break) we go to a movie.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hiro watching

holiday quilt rr
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I have been trying to get this done so I can move on to my own stuff, I should finish it tonight. Spookline for the rest of the month...then on to something totally new. What? I don't know yet, can you believe that?? I almost always know what will be next, and I have a few WIPs that I am not wanting to get back to yet. I have not looked at my Stash in so long I forget what is there.

Ian and I are watching an episode or 2 from Heros season 1 every night. We knew it was good, and didn't have DVR last year, so we only caught one episode. So we are saving this season while watching the last...but at the rate we are going, we should be all caught up in a few weeks. This show is actually better than all the hype I had heard about it.

Next week is Fall Break and I only have to work Thursday, but we have paid for 3 days of daycare for A. This means Wednesday Ian and I can frolic around town all day, we may go to a movie (or 2!) and Friday is all to myself I can clean, or stitch, or scrapbook, or shop, or clean.....
This same phenomenon will happen for 11 days over winter bet I am scheduling those up now!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm back

stash accumulation
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The mission was a sucess. The flights up to PA were easier than the flights home.The flights up were in the afternoon when A was happy and observant. The flights back were in the morning when she really just wanted to sleep and couldn't. On saturday I got my hair cut and colored professionally for the first time in my life (the color part not the cut part). and then we headed to Covered Bridge Needlearts in Bridgewater, PA. It was a wonderful shop and I got all this stuff:
1. JCS ornament mag 07 (I am not sure why i did not get one with my subscription, and I am a bit dissapointed in this one for the very first time in 8 years , but I have to keep up the collection, right?)
2. LNS Home of a Needleworker
3. Bent Creek :The littles: Leprachaun
4. Bent Creek : the Red thread: Smell the Flowers
(I am not going to do all of this series, I just really liked this one.)
5. Trilogy : Winter Line up (the penguins make me giggle)
6. JBW: Blessings
And 2 I had never heard or seen of
7. The Gathering Place: Autumn Shadows
8. Marilynn and Jackies Collectables: Ringlet tree

These last 2 had fuzzy/bad photos but looked like they had alot of potential.

I know that designing can't be easy but how difficult is it to find a printer to print an accurate photo. In this digital age it can't be that hard. OKoK Enough ranting

My mom had a party on Sunday to show A. off to local friends and we all watched the Steelers lose, but she had fun:

having fun
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Monday we went to help my sister start planning her wedding in a year by looking at some locations. None so far fit her bill for the ability to have the ceremony outside by trees and the n a reception place at the same site. Apparently my job in addition to being Matron of honor is to keep her from panicing over the next 12 months. Can you believe anyone agreed to marry this?: Just kidding Liz.

with aunt liz
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Oh and as a side note Wil Wheaton has his new book out! It is all about growing up geek in the 80s. I am debating if I want to order an autographed copy this time around. I love his 2 previous books Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mission Impossible? More like Mission Not Fun

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take one 4 month old infant and take her on an airplane. Keep in mind the following: You can not take a direct flight and you must have one layover of at least an hour. You must travel alone. You must try to feed the baby during takeoff and landings even though in the past week this baby has developed a bad habit of not eating well unless she is in a completely silent room. You may: bring enough earplugs for all the passengers on the airplane including the attendants and you may also worry non-stop about this mission until it actually occurs. Your reward: Time spent with family and a trip to see one of the rare LNSs left in the country.

Wish me luck I will be attempting this Mission tomorrow at 2pm (and then again on tuesday). So no I won't be at CATS this year. But have fun everyone!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stitching when I can

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Here is my progress so far on Spookline by SamSarah. I started this last year, and hope to have it done by Halloween. I decided I did not like it on the purple fabric the model was on, and instead I started it on this narural linen I had a drawer. I am using the called for Cresent Colors, only one of the colors seems to blend in to background, the green onion color of the lighter leaves. Unfortunately it is also used in the other half of the border and I am not sure what I will be replacing it with.

I attended the Tarheel get together today. A. went with me, and she behaved herself, mostly. I did not get alot of stitching done, and will probably look into getting a sitter for future saturday get togethers.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Holiday Quilts, RR

Holiday Quilts, RR
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I recieved this about 2 weeks ago. and have frogged the damn outline of my quilt twice. I based my stitching off of somone elses (ah the perils of an RR ) and have since concluded this is a bad thing to do when working on a piece that has been handled by many hands. This Pattern is Holiday quilts by Ursula Michael. It is (I think) from a Sitchers World magazine. The colors have been altered to be more green/red but this is a PERFECT design for an RR. This the last RR piece I have to do. I think I will be retiring myself from RRs for a while after this. A good experience, but now that I only have about an hour to stitch at night, I want it to be time for my own pieces.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Baby feeding herself
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Ian sent me this via his cell phone camera today, with the tag line, Look Mommy, no Daddy. We are slllllllooooowwwwlyyyyyy starting to find our hands, so it is pretty cool that she is starting to use them for a purpose
This weekend we started to bat at stuff and sometimes caught things to bring to our mouth. Now of course I have no idea how long this pose was held, but she sure looks like she has a grip eh? (Yes I know the bottle says Brooke, its a handme down).

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I know its just a bump in the road....

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Ok I'll be the first to admit that I am not a people person. I prefer to hang around my home and family. That being said, when I want to be social...I need to be social. My husband works on weekends so that is usually when I enjoy seeing friends, attending church, going to get togethers, and attending the infrequent parties that cross my path. However since A has been born I find these forays into the social world aggravating and draining. I am frustrated because I need to isolate myself to calm or feed her. And end up asking myself why the hell I came at all if I can't talk to others in a social setting for more than a few minutes. I am still trying to increase/maintain my milk supply for her so getting a babysitter or supplying a bottle over the weekend would be counter productive.

Today was difficult (and it is not even noon) because I tried to take her to church for the first time. She did not even make it through the Welcome. I have been feeling guilty for not going in 3 months (childcare was limited over the summer, and the nursery is not equipped to deal with immobile infants) and now I am thinking maybe I should just wait for another few months till she can sit up and be in the nursery.

I have my first Tarheel get together in a couple of weeks, and I am really starting to worry if I will be able to enjoy it at all with her along (I can't leave her home, the tarheels would kill me).

A coworker told me the other day that this time of a babys life can be trying with them seemingly attached to you 24/7, but that over all it is a very short time of their life. and while I "know" that to be true, it doesn't make the isolation any easier to bear.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sea Borders

Sea Borders
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LOOK, STITCHING! I finished this little guy yesterday. He is a freebie called Sea Borders found a long time ago on a french website, But I can seem to find it there now... I also got a whole seahorse alphabet with it . The photo is muted but it came out really nice . I stitched it on 28 ct ivory evenweave using one of the Dye is Cast colors (I think it is called Storm). I think it would also look great stitched in white on a blue fabric.

I have been debating what project to tackle next. since I only get about an hour a night to stitch. I have a Sam Sarah Spookline, that is half done. Or I can start the Sampler book by Erica Michaels. I want to that for A. I think it would be a cool book to learn the alphabet by, and a neat heirloom. but then I wonder if all the hard work I put into it would be worth it in the long run. Would she just puke on it at some point and ruin it?

Bellastitch asked me how I got A. to sleep through the night. The first night she did it was the day after I got back from Montreal. I woke up in a panic at 7 thinking something was wrong because she didn't wake up at 4:30/5am for her usual feeding. Well there is no secret, I totally attribute it to her finding her thumb at about 2 months old and that enables her to self soothe. That and I am really lucky. She has always been a champion sleeper. She was pulling 4 or 5 hour naps from the first few weeks. I know they said to wake her every 3 hours to eat, but it took us an hour past that to wake her up enough to eat, and even then she was still too grumpy to eat well.. We quickly determined that she ate better if we just let her sleep as much as she wanted.

And look ...Happy Baby:

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where have I been?

Short answer: Montreal/work/pumping/not stitching
Long Answer:
I headed out to Montreal last thursday for a total of 48 hours to present my thesis (for the last time I hope) at the SIL conference. The good news is that this will enable my thesis to be published in their proceedings (a 3 volume set that is put out every three years). I also found out while there that the 2 people who will review my paper are 2 of the most noted researchers in my field...that is better than random reviewers at any old journal. I was worried more about finding places to pump while I was gone than about A. (my mom came to care for her) or even about my presentation. But it ended up being ok, I only had to pump once in a bathroom at the airport. Mostly I was able to wait till I got to the hotel room, or used an inactive room at the conference center (Which is HUGE, bigger than New Orleans). I ate 3 fabulous meals while there and only got to see a bit of Chinatown and Old Montreal. Some day I wouldn't mind going back and seeing more.

School started this week and no problems there (I am teaching the same classes I did last fall, so minimal prep). A. spent her first day at Daycare yesterday (she and I did OK thank you) However she drank 12 oz in 7 hours. This has produced quite a bit of worry from me since I only produced 8 oz, I had to break out 2 bags of frozen milk to send her with 17 oz today for 10 hours. If she drinks it all I will definately have issues keeping up. I had built up a decent supply of frozen milk over the past 2 months but alot of it was used while I was in Montreal (40 oz) I am currently tring to figure out how much effort to put into keeping her on pure breast milk (take supplements/try to pump more -ha when?), or to ease off of the pressure I will put on myself and just mix the expressed milk I can pump with formula. I have about 20 oz frozen left to figure that decision out.

As for cross stitch I am working on something small right now, but I only have about 30 min a night. After putting A. to bed and preparing all the stuff for me and her, I head to bed early so I can get up early and not be dragging ass in the am...and my kitchen floor is still filthy. You all will have to forgive me but I have stopped reading your stitching blogs....seeing all your stitching just depresses me right now cause I want to do more, and I have all these ideas.....

OH I forgot the good news--as of Sat (11 weeks), A. is sleeping through the night 9pm-7am. She has discovered her feet and will watch them for 15 minutes at a time. Although she sucks her thumb(s) to soothe herself, she has yet to "find" her hands.
I will post some more pictures soon, just haven't had the time

Monday, August 06, 2007

My RR is home

My RR is home
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This was my RR, and since it was so easy It cruized through everyone, and got home before I have even seen the last one I have to do. Everyone did a great job! It is the monthly kats, I think I will be stitching the rest of them (or maybe if I have some time put it in another rr). My dad has been here this weekend and I have been able to do more on Fredrick, I only have 2 colors to go.

A. is sleeping 6 hours a night now pretty consistantly, the evenings are still very fussy. A couple times now I just have to let her cry herself out, because my back hurts from bopping her around the house. I feel like a bad mom for the 10 minutes or so till she is asleep...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

RR work

Beths rr
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Here is the RR I am working on right now. As you can see it is the DImensions Fredrick the Literate. She broke it into 6 sections and unfortunately one of our rr people dropped out so I am only the second person to work on it. The bottom left corner is mine. (everything below Fredrick). I don't have to backstitch anything and I only have 4 books to go. It would go faster if I wasn't milk on demand for baby girl. Speaking of that...naptime is over.... more blogging later.

Monday, July 23, 2007


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Harry Potter is here. I picked it up Sat at 9am and finished it Sunday at 12 noon. And I did not skim it either. How, you may ask? Well I read while A. was feeding and sleeping (you only need 1 hand). Beyond that I have always been a fast reader, I can do 350+ pages a day on a worthy book. Wish I could stitch with one hand....sigh.

Yes I was happy with it, sure you could find fault in sections (as alot of folks are wont to do), But really I feel lucky that JKRowling commited to finish the series, and wrapped everything up (I hate open endings in books or in movies, give me closure anyday) and am happy with the over all series (#2 is still my least favorite).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

6 weeks +

Daddy and daughter
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Well I've made it this far...I have 4 weeks till I head back to work, and I have soo much to do before then. Unfortunately I have less time now than I did during the first 2 weeks, she is sleeping a lot less, but still eating just as much --therefore less time for me to blog/stitch/prepare for work. I haven't picked up any of my own cross stitch projects, I only have time to stitch for the rr. As soon as this is done I think I won't do another one for a while (read 18 years).

The question of the month is, is she sleeping well yet. The answer is sometimes, once she pulled a 6 hour night (only once) usually she pulls in a 4/5 hour night with another 2 hours after a feed. If I am lucky I can get her back to sleep for a 2 hour nap in the morning, Then I get all 8 hours, other wise I get about 6 hours. It is amazing what those 2 little hours will do for you.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

RR #2

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This is my part of the next round robin I received around the time A was born. I finished last week. lt was easier than the Floral Bell Pull :) , this is the Cross-Eyed Cricket's Floral Square. The owner is planning an alphabet quilt using this pattern. So each of us is doing a different letter. The next RR arrived a couple of days is Fredrick the Literate, a Dimensions Kit, really cute, and it will be the first time I am stitching on black aida. I don't ave time to do any of my own stitching right now. My time is even more limited now, A is awake more, so has to be held or entertained. Breast feeding is going a whole lot better now, but I am looking forward to fewer sessions, we are still at 9-12 a day. ( hence the fewer posts on this blog). My moms visit went great, and I am looking forward to Ian's mom and dad visiting this week. It is nice to have someone else around to hold th baby. And as a reward for you reading this far...Hows about a picture of Baby girl at 5 weeks....(we totally broke out in full fledged baby acne last week).

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Doggie Treat

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It may look like we are offering her up to Anubis, but what you can't see here is that Max (our dog) is trying he darnedest to get lower than Annabeth. This is good news, He has actually been really good around her, not trying to lick her at all ( that was our big worry). We are looking forward to A chasing him around soon.

Grandma (my mom) and sister and stepdad arrive today to see A. I am looking forward to a bit of a break. Maybe even enough to walk Max again. It's tough to time his walk between the heat/feeding/ sleeping etc. I miss the daily exercise...I am hoping to get it into a schedule soon.

christmas chickadee done

christmas chickadee done
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on a premade bag. Thsnks Jenna for correcting me, this is a Valarie Pieffer.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Christmas Chickadee

Christmas Chickadee
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Christmas in June ;) I started this little guy the day before A was born. I think he is a Margaret Sherry that was in a British Cross Stitcher last year. I still have the holly and backstitching to do, I can only stitch when A is sleeping and I am not (about 2 hours a day).

Last night was better, she finally went to sleep around 3 and slept 6 hours straight. Now if we could just get those hours to be 12 -6, we would be all set.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

She may kill me

Taking care of everybody
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Annabeth has now officially started her 3rd week of life and is in a complete day/night reversal. For the past week she was in a funky 6 hour cycle, 6 hours up and eating, 6 hours asleep, repeat until parents scream. And of course right after the pediatrician appt and I get reassurance that this is normal, she changes it up--She slept all day yesterday (breaking every 2/3 hours for food of course). and was up all night long. 10-5. Feeding every hour. Around 2 am I had to walk away completely. Ian tried to pick up the slack but I still had to get up and feed her every hour. It is like working a different shift every week.

Breastfeeding has gotten a bit better, but it is still painful. We have ruled out the usual suspects including a poor latch and thrush. I am just blessed/cursed with extremely sensitive nipples AND a strong feeder for a newborn. "Oh joy , oh rapture, unforseen"

Thursday, June 07, 2007


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Someone sent me a couple of things off my wish list: Halloween Sampler by the Drawn Thread (with the needle necessities thread included) and Snowman Needleroll. I thought I knew who sent them, but now I am not so sure. Thank you very much to whoever it was! It is nice to get something in the mail for yourself...when everything else is for the baby.

I am cross stitching, I am working on a little something that I started the day before A was born, and I got my next round in the round robin...this one is much easier. It is an alphabet block by the Cross Eyed Cricket on Aida.

As for my labor memories: I do remember quite a bit, I think because I was so obsessed with how it was going to go. The timing of things are courtesy of my doula, she took notes during the labor and wrote up the whole story for us.

The three of us are doing great. The only surprise is this breastfeeding stuff is much more of an issue than I suspected. ( sleep is no problem comparatively). I guess I thought she would be a more passive part of the equation. Instead I find myself much more at her mercy. She decides when, at which breast, the position, timing, and the amount of pain I receive. I am definitely feeling like a tortured cow--and can see how the formula option is so attractive at 2 in the morning. We do have lots of help (my pediatrician's wife is a Lact. Consultant), and we will survive this, right? (if she doesn't kill me first)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Labor Story

Annabeth Day 3
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In the grand tradition of women posting too much information on the internet, let me give you all the rundown. I read alot of other womens stories, which helped me by both educating me on how different everyones story is and comforting me that I would have one soon too, and I had to do all that I could to make it the way I wanted it.

1:30 am June 1st: I woke up to go to the bathroom (not unusual) and while up felt a cramp, but just kinda thought it as the beef ribs I ate at 11 coming back to haunt me. But about 6 min later another one arrived, then another, they were peaking and fading just like a perfect example of a contraction.

2:00 am: woke Ian to help me time them, we decided that while not exactly regular (4-6 min apart) they were regular enough to get up and start getting ready. I finished packing, made some food for the "long" time to come, put laundry in the dryer...etc. I felt best walking through the contractions pacing up and don the hall.

3:00 am: Called my Doula Mary, she did not sound quite convinced I was in full labor, and after I got off the phone my body held off a contraction just to panic me that I made the wrong call. (like going to the mechanic only to find the car acting fine for him!).
I then showered for about 30 min...until I was bored of that then waited for Mary.

3:45 am: Mary arrived. By this time I could not talk through the conractions. For the next couple of hours I tried the best positions for the contractions: On the birth ball, sitting, laying, on my side. But they never worked for long, my legs would get restless and would have to get up and walk through a couple. We called the Grandparents around 5 am, then the phones went off. (my mom predicted a baby by 9am)

6:15 am: I had a contraction that would not end. When it did end I was ready to change my scenery. Ian took our dog to the neighbors, and I rode out a few contractions lying on the couch, resting between them, not talking as much. I noticed some spotting as well, asked if this could be my water breaking, but Mary thought not.

6:30 am: Ride to hospital was not bad, had 3 contractions on theway, and had to stay in the car to ride one out at the door of the hospital. In waiting room for TOO LONG (ok only 15 min)

7:05 am: into triage where they made me lay down to be monitored for 20 min. The contractions were getting closer to making me consider meds now (I won't lie) and laying down was torture. I was checked at 5 cm and -1 station.

7:30 am: up to L&D, I was looking forward to a bath, but the doctor on call I ended up with wanted continuous monitoring. DAMN. the contractions were making me cry now..oh and breathing goes out the window..Mary would breathe with me and that helped the most. I kept feeling like there must be something I could do to help with the pain, but there was nothing but to ride them out. Tracy the L&D nurse let me sit between contrations but stand/ walk in place through them while I leaned on Ian .

8:09 am: I was 8 cm! I did not greet this with the enthusiasm I do now. I rode out the contractions as best I could they were shorter but closer, I could rest a bit between.

8:43am: the doctor appeared to break my water to check for meconium (I did not want that convinced it would make the pain worse) But by that point I did not care so much and let him do it
...I was 9 cm 100% effaced and it did not change the feel of the contractions.
Tracy said if I felt like it I could start pushing gently and it helped ease the pain a bit... with each contraction could get about 4 pushes in, my legs still ached.

9:38am: the Doctor kept bobbing in and out...that killed me. He is supposed to show up only at the end, right? I was 10 cm.

9:50 or so: up on the bed and pushing. Once Mary told me to hold my breath with the pushes I started to feel progress. My legs were in horrible pain (I think now it was sciatic nerve pain). Tracy was helping to stretch me, and mentioned that it was tight (that was due to 5 months of kegals!) She mentioned that a resident might have to deliver if the Dr. did not come back ASAP. I knew the Dr. did appear when I felt not so gentle stretching during a contraction...I yelled at him to STOP. after that he said he would numb me, Thank god if he was going to keep that up.

I remember looking at the clock at 10:15 thinking I was missing my dr. appt and that someone told her why.

Baby arrived at 10:21, and I was amazed at the size of her and the cord (that thing was huge!).

They put her immediately on my chest and I was able to hold her for the next 1 1/2 hours, and feed her immediately. We had 4 names picked but one came to my mind immediately. I asked Ian which he thought of first and he said the same name....Annabeth.

Friday, June 01, 2007


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6/1/07 10:21 am
7 lbs 11 oz
20 1/2 inches
9 hours labor
no drugs

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peggy's RR completed

Peggy's RR completed
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Sorry for any confusion... that last picture from 2 days ago was only 85% done, I still had 3 more thread colors and the backstitching to go. I stitched just about straight through for 2 days.(took a break to go see Pirates 3). Well I finished it last night around 11. NOW this is done.

For those of you asking, yes the baby'sroom is done (or as done as it is going to be for now) I will post photos tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Week 1

Round Robin progress
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Week 1!!??? what the....? Where did week 2 go? darn it, I knew I forgot something. Oh well I actually had a very good week. Ian took all his days off for the first time in a while. His "weekend" is mon-wed, but he always has an option of working any of those days for overtime, and he usually does. So we did some some necessary stuff but in general got less done and had more fun doing it. I did make some MAJOR progress on said RR, got all the leaves done. Look, you can actually see where the roses are going to go. (there are 2). Oh and have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to the backstitching?

Headed to doctor yesterday, I am still dilating, about 1.5 cm (I did not know they gave half points), 50% effaced and the head is still down in good position (no descent yet though). She said I could go anytime...but that means just that, anytime in the next month, sigh. I would love for her to be on time, but I am still half convinced it's going to take an induction I don't want. The doctor doesn't seem worried, so I am trying not to be, and doing everything I can to encourage action. which includes doing this:

Week 1 5/25-6/1

  • Finish cleaning kitchen
  • Work on RR
  • Work on manuscript
  • Work on Fall class stuff
  • Call HR to warn them of impending baby addition on insurance
  • Buy wedding gift
  • Continue scrapbooks
  • Buy blinds and glider for baby's room.
  • Buy food and cook meals
  • Finish packing bags
And thats all folks, if it doesn't happen in the next week, the pacing will begin then. My next appt. on my due date. ( oh and is if I suddenly don't post for more than 3 days you will know what has happened.....)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My quilt square

Since you all like the turtles, thank you, I thought I would tell you their story. When Ian and I first met we were working in a situation where we had daily exposure to Diamondback Terrapins (marsh turtles) and other reptilies. Ian took an immediate liking to a couple of quarter sized babies that he temporarily "adopted". I had some experience with the species and showed him how to care and feed the little dudes. Years later (about 5) when we were looking for wedding announcements and such I found a company that would put your own logo on their stationary. Ian drew up a simple pattern of 2 turtles one slightly on top of the other,like the way they do in the wild when competing for sunlight. It ended up on our announcements, stationary, on top of our cake, and favors.
wedding turtles
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So now with the addition coming, I asked Ian to redraw the pattern to include a baby. I would love to use it on her announcement. I know it is a bit abstract and different than the other blocks, but it has alot of meaning for us, any thing else wouldn't of been right.
They are done in green 501 and 504 (I think) the baby is a blend of the two.

my quilt square
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tarheel Quilt for my BABY!

entire thing
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I love my Tarheel stitching group! They made me this fabulous quilt. They all stitched up the different squares and the one among us who quilts very well put them all together. I gave them the theme (backyard critters) and they ran with it. They presented me with the quilt this past saturday. There are 20 squares all told, to see more detail and who stitched each one just click on the photo...that will take you to all the pictures (there are 4 closeups) Note that the Squirrel...a Prairie Schooler, was stitched by a recent tarheel ex-pat, Margaret...and one of my online blogging friends Megan.

Tarheel goup plus quilt
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Here is a pic of the members who were there saturday (with the square they stitched. Members: Jane (who put the quilt together) (hummingbird), Melanie (cat), Cylvia (cardinal), Dianne (snail in the tulips), Missy (dragonfly), Me (turtles), Sara (fawn) Linda S. (frog), Juanita (foal). Also there saturday was Robin (fox), and Linda P. (puppy).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Round robin action

Round robin action
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So I have the border done, and what you see is some progress on the multitude of greens for leaves (you can kinda identify one complete one in the upper left). TW is really not fun, especially when you are pregnant. I really wanted to finish this before the arrival of offspring, but her foot in my ribs maks it very difficult to sit normally for very long, I feel better standing or lying down. I am hoping she drops soon. I have till June 24th to finish this square. anyone want to take out some bets, which will come first? Baby or Robin?

In Baby land. I went to my doctor on tues, found out I am 1 cm dialated, and I got to talk with her a bit, she made me feel much better about the way I want things done. But then I visited my coworker yesterday who had the c-section 2 weeks ago (remember i was totally bummed for her?) And while her little girl is wonderful/cute/ healthy/all that good stuff you say about babies, her full labor story was very worrisome. I can't share it here but I'll just say it reinforced my conviction to avoid most medicaltion/interventions. But I didn't have time to mull it over too long because I met with my doula and got to meet my backup doula yesterday evening. I am so happy I will have someone who know what I want and will be with me the whole time.

Ouch... there is her foot poking me, I have to get up. I'll post more later.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 3 (and some stitching)

Finished bowl
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So here it is the finished project I was talking about. OK so like I was saying this freebie was a heart but I stopped after I did the alphabet because I thought it would make a cute ort box. But then I went to AC Moore and didn't see a box that would work. as I wandered the aisles (you know like one does in any craft store). I saw this cute bowl like thing, in the plain unfinished wood section. I painted it, used a stencil for the little swirly things and polyed it. I attached the stitching to a padded piece of cardboard and put it in the bottom with some double stick tape (in case I ever want to switch it out) . I was worried about the square on a hexagon, but I think I am pretty happy with the results. It now holds my scissors, random threads, and you can stick a needle or two in the padding. Side view:

Side view of bowl
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Week 3 5/12-5/18:

I know you all missed week 4, but trust me I did lots of stuff, including finishing everything on week 5 and cleaning the craft room.

  1. Clean front room.
  2. Strip and refinish front cabinet (it is small).
  3. Sew front wall curtain (I'll explain later).
  4. Thank you cards (yes more).
  5. Cut down manuscript for publication.
  6. Renew parking permit.
  7. Paint baby room trim.
  8. Work on round robin.
  9. Continue scrapbooks (Baby and Disney)
  10. Start organizing class stuff for fall.

Friday, May 11, 2007

He swears the room will be done on time

Crab on wall
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So I guess it is lucky that a late baby may be my destiny. Not that I am letting that keep me from eating fresh pineapple to start nudging things along.
We have the crib in pieces in the closet and the dresser/changing table is in the front room. But like I have told everyone, I refuse to stress out about this, she can sleep in a laundry basket for a week if she decided to arrive early. Here is his first animal on the wall, a crab. Don't ask me what he is plugging in, I am not sure.
I saw I was tagged by Xsquared for 7 random facts about me, but I cannot think of a single interesting thing. Maybe Ian can come up with some ideas.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A cross stitch post??

Round Robin
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Yeah you all deserve it after my rant last week. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I seem to dip into these 2-3 day depression every couple of weeks. Bear with me we only have a month to go. (that means only 1 or 2 more meltdowns right?) Anyway first up is my first round of the round robin from the America's Best Round Robins Yahoo group I am in (remember I sent out the Monthly mini kats?) Well the first is from Peggy in Tx. I actually know her, she moved there from NC last year. She chose Teresa Wentzler's Flower Bell Pull. I am not sure to hate her for this or just be thankful I am working on it before baby arrival. She did the first block (minus the backstitching, she ran out of time). I get to do the second block which is roses. I recieved this on Friday and am trying to get a jump on it. Even the border is blended threads. Ugh TW kills me.

Quaker freebie
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Second, this was just supposed to be a quick Quaker heart freebie but for some reason I stopped after finishing the alphabet. I am really happy with the thread, a limited edition overdyed by Dye is Cast. I am not sure why I didn't finish the heart. I just thought I could finish it cuter than a heart pillow. Stay tuned, my idea for this one may totally fail, but I'll show you the final result no matter what. Maybe I'll do the full heart after I get this out of my system.