Friday, March 30, 2007

Housewarming gift

Housewarming redo
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I bought this pattern 2 years ago at CATS. It is by JBW designs. and I think it is OOP since it is no longer on their website. But anyway, I bought it for a friend who at the time, was talking about selling her house and buying a bigger one. I finially got to start it when she bought one this past month. Originally I had decided to make it into a wall hanging (my first attempt at such). and when it was all done (see picture below) I decided I would never hang such a piece of crap on my wall, so I couldn't possibly give it to somone else to hang on theirs. The perfectionist in me decided to tear it apart and I finished it instead No -sew cube style. I can't sew in a straight line on a machine to save my life. No wonder I have such trouble trying to quilt (maintaining a 1/4 inch straight seam is the toughest part) Maybe if I could figure out how to drop the feed dogs on my sewing machine, but I think it is too old to do that.

Tis ahome
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shhh. Baby is Sleeping

Baby is sleeping
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Yeah I found my camera! It was hanging up right by the door. In a place I never put it. Well I was really tired on Sat after I got home, so that might explain it.

First up Is the Kreinik freebie "Baby is sleeping". I decided not to use the kreinik it calls for cause well...I didn't have any it called for and had trouble finding them and it would of cost me about $40 to $50 to buy them all. So this is a DMC conversion. I matched it to the great fabric I found to finish it off. I also used fusible web for the first time to give the finished product a bit of structure. After a bit of swearing, may use it in the future for ornaments. Both of these were given as gifts for friends having babies at the end of April.

I apologize for the cruddy photo, I took one more close up,but it came out fuzzy, cause my digital camera can't focus if I I turn the flash off. If the flash is on and the light isn't bright enough then it washes it out. Sigh. I do NOT recommend the NIkon Coolpix P2 for cross stitch photos. I wish I had a scanner, those pictures always come out so well on blogs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lots to show...but missing main ingredient

No Camera. I seem to have misplaced it. I know it is around somewhere, Just been busy lately.

This past Saturday was a doozy. I had a Tarheel stitch-in in the morning, a baby shower and a bridal shower in the afternoon, and a housewarming that same evening. And since I never turn down an invite to a party...I was eating all day. It really wasn't that bad, I paced myself and was ready with everything, gifts, directions, etc. I was just a bit sore the next day. But I have stitchy things that I made for the baby shower and housewarming that I want to show you. so as soon as I find the damn camera, I'll be hitting this blog with lots of posts.

In babyland (is that a section of the Magic Kingdom?) I went to the doctor yesterday, met doctor #4 of 7, he was cool, I haven't met a bad one yet at this practice. He pulled out the portable ultrasound to check baby position. She is already head down and facing my right side. Now we just need to make sure she stays this way. Then we had our first childbirth class. there were about 12 couples there, due anywhere from May 3 to July 23, And I was one of the 2 smallest (belly wise) in the class. After a Saturday of people looking surprised when I said I was 6 and 1/2 months pregnant, I made the doctor look at my chart to have him confirm everything is Ok in that dept. But my weight gain is normal, and he said it should actually slow down to a pound a week from here on.
Countdown is as follows:
2 weeks till next Dr. appt
2 1/2 weeks till baby shower
4 weeks till the end of teaching
5 weeks till trip to beach
10 weeks till due date

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Almost 30 weeks

WARNING: Pregnancy and Breast related topics to follow:

26 weeks
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Let me ask you, do you see a big difference between this and


29 weeks
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this???? There is 4 weeks between the 2 photos (and almost 8 pounds), and even though the perspective is off Iwould think I would look a bit different. I even still have a belly button...It is not even flat yet. I do feel different. Its a bit tougher to get up from sitting and she is moving ALOT more now. Part of it I think is that she is (I think) transverse. there is no kicking on my ribs or my bladder. just to the I don't protrude very far. Second is my breasts are expanding faster, I have gone up one whole cup size in 4 weeks. (a total of 3 cup sizes from normal) THIS is not something to be happy about. It means I have to part with another $80-90 for special order bras yeah. They don't have my size in stores. I joked at the beginning I would be halfway thru the alphabet before the baby came. Now I am beginning to wonder if that isn't premonatory. I mean really how much milk can one baby does refill right?? One of my pregnant friends commented on how I shouldn't invest in a breast pump yet because I don't know if I will be able to produce enough milk to breastfeed. I almost laughed in her face, If my freakishly large breasts can't produce enough milk then there is no hope for anyone else!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

"Always make new mistakes" Esther Dyson

In order to tell this story, I need to give you a little bit of background. As a child of about 6 or so I distinctly recall seeing the damage inflicted by a accidentially stapled thumbnail of another child. And being the sardonic child that I was, I had no sympathy for him, I just remember thinking what kind of idiot staples his thumb? I ranked it right up there with other stupid things, like putting a finger in the pencil sharpener, or sticking your tongue in a light socket. Things that, since you can IMAGINE the result and the consequences you don't need to do them. (side bar: is it me or is it usually boys who do this kind of stuff? but that is whole other topic).

So the other day Ian had brought home a bunch of stuff from work, junk that was just rattling around in his tool box, to sort through. I looked over the stuff and innocently picked up a tiny stapler. I commented that it was cute but broken, the top half (cover and staple holder) no longer locked together. and as I tried to force to two parts together, a sharp pain issued from my hand. in that split second I thought, oh I did NOT just staple my thumb! I looked down and sure enough a staple was half buried in the pad of my thumb. I pulled it out and instead of the usual curse or ouch, I immediately started to laugh. Needless to say Ian was very confused till I caught my breath and explained, that a perfect record of not stapling my body had come to a screeching halt. Now we know what kind of idiot staples her who just got a 26 year old payback

2 days later the darn thing is still a bit sore.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Roly Poly Snowman

Roly Poly Snowman
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What?? Well it is not to far outside the realm for those of you still dealing with winter, But here in good old NC I am now able to walk the dog without a coat on. we might have a cold patch still to come, but by the end of the month it is pretty much a garanteed spring. The early daffodils are all blooming now. So for me it is a bit late (or early) for christmas ornaments, but he was halfway done, So when I finally got my hands on some more GAST I was able to finish him up. He was in one of the JCS mags (05?) by Bent Creek.

Currently I am working on a couple of baby shower gifts for friends, one in NJ, one here, both in 2 weeks so I'll post those when I am all done.

To answer your question Anna, the floor was in excellent shape, it just had som black marks from the carpet glue? All we had to do was sand the whole floor (using a hand sander 220 grit) and Polyurethaned (Minwax) with 4 coats. (sanding between each coat with 400 grit) I highly recommend using a lambswool applicator (it screws on to any broom handle) . The process was very easy with the room being empty.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Home stretch

As of today I am officially in my last trimester. thats 12 weeks, or 3 months, or 84 days, if you are counting. Which we are. As my stepfather put it so succinctly the other day, this baby is coming like a freight train, and I am starting to feel like a deer in the headlights. Anxious, excited, and scared out of my mind. I am slowly coming to realize that my world will come to a screeching halt in 3 months and while everyone who is a mother will tell you that it is worth it, that doesn't help me sleep at night. Anticipation of the labor and delivery is having me read a different book every night, only to reassure me with the knowledge that my experience will be completely unpredictable and nothing like what I have read. In the past few weeks I have registered for a ton of stuff that I may or may not need depending on who you speak to. We have painted the ceiling and installed a newer, smaller ceiling fan. My mother and stepfather came this week during spring break to help rip up the fabulous tangerine shag carpet and redo the hardwood floor underneath and it is much more fabulous, Don'tchathink?

Floor of the babys room
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Ceiling of babys room
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OkOk it is not all that bad. I am just a bit freaked out. But Ian and I have found our pediatrician, are close to finalizing a day care for the fall, and are in the process of interviewing Doulas. So at least our network of support is becoming more solidified. My mom and I went out and bought some cute clothes at a couple of consignment stores so the layette (strange word) is finally starting to build.

closet and baby clothes
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