Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A good weekend

Yes yes I know it is Wed...but this is the first opportunity I have had to blog this week.
So this past Sat Ian and I went dancing...see I was feeling a bit depressed lately and I determined that one reason was that Ian and I don't go out anymore...several reasons but the biggest is that there is no where to go for couples in greensboro besides a resturant (and we have tonnnnns of those). all the bars/clubs are smoky, expensive, loud, and crowded, and if you want a live band you can't find one where there is room to dance (and I mean dance with a breathable airpocket around you) See in Savannah (where we met) there was lots of places with bands and dance floors with minimum $$ exchanging hands. Sooo long story short (too late) I did a search on the internet and found this. It ends up that they were having a dance this past Sat at the Shrine Club. Which I took to be all a good omen cause 1) we live within walking distance of the club 2) we had our wedding reception in a shrine club and 3) I found out about it a week before time not a week later as is usually my luck. Well I knew that this was either going to be great or suck big time (the former prevailed). We got beginning lesson on Jitterbug before the dance, and the music was all swing and bigband, and there was lots of space! Ian and I are now talking about taking lessons on Mon night but $$ is tight now so we shall see.

Jump to Mon (nothing happened Sun trust me) Ian and I had planned on taking the day off and going to Raleigh to see The CSI exibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences We headed out and enjoyed a day at a museum that was pretty much empty (no school groups since school has just started). After wards eat at the Mellow Mushroom (I had heard great things about it) and then went and watched some of Ians friends play a game of rollerhockey (they are the Crimson tide) and when I say friends there are 4 (four) of these guys that Ian went to school with up in NY and now they all live and work in Raleigh and all play on the same roller hocky team...any who they won 9 to 4 and We had a few drinks afterwards and went home arriving just at midnight.

Well today Ian is off to the beach with a few guys from work...they got some time in a timeshare that another co worker couldn't use. So maybe I can get something done around here (haha).

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Little Pumpkin in a patch HIH

All done. I used all the dmc conversions except on the pumpkin it called for a wierd burgandy color or WDW cinnamon. I instead went to my overdyed floss stash and pulled out WDW carrot. that seemed more orange and natural to me. the photo is a bit washed out but you get the idea.

Didn't stitch at all last night Ian and I went to the gym....I hate the gym, ok not hate, dislike very very much. And its not just the gym I dislike exercize too...I think I was born without these endorphins every one talks about.

Oh and I trashed my photo over there cause I was bugging me ....Maybe Ill put another up someday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mary Kay open house

Color Line
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Hello all, Sorry I haven't been blogging lately I ahve been in funk lately. But my MK open house is over here is a pic of just one of the 4 tables I had set up to display my inventory...This is just the color cosmetics (then I had a skin care table, a spa table, one of perfumes, and one of gift ideas). I had good results and am happy to have reconnected with my customers.

As for stitching, I finished pumkin in the patch...I will post tomorrow. I am working on my halloween exchange and autumn exchange (which I can't post till the exchange happens).

Monday, August 15, 2005

And by tomorrow I mean Monday :0

Here is Ian's pencil sketch of the plane, and he thinks he isn't very good...heh, well at least he signed this one...usually he has to be forced to sign any of his work. Ian's dad was and artist and a woodworker, and his grand father liked to tinker with cars....Ian got all these interests so I end up with a very talented (yet frustrated) husband with too many hobbies he wants to do and not enough time or $$ to do it.

Meanwhile I realize the count down has started. I have 3.5 months to whip up a thesis. I have told EVERYONE that I graduate in Dec but now I am nervous it might not get done. Aggh.

In crosstitch land I have too many projects going on at once. I started 3 this weekend! one for my fall exchange (its a badly kept secret), Little Pumkin in the Patch by HIH, and the Sept Flip it. none of them should take long to do...But you would think I had enough to do already.

and My Mary Kay open house is this thursday....I have to start calling those who have not RSVPed, to see who intends to come (that is 24 phone calls....and I hate being on the phone!)

Finally to top of this Monday...I just recieved a phone call from my sister telling me my stepfather is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer (which they think he had for days and told no one). Send your energy to stepfather and my mom will need it.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Cabinet...........Is done.

If you are a regular reader you will remember that I mentioned about 2 months ago that Ian and I were redoing an old garage cabinet... We sanded it and Ian bead blasted the drawers a few at a time...and we used rustoleum's Hanmmered brown and silver metalic for the handles. My only regret...No before picture! It now resides in the craft room where it holds all kinds of crafty stuff...the drawers are a roomy 9x15 and about 2 inches in the drawers went model paints, fabric, paint brushes, pencils, floss, oragami paper, stamps, and other random stuff that was taking up lots of space. we then bought the tv dvd player (see on top) to spend more time in the room. It is paying off too. Ill post a picture of what Ian has been working on tomorrow. Hershey plans are solidifing, my mom and sister are joining me for the weekend at CATS in Sept. My mom is a xstitcher...but my sister is not, but assures me she will attend if just to pick out stuff for me to stitch for her. I plan on heading up on thursday and spending the night at a college friends house (Attn Cathy:, My friend and her husband are both Pi Nu's, I was not, I was a Pixie PKX !). What I am really looking forward to is meeting these bloggers who I have read so much about.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August Flip it

August Flip it
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Just to keep you all happy, here is my August flip it...I made it into a hanging and it is already up. September is not going to be as good with the timing since I haven't even started it yet.
This weekend was pretty relaxing...I didn't do much, Sunday I felt caged something wasn't quite right.
But yesterday I finished up the last of my field work for my thesis...and celebrated Ians birthday by going out to dinner.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Ornament exchange #4

Here is the fourth finished ornament exchange....Joy by Erica Michaels. Well I now have 4 (in the end 6 ) stitched ornaments....but how to finish them...and when Ha!

Last night Ian worked on financial issues and paid bills while I cleaned out my Mary Kay closet and organized it to a point where it is cleaner than when we moved in. I got out all the open house stuff and figured out what I have to order before the big day.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Little house in the Woods

Well I finished and framed Little House in the Woods by HIH (I told you I found the perfect frame) I did use DMC instead of GAST (I'm cheap) . Next in this series will be Little Pumkin in the Patch. I started to rip out and redo Starlight Starbright last night while we watched Castaway (I didn't like it as much as all the hype built it up to be...What WAS in the box???). Ian and I bought a little 14 inch Tv/dvd combo for the craft now I can stitch, sew, play with my beading or scrapbooking stuff, while Ian can sit at his drawing table and work on larger sketches while we watch DVDs at night. Before I was running back and forth between the front room and my stitch stuff...and was limited to what was portable too.

I went to my neighbors Open House (she is a Creative Memories consultant) this past Sunday and bought a powersort box...then pulled ALL my photos out from the attic and organized them! I have about 20 years worth of photos organized by time and place/event. It is a bit overwhelming, but the progress I have made so far has made me feel very good. Next I want to get all the little souviners/invitations/cards together and sorted ...(there are about 3 boxes of that stuff in the attic too.)

As for my Mary Kay Open is turning out pretty well... I got the flyers ready and sent out tuesday. I have already had a call from one person who RSVPed. Woo Hoo!

In other news I have been out in the field this week collecting the last of the aquatic insects needed for my thesis...I will be all done with that next monday! Then the analysis must start. School starts on the 15th but I am not taking any classes...Just teaching and finishing my thesis....