Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peggy's RR completed

Peggy's RR completed
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Sorry for any confusion... that last picture from 2 days ago was only 85% done, I still had 3 more thread colors and the backstitching to go. I stitched just about straight through for 2 days.(took a break to go see Pirates 3). Well I finished it last night around 11. NOW this is done.

For those of you asking, yes the baby'sroom is done (or as done as it is going to be for now) I will post photos tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Week 1

Round Robin progress
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Week 1!!??? what the....? Where did week 2 go? darn it, I knew I forgot something. Oh well I actually had a very good week. Ian took all his days off for the first time in a while. His "weekend" is mon-wed, but he always has an option of working any of those days for overtime, and he usually does. So we did some some necessary stuff but in general got less done and had more fun doing it. I did make some MAJOR progress on said RR, got all the leaves done. Look, you can actually see where the roses are going to go. (there are 2). Oh and have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to the backstitching?

Headed to doctor yesterday, I am still dilating, about 1.5 cm (I did not know they gave half points), 50% effaced and the head is still down in good position (no descent yet though). She said I could go anytime...but that means just that, anytime in the next month, sigh. I would love for her to be on time, but I am still half convinced it's going to take an induction I don't want. The doctor doesn't seem worried, so I am trying not to be, and doing everything I can to encourage action. which includes doing this:

Week 1 5/25-6/1

  • Finish cleaning kitchen
  • Work on RR
  • Work on manuscript
  • Work on Fall class stuff
  • Call HR to warn them of impending baby addition on insurance
  • Buy wedding gift
  • Continue scrapbooks
  • Buy blinds and glider for baby's room.
  • Buy food and cook meals
  • Finish packing bags
And thats all folks, if it doesn't happen in the next week, the pacing will begin then. My next appt. on my due date. ( oh and is if I suddenly don't post for more than 3 days you will know what has happened.....)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My quilt square

Since you all like the turtles, thank you, I thought I would tell you their story. When Ian and I first met we were working in a situation where we had daily exposure to Diamondback Terrapins (marsh turtles) and other reptilies. Ian took an immediate liking to a couple of quarter sized babies that he temporarily "adopted". I had some experience with the species and showed him how to care and feed the little dudes. Years later (about 5) when we were looking for wedding announcements and such I found a company that would put your own logo on their stationary. Ian drew up a simple pattern of 2 turtles one slightly on top of the other,like the way they do in the wild when competing for sunlight. It ended up on our announcements, stationary, on top of our cake, and favors.
wedding turtles
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So now with the addition coming, I asked Ian to redraw the pattern to include a baby. I would love to use it on her announcement. I know it is a bit abstract and different than the other blocks, but it has alot of meaning for us, any thing else wouldn't of been right.
They are done in green 501 and 504 (I think) the baby is a blend of the two.

my quilt square
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tarheel Quilt for my BABY!

entire thing
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I love my Tarheel stitching group! They made me this fabulous quilt. They all stitched up the different squares and the one among us who quilts very well put them all together. I gave them the theme (backyard critters) and they ran with it. They presented me with the quilt this past saturday. There are 20 squares all told, to see more detail and who stitched each one just click on the photo...that will take you to all the pictures (there are 4 closeups) Note that the Squirrel...a Prairie Schooler, was stitched by a recent tarheel ex-pat, Margaret...and one of my online blogging friends Megan.

Tarheel goup plus quilt
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Here is a pic of the members who were there saturday (with the square they stitched. Members: Jane (who put the quilt together) (hummingbird), Melanie (cat), Cylvia (cardinal), Dianne (snail in the tulips), Missy (dragonfly), Me (turtles), Sara (fawn) Linda S. (frog), Juanita (foal). Also there saturday was Robin (fox), and Linda P. (puppy).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Round robin action

Round robin action
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So I have the border done, and what you see is some progress on the multitude of greens for leaves (you can kinda identify one complete one in the upper left). TW is really not fun, especially when you are pregnant. I really wanted to finish this before the arrival of offspring, but her foot in my ribs maks it very difficult to sit normally for very long, I feel better standing or lying down. I am hoping she drops soon. I have till June 24th to finish this square. anyone want to take out some bets, which will come first? Baby or Robin?

In Baby land. I went to my doctor on tues, found out I am 1 cm dialated, and I got to talk with her a bit, she made me feel much better about the way I want things done. But then I visited my coworker yesterday who had the c-section 2 weeks ago (remember i was totally bummed for her?) And while her little girl is wonderful/cute/ healthy/all that good stuff you say about babies, her full labor story was very worrisome. I can't share it here but I'll just say it reinforced my conviction to avoid most medicaltion/interventions. But I didn't have time to mull it over too long because I met with my doula and got to meet my backup doula yesterday evening. I am so happy I will have someone who know what I want and will be with me the whole time.

Ouch... there is her foot poking me, I have to get up. I'll post more later.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 3 (and some stitching)

Finished bowl
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So here it is the finished project I was talking about. OK so like I was saying this freebie was a heart but I stopped after I did the alphabet because I thought it would make a cute ort box. But then I went to AC Moore and didn't see a box that would work. as I wandered the aisles (you know like one does in any craft store). I saw this cute bowl like thing, in the plain unfinished wood section. I painted it, used a stencil for the little swirly things and polyed it. I attached the stitching to a padded piece of cardboard and put it in the bottom with some double stick tape (in case I ever want to switch it out) . I was worried about the square on a hexagon, but I think I am pretty happy with the results. It now holds my scissors, random threads, and you can stick a needle or two in the padding. Side view:

Side view of bowl
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Week 3 5/12-5/18:

I know you all missed week 4, but trust me I did lots of stuff, including finishing everything on week 5 and cleaning the craft room.

  1. Clean front room.
  2. Strip and refinish front cabinet (it is small).
  3. Sew front wall curtain (I'll explain later).
  4. Thank you cards (yes more).
  5. Cut down manuscript for publication.
  6. Renew parking permit.
  7. Paint baby room trim.
  8. Work on round robin.
  9. Continue scrapbooks (Baby and Disney)
  10. Start organizing class stuff for fall.

Friday, May 11, 2007

He swears the room will be done on time

Crab on wall
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So I guess it is lucky that a late baby may be my destiny. Not that I am letting that keep me from eating fresh pineapple to start nudging things along.
We have the crib in pieces in the closet and the dresser/changing table is in the front room. But like I have told everyone, I refuse to stress out about this, she can sleep in a laundry basket for a week if she decided to arrive early. Here is his first animal on the wall, a crab. Don't ask me what he is plugging in, I am not sure.
I saw I was tagged by Xsquared for 7 random facts about me, but I cannot think of a single interesting thing. Maybe Ian can come up with some ideas.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A cross stitch post??

Round Robin
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Yeah you all deserve it after my rant last week. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I seem to dip into these 2-3 day depression every couple of weeks. Bear with me we only have a month to go. (that means only 1 or 2 more meltdowns right?) Anyway first up is my first round of the round robin from the America's Best Round Robins Yahoo group I am in (remember I sent out the Monthly mini kats?) Well the first is from Peggy in Tx. I actually know her, she moved there from NC last year. She chose Teresa Wentzler's Flower Bell Pull. I am not sure to hate her for this or just be thankful I am working on it before baby arrival. She did the first block (minus the backstitching, she ran out of time). I get to do the second block which is roses. I recieved this on Friday and am trying to get a jump on it. Even the border is blended threads. Ugh TW kills me.

Quaker freebie
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Second, this was just supposed to be a quick Quaker heart freebie but for some reason I stopped after finishing the alphabet. I am really happy with the thread, a limited edition overdyed by Dye is Cast. I am not sure why I didn't finish the heart. I just thought I could finish it cuter than a heart pillow. Stay tuned, my idea for this one may totally fail, but I'll show you the final result no matter what. Maybe I'll do the full heart after I get this out of my system.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Baby Blues about 4 weeks early.

I just got back from the beach yesterday, we had fabulous was nice and relaxing. Until I found out on Wed that my friend/coworker who has been 5 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy had a C-section late Monday night. She was not planning that. The only news I got was just that, mom and baby fine, 7lb 7oz. I had seen her last Thursday she was dilated to 2 and everything looked good. She told me her Dr. (who is one that is in my practice) wanted to induce her Mon (3 days after her due date). Which is what I am assuming happened.

It hit me very hard then that I do not personally know a single person under the age of 40 who has had a natural birth. They were either induced and/or got an epidural and/or a c-section. I am starting to feel as if I am crazy to even attempt to think I can do this. I know it is not the end of the world if this happens, if it all goes to hell and I need all or none of these interventions. I am in no way against these WHEN they are needed, it is starting to feel to me as if I may be forced into that cycle of medical intervention because that is what is "normally" done. I feel as if the cards are stacked against me. I am hoping to see my doctor in a couple of weeks after I finish rotating through all the others. She is the closest thing I could get to a midwife on my insurance, she is for a natural childbirth and recommended my doula. But I haven't seen her in 15 weeks. And I have no guarantee of her in the room when I deliver, luck of the draw on that one. Unless I am induced..... see?