Thursday, December 30, 2004

rose hearts 12/29

rose hearts 12/29
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.
Current you can see I have bands 1-4 (out of 14) done. (exept the beading) I will probably finish this next week. Sorry the picture is dark...I'm still learning.
I have loaded as many photos up onto Flickr this month as I can so I will post more pics in Jan. I think I might spend the $40 on the "pro" account....can anyone tell me if that is a good Idea? I mean is there any where else that will host a ton of photos for free? Or can I spend my $$ elsewhere for a better account?

Any help from fellow boggers is welcome

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Florometers suck

Science I am supposed to be working on my proposal right now, but instead I need to nail down the procedure for a ammonium reading process that this lab has never done before. And of course it isn't working and taking 10 times as long as it should. And the papers describing the process are incomplete or at the very least unclear.
Ok sorry, enough science, as for the cross stitch I have been tearing away on the Rose Heart sampler (on band 3 &4) in my new Stitchers Wonder stand (Christmas gift) and under my new Ott light ( Christmas gift). I think I like the stand for bigger pieces. Once I finish the sampler ...Ill see if Santa fits and keep him on there permanently.
Flickr limits my bandwidth. I don't know what that means literally but practically it means I can only upload so many photos a month. So I will try to upload as many stitching photos as I can tomorrow. I could get a premium membership for $40 a year which may be worth it if I need it...we shall see.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Rose Hearts Sampler- Just Nan

Hello everyone...Hope you all had a good christmas. We got a Digital Camera!! My MIL got us a Sony Cybershot U (2.0 pixels) So now I can post pictures of my cross stitch! I just started this sampler on Christmas Day. It is an old Just Nan (1992) that I picked up as a trade at the retreat in Nov. It already had the fabric so here we are. I will have all my x stitch eventually posted on and will put a link on the side bar as soon as possible. Till then just look up my stuff under Stitching scientist (or click on the picture then goto my sets).

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Google a long lost friend

So I couldn't find the origin of that photo( post below)...I tracked it through a few blogs but it is not a press photo. still makes me laugh though.

Saturday I had a very powerful dream about a friend I had lost touch with about 4 years ago. I am sure she crossed my mind or at least my subconcious because I was doing christmas cards last week. I googled her found her place of business after grad school...eventually found her work phone # and called. Of course her machine said she is on vacation till the ill let you know if it was really her (I am 99% sure it many people are named Theia in this world?)

As for cross stitch I am plowing along on 8 maids a milking....but have been distracted by the new stamp series put out by that evil Lizzie KAte. Now what! I am already doing last years flip its for this year...but these are so cute...i think ill end up doing these too.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh my......where did this come from??

9 days to go

Well, I think it is finally coming together:

We bought a potted christmas tree on tues (White Pine about 4 ft tall). We plan on bringing it in the house this weekend. Now....where to plant it in the spring hmmm.
I now have a wreath on the door.
Mailed out gifts yesterday.
I did ALL my christmas cards yesterday, gotta go buy stamps and get em out the door.
7 Swans a swimming is done! off to do 8 maids a milking.
Signed up for 2 weeks...then $17 a month for all the DVD's you can watch. We have a Netflix hub here in Greensboro, so the movies have a 1 to 2 day turn around. We have already watched Dodgeball and the 1965 Flight of the Phoenix (ready for the new one now) and we have 35 movies in our cue.
Still have to shop for the local friends but I think I have a handle on it all.
Christmas parties here i come. (2 this weekend)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas Fun

I can't believe a week has gone by. So I am stuggling along. I recieved an A in Stats. (91 on my final). And just finished my last final in insects today. Now I have 1 month to work on my thesis proposal and process some data before classes resum on the 10th.
You will be happy to know I am plowing along on the afgan (12 Days of Christmas be Alma Lynn (out of print). I am on 7 swans a swimming. as soon as that is done (tonight?) Ill be done with the damn birds (think about it I went in order and 6 of the 7 have birds in them). So I have lots of people left.

I am going to get a christmas tree tonight. I think Ian and I are going to buy a small balled tree to plant later...that is the most environmental thing to do right? I am tired of throwing away trees...and Ian doesn't like the artificial kind. Anyway here is some christmas fun for you:



Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Finals La Di Da

Stats final tomorrow....I think I am ready...or as ready as I'll ever be.

Check out VH1's My Coolest Years: the favorite STTNG hottie is all over it....oh and whiole your there do to the photo gallery and go to photo #22 ... You know I was Spock for halloween once too...Yes I am a geek.

As for the cross stitch.........Finished eduCATed, finished the Gud Huswife freebie, started my February Flip it block (travel project) and am working on the Freedom sampler....I know, I know but I can't seem to get into the 2 big Xmas projects..that I have had around for 7 years. I just don't feel very christmassy, just haven't in a very long time. As a matter of fact I can remember the last time it felt christmassy......1984....I remember being alone in the house, standing on the coffee table, singing carols at the top of my lungs. I was 10. I hope the joy of christmas will come back someday. I guess it is tough when you are an adult and have to deal with $$, and traffic, and shopping, and parties, mailing christmas cards, and no kids (which is apparently the big thing now...."have some kids then christmas will be happy again"). Sounds like BS to me. Seriously, I can't think of a Christmas where I had the $ I needed to buy what I wanted for everyone. And all I really want is 1 gift that NOONE (including myself) can afford to give me...a digital camera. Makes you just wish the holiday wasn't there.

Ok enough with the depression. Off to review Stats once more.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

In Memorium Part 2

The first half of this story is below

So Mercury traveled most of the way under the seat of the Ford F150 . We spent the nights in three hotels, one of which was NOT pet friendly...I had to sneak him in under my coat. He lived in the Red Roof Inn in Greensboro while we got an apt, and stored all our stuff. Cats can find amazing places to hide in hotel rooms, in the box spring, in the false bottoms of the bed and tv cabinet, behind a false wall where the plumbing was hidden. He drove with me to Pittsburgh (my home) for Christmas and seemed at home there...he then went to New Paltz NY for New Years with Ian's family where he proceeded to find his way into the attic and become a grey cat. There are pictures somewhere of us giving him a bath, it was not pretty. Then back to GSO and into the new apt, 2 cats lived 2 apt down and Mercury got scratched once....then was very good at running away. I was always worried about him finding our apt door among the hundreds of similar doors in the area but he never failed to come home. We tried to put tags and collars on him but he never failed to dump them some where outside. Our door opened onto a small set of woods and he spent most of his time there.
Last year (June 2003) we bought a house, Mercury moved well as he always had and we were cautious with introducing him outside...but this neighborhood had dogs and one day in July he did not come back when called. I worried for 10 days...called every vet in the area, put up signs, and stopped by the pound every day, and then one morning I hear his familiar meow out side...I go to the door and call him, he returned a meow that sounded (I swear) like relief and joy. I think he was meowing at every house and did not think he had the right one till I answered. We thought he looked thin and took him to the vet, and there we had him microchipped. Before his little outing he usually stayed out during the day and came home at night to sleep on our bed. From then on Mercury would never go outside during the day (unless we were out there to). Usually he would want to leave in the evening and arrive back at dawn...he would climb to our window sit on the sill and meow till we got up to let him in. sometimes only minutes before the alarm.

On the morning of Friday Nov 12 he didn't come home.
I thought that he came home last night...and wake to find it was just a dream. I wish I knew what happened....Ian says he thinks he isn't dead...I think he is...the only reason he would not come home during the day would because he could not because he just decided we were no longer up to snuff. I am a biologist I *know* that he does not "love" us, that we are only his food and shelter provider...but why would you leave your pack/mom/family after 5 years, 2 states, and 4 homes. I *know* cats are independant, but this cat came home every 12 hours.
Yesterday I put away his food and water bowl, soon his litterbox, then no trace of him will be here...except the occasional hair.

GoodBye Mercury 1999--2004

Friday, December 03, 2004

Mercury...And that is my face behind him

In Memoriam Part 1

The tough thing about animals...if they run away, you are in a constant state of wonder. Wondering if they have found a new home, or became one of those faceless balls of fur on the side of the highway, or are still out there looking for their home. As the owner of a lost pet you are denied the right to mourn because there is no body, no closure. I can think of stuff that might of happened to Mercury that could rival any human made horror story. But I prefer to think of him at peace, where ever he has ended up. This blog entry will be long because this will be his story....and through him ours. Five years worth of stories.

I have always had a cat in my life, Ian grew up when a stray wandered to our door in our tiny first efficency apt in Tulsa, OK (July 99), I took him in. This cat was small and bit our chins at night and demanded tuna instead of cat food...The personalities clashed and so off to the pound we went. After giving the cat to them I convinced Ian just to walk through the kitten adoption section. We came to a cage with kittens named after all the planets and removed an orange ball of fur...who immediately started to purr...and shred Ian's jeans (his claws were so long from staying in that steel cage). We put our money on him and 3 day later picked him up after he was neutered. I distinctly remember driving him home with him sitting on my shoulder, mewing loudly in my ear. Mercury was the loudest purrer ever, he loved to be a lap cat, liked his ears being rubbed, didn't mind you touching his paws (good for trimming sharp points of claws), did not like toys or treats (I swear), and could not stomach any kind of human food. He was also the stinkyest kitten ever...maybe it was our tiny apt...but that kitten could wake you from a dead sleep after a visit to the litter box. Ian's allergies started up...looking back I think it was Tulsa/dust/and a tiny bit cat...but Ian started to doubt he could live with Merc. Luckily we moved (Oct 99) into a 2 bedroom rental house and things improved.
Mercury became an outdoor/ indoor just happened. He got cut up quite a bit during our time there...I know cats slashed him, and Lord knows what else. Often it got infected and visits to the vet were frequent. In Dec of 2000 It was time to go back east and we packed up 2 pickups with everything we owned. It was time to leave and Mercury was no where to be found (He hated it when we packed...and this took the cake) He arrived the VERY last minute and was thrown unceremoniously in a truck and driven across the country.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Still alive...and kicking and screaming into Finals Week

Here I am back from the cold northern climes (not that cold but it did feel like winter).
Did I do a damn thing with school work...NO
Did I do a damn thing in cross stitch land....a smidge (I worked on a Gud Huswife freebie...but that was all).
It was nice to see my relativos (mom, stepdad, and sis) and I got all my childhood stuff out of the house, and watched the Steelers win yet again. 10 and 1 woohoo.

Got a boatload of stuff to do before the big finale. Two tests and an insect collection.

wish me luck
I'm off to teach the last Lab of the semester

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hot Volcano Action

I was perusing the internet and came across this....
Did you know Mt Saint Helens has been actively erupting for a month +?
Yep she is slowly re building her is an awesome thing to be able to "see" via the internet.
I was able to visit her in 1996 and was awed at the distruction still left after 16 years...but so excited for science to be able to observe the regeneration of nature from within our own continent. Now they get to see the rebirth.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Im back

WOOOOOOOOO that was a great retreat.....I got to meet lots of XS crazy ladies, got to know better the ones I met before, got tons of stash, got an LNS fix ( I miss those) , and get to cross another state off my list.

Ok, we drove up friday morning, Sara drove up from Fayetteville, picked up myself and melanie in Greensboro, then we picked up Donna in Clyde...Took us about 5 hours to get there. We lunched at Old Mill,went to Dixie Darlins, then stitched the rest of the night.
Sat I went with a few ladies to Pfaltzgraff outlets (3!!!) My pattern is Ocean Breeze...I got a rug, kitchen towels, a cooking timer, 6 soup bowls ($1.99 each) and a serving bowl ($2.99). Checked out another LNS ....Needlecraft Cottage...then Back to Dixie Darlins, plowed thru everyones stash for goodies and stitched till 12.

Purchased Stash aquired included
2004 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue
lots of Linen ....32 count for the flip it series +
Bent Creek : eduCATed, and Signs of Autumn
Believe Angel Bust from imaginating
Some overdyed floss

Free stash:
Lots of leaflets from Shepards Bush, Kats By Kelly, Old Prarie Schooler Charts, some evenweave fabric,
Charts from Little River designs (Emily was there showing her newest designs), Including Happy Everything, and Believe in Fairies.
And Lizzie kate's 2004 santa.

Freebies....holy cow I must have 50+

I was able to finish my cancer cattitudes by MS (Was in the July britich Cross stitcher)
Got some headway on the Let Freedom Ring sampler chart (from the Primier Issue of Cross Quick, from the 80s) (ohh did I mention I started that too)
and and started the eduCATed....I had too..... Look at it!!
So that brings my WIP totals to 7 not bad....and I have enough stuff to get through another
year or so.

Wel I head home for Thanksgiving tomorrow....I will post from there.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Before I go.......

I haven't stitched much lately... but I am going on the retreat this weekend to TN, should be stitching all weekend There are 2 LNS there...I plan on lots of S.E.X. (stash enhancement experience).

I have been reading lots of blogs on blog explosion (if you have a blog I highly recommend it), and I wish I had the wit of half of these characters. Check them out till my return on monday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pray for Mercury

Sad news, my cat Mercury(5 year old orange tabby) has been missing since Thurs night. He ran away when we first moved into our new house just over a year ago, and returned after 10 days. (hasen't liked being outside in the daylight since). We had him microchipped. (since he has shed every collar and tag we ever bought for him).
We have cruized the neighborhood a bit and talked to neighbors...but no luck.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gardening is for the worms

so here is my gardening saga....I was planning on putting in a new flower bed this fall,with 2 hydrangeas, move the five random azaleas in the yard, move all the bulbs i discovered last spring, and plant new bulbs.
First visitors....last fall (our first fall in the house) Ian's parents came and helped in the yard, and my mom came and helped me plant stuff, our friend Paula was here to help rake leaves too. this year nobody cares, they have seen the house, and now they have other houses to visit (i guess). maybe we put them to work too soon.
Second time...last fall i had 2 classes and a job, this year I am taking 2 classes and teaching 2 classes, and working on this silly thesis.
Third tiller....I wanted a tiller (we have a friend with one) so i could plow up a new bed and grind up the old compost pile (its full of roots , the last owner hadn't turned it in 12 years). But my DH kept forgetting to get it, or other plans would arise....needless to say I should have done this weeks ago.

AND NOW we have frost Friggin GREAT

So I have a bag full of bulbs, a yard full of leaves, pots full of hydrangeas, and rock hard ground (well not rock hard yet).

So now here is the plan............................ready...............................i don't know what i am doing.........................This sat I will have the tiller (or one husband I know will be dead). I will till a larger than planned bed, and the compost pile. I will then only plant the bulbs (they are snoozing anyway right?). the hydragea will stay in the garage so as not to freeze in the pot, and the azaleas will stay where they are. The bed I will enrich and insulate with shredded leaves....then in the spring I will plant what I had planed on transplanting this fall.

If you see any problems with my gardening plans please let me know now.
I don't want anybody saying I told you so later.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Not much on my end

Not too much new:
Cross stitching: I finished 6 geese a laying on my 12 days of christmas afgan (Jalynn). Sorry no pics, we keep talking about a digital camera but they are so expensive.
School is chugging along, there are 3 weeks left and I am done as of last week (mentally)
I am gearing up to go on the Tarheel cross stitching retreat next weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN. I need a break away from home/school.
Slowly realizing I have to shop for christmas and dreading it....not ready yet. Ian as usual has already bought his gifts for his parents (the trick is mailing them in time..packages have been known to sit around for months...Not my fault).
My friend Allison called me saturday to say she is pregnant (after 3 years of trying). I am very excited for her and am so glad the saga has had a happy ending.

Ian and I went to the Carolina Renisance Fair on Sun. Our 4th year in a row (my 5th) Had a great time, there is always something new. This year they had guys teaching how to contact juggle like Micheal Motion (like the ball thing in Labyrinth). It was fun and actually possible.

We also saw The Incerdibles.....must see!! no seriously drop what you are doing and go now.

Gotta go teach now bye

Friday, November 05, 2004

Say it ain't so John,

I have never feared a person in power before, at least not beyond my immediate environment.

The re-election of W has put me into a depression of a sort I did not know existed.
I was I am very scared. I am scared for the environment, the endangered species, and earth. I am scared for america, we have never been so hated and I fear the plots against us will increase with that hate. I am scared for my rights as a woman, the supreme court is about to change. I am scared for our government, its been along time since one party has had such complete control over the legislative, executive, and soon the judicial systems. The balance of power is no longer in existance. I am scared for my friends who are gay, who (apparently) will not be tolerated if they want rights. I have never thought of leaving this country....until recently. I fear I will not be rich enough to live here.

I pray, that like a hibernating bear, these four years will pass like a dream. and that all my fears will be for naught.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So much to do.....

And I'm not doing it.

So I KNOW not to pick up a book while I'm in school....(besides texts and articles of course). But I read "We Are The Mulvaneys" by Joyce Carol Oates this weekend. Yeah I couldn't put it down, and yeah I thought the writing is good, But I just am very unsatisfied with these "real" family stories. I like the characters and the trials they go through are real....but it just felt shallow and selfish, like none of them (except the youngest child, who is telling the story) look beyond the any soul searching...or try to do what is right by others. Maybe thats what the author was aiming for. But I have never met a whole family like that. (to tell you the truth I can think of only 1 person over the age of 20 who fits that description). Maybe I'm sheltered but this felt very unrealistic. That will teach me to read anything from Oprah's Book Club again.

Ian and I saw Team America last night. It was better than I had feared but not as good as I hoped. If you like South Park the humor is the same but not as sharp. I liked the use of marionettes...that was unique. The puppet sex was just for show (and shock value?)
Kim Jong Ill 's (sp?) character was the only one I looked forward to seeing, and the hollywood actors kept me laughing. But the Team America characters were bland and boring. I felt Trey and Matt held back too much in this satire (maybe Michael Moore could of helped.) Oh and mom...don't go see this, a puppet pukes...alot.

YES I voted...last friday....
waited an hour and a half. Go Kerry!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Post Halloween depression

Ok not really. I will have post fall depression, I love this season. I was warm here this weekend, and I tried to do some lawn stuff but I think the heavy action (making 2 flowerbeds) will be happening this coming Saturday. The leaves are dropping like crazy and I hate that the prospect of raking them all up makes me dislike fall. Ian and I are thinking of renting a chipper shredder to make mulch from all the leaves. What I would really love is that Cyclone Rake. But you need a rider mower to attach it to. Yeah there is a couple thousand I can part with around here some where.... At least the hickorys didn't drop any nuts this year. the acorns have it. It must be a alternate year thing.
I finished the January blocks...and was going to move on the February but the fabric I have is 28 count instead of 32 (which is what I used for January and July). so that is on hold for now. I resumed the christmas Afgan...12 days of christmas by Alma Lynne I'm on 6 Geese a laying

Oh well back to school work

Monday, October 25, 2004

I found fellow crazys

This past saturday I was able to get together with about 20 ladies from across North Carolina who cross stitch. we are all members of a Yahoo group, and we are going on a retreat to Pigeon Forge, TN in November. We ate and sitched and traded stash. We range in age from 29 to 60+ so I was not the youngest A good time was had by all.

Yesterday I put together my Halloween costume . I have an old bridesmaid dress that is a perfect forest which I tack sewed fall foilage, fake butterflies and birds. Viola Mother Nature! It turned out beter than I had feared.

Ok, hunger is driving me to finish this post

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sorry it's been a while

Well I swear I wrote a nice long post yesterday about cross stitching and went to post the screen went blank and lost everything.

So Ill sum up .....I have left the big projects to do little ones....halloween freebie...a christmas ornament for an exchange.....and my initials on a pencil bag (first time using waste canvas).

I still have that January Flip it Block that was my travel project. Remember the rant I had about color conversion from Weeks dye Works to DMC ....well the January one is really bad... worse than I thought. I have had to switch every suggested color.. And my problem is that I try the suggested color and it looks OK than I continue and I am not sure but then I tell myself it will look fine in the end.....then as it bumps up against another color and washes it out I know I will have to frog it all and start again.

I just recieved the october and november flip its, i might try nov or stay with my plan and do feb. so Ill have it done by then.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Question of the week 10/13 and 10/25

You've just been given a $100 gift certificate to buy anything cross stitch or needlework related - what would you spend it on right now?

I would buy this lamp

and this frame and stand

of course they are both over $100

What are you working on now?
Silly question read my posts...I just finished the halloween freebie...and am finishing the January Flip it blocks.

Back to the real world...ugh

We had a great time in Charleston, but no cross stitch store sigh, only a stuffy needlepoint store. (sorry if that offends you but really.....those canvases are sooooo expensive). We bought one big item, a print of a live oak over a sunset in the marsh, it was already framed. I debated for about 15 minutes but then I realized...... You know when you were younger and on those vacations you took with your family you saw these adults buying the really pretty expensive stuff and all you could afford was the cheap plastic or stupid souvenirs. In other words your taste was well ahead of your $$. .......Well I loved it I had the money and I spent it!! Ha! It felt very good.

Anyway we arrived Sunday night. Walked the city on Monday, and went to the Yorktown (aircraft carrier) on Tuesday and visited with a friend of my husbands family on the Isle of Palms that afternoon. Beautiful beaches there. Drove home last night arriving at midnight. (4 hour drive) Good scouting visit.

Cross stitch update to come tomorrow.

Friday, October 08, 2004

thank god its Fall Break

So that stats test is over!!! I know you want to know how I did, but you will have to wait till Thursday.
Ian and I are ging to Charleston, SC for Fall Break. This Mon and Tues...He has never been there ans I have only been once with my family (97?). I remember this cute little x stitch shop right by Bay st. I hope it is still there. Haven't been on vacation anywhere new in a long time. Make that a very long time...four years!

Got all my samples for my thesis sent out today...I hope the results are decent. Now I just have to do a but more processing and then I can start writing my thesis (I hope to have a proposal done by January)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stitchers Question of the week

Thread organization: plastic bobbins, yes or no? How do you organize your threads?

I have done the bobbin thing, I have done the Floss away bag thing.....The way to go is the Stitch bow system by DMC. Trust me. I still have some (3 boxes worth!) bobbins that I inherited, and am trying to use up. The conversion from floss away to stitch bow was easy and with the bows in a binder it makes it easy to store (less space) and easy to find what I need...and no winding either.

p.s. don't buy the stitchbow binder it is a waste of $ can use any D ring binder from a office supply store. The travel bag is a good investment, I like it.

And last weeks:
Would you or have you designed your own cross stitch design? If you have can we see it?

Yes,I did one in college, I painstakingly converted my sorority (PKX....local and now disbanded) shield into a cross stitch. By way of graph paper before software existed for this stuff. I stitched and framed it and gave it to my little sister to pass down my family tree. I left a note on the back saying that it was to be returned to me if the tree ever ended, well after the sorority disbanded...I asked where it was and it seemingly got lost. If anyone in PA sees a purple and white shield for the PKX (Rho Kappa Chi) sorority hanging on someones have my permission to steal it and contact me. I will compensate you well, mu hahaha.

I think I have the ratty piece of graph paper around here somewhere......If I ever find it AND If i ever get a scanner ....then you can see it

"Just a Geek" Rules

I was in the book store the other day and picked up Wil's book "Just A Geek" . When I saw the price I thought I'll wait til christmas or when it is out in paperback..... but after reading the first 3rd of the book in the store, and embarassing myself by laughing out loud numerous times, I coughed up the dough. I finished it within 48 hours, breaking to sleep and go to school, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wondered what happened to Wil, or has ever felt lost in their life.

I have recieved a few calls *hi mom* that comments could only be posted if you were a member of blogger. Well I figured how to open it up to everyone....but if I start getting spammed its all over. So be judicious as to who you send this blog to and what you say when you comment.

Now back to statistics....

Monday, October 04, 2004

Dum dum da dum

I know its been a while. but I am still alive and kicking. Studying for the big stats midterm on thurs. and trying to process samples by friday.

The big italian wedding (you know the one I had the framing done for ) was this past Sat. I have never seen such a nervous bride....or one that was so happy after it was done. She made me cry she was smiling so big walking back up the asile. I LOVE weddings right, and I love to take pictures of said weddings. (I think i was a wedding planner in a pervious life). I couldn't find my camera and Ian had his with a brand new roll of film. I always sit on the aisle for the bride coming down and the couple going back shots. Well I was in charge of the guest book (I have not heard of this but OK) so I had to wait till 5 min before the wedding to enter the sanctuary. By this time Ian had been bumped to the out side of the pew. AGGH. then to top it off, his battery dies in the middle of the ceremony. I got a new battery by the time the reception occured but was totally irritated and snappy. but a few drinks and good pictures later I was much better. The prime rib was a bit over done and the cake was not the best but over all I think it was a 8.5 wedding. (mine has to be the best and is where I gauge all weddings since).

Monday, September 27, 2004


Why does it cost SOOOOOO much?
So I have had a wedding sampler (Trilogy) finished for a wedding that I will be attending this weekend. And I thought I would save $$ and mat/frame it myself. After several attempts and throwing stuff around my craft room, I have realized I am too much the perfectionist to frame for anyone besides my self. So I take it to a lovely framing place that will do it in a week for me and the charge is just $75! I mean it is not that big a piece (7x7) Now I'm glad I didn't buy a new dress for the wedding.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Stats, Jurys, and stitching

Hello loyal readers (Maybe 2 of you right?),

Current update:
Statistics will either kill me or make me stronger, I had an assignment due Thurs and am worried about the scores (60% of my grade are from these, more than our 2 tests combined.)

I was in Jury duty yesterday. report at 830 am .....sit around till 11:45 (I was able to attend a stats class during the break) report back at 2pm, sit till 2:45 then you are dismissed. not one jury was selected. All that sitting for $12.

But on the up side I was able to get another block done on the Lizzie Kate January flip it . This is my travel project. OK venting starts here: I know that designers are given new fibers and colors to use in their patterns to help encourage sales, and they are kind enough to include conversions to DMC for us poor folks.........BUT, I wish they would check the conversions....several times I have had to go searcing for different colors after stitching a block or two and realizing that it looks horrible cause the shading is all off or the color is completely different from the pictures. I have had to change 3 colors on this one and 1 on the July block. Hopefully it is at least a consistant conversions I can stick to for all 12.

More happiness in stitching world I gridded Santa of the forest snd have started him again block by block. This is going faster now. By block instead of by color.

Have a fab weekend!!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Question of the week

If you could design your dream needlework/cross stitch shop, what would it be like?

Oh there is THE question!! One of my dreams was to open a shop ( I even went so far as to attend a small business workshop at a local community college) But I have not been inside too many. The two crosstitch stores in Tulsa OK are the best (If you ask me it is the only reason to visit...I lived there 18 months and only miss those stores.) The Silver Needle and the Stitchworks are the biggest and best I have ever seen. I prefered the latter but shopped both. The Stitchworks also have the greatest retreats (and cheap too).

Go to Doodle bugs site and you will see a map of the best LNS ever thought of with a husband room, and a kids room, and cat areas, and places for all kinds of crafts.

The best LNS that I have seen have these qualities.... And I would have them too...Framers, huge selection of fibers, fabrics, and patterns, classes, retreats. I would add kitting for new patterns for those who don't have the time or who don't want to spend the $ to buy whole skeins of a special expensive floss. I would also have big chairs and testing areas where scroll frames and lights could be worked with before purchasing. A fireplace (gas of course), and friendly staff.
I'm sure i could go on and on....but you get the idea. Wish there was one in Greensboro *SIGH*

Friday, September 17, 2004

Cross Sitch Mags

I have 40 minutes till my first meeting of 3 today (you wouldn't think graduate school would entail so many meetings but it does). So I thought I would post a few thoughts on Cross stitch magazines. First I have never had a subscription to a cross stich mag, mainly due to the price. If you ask me (and since you are here on my blog you did) the british publish the best ones, but for $10 I don't feel the designs speak to me. And they have pages of contests that I can't enter from here in the colonies. But of course you fall in love with one design that is then in a series of 12 and you pay $120 for a design series that would be max $15 if it was in a leaflet or book. I am speaking specifically of the Cattitudes Horiscope in the Cross Stitcher . and of course I found out about them in July so now I have to search to find the other 6 patterns.
Of course I could buy them up, copy what I want then resell them on E-bay but that doesn't sound very moral.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Current Cross stitch

Sorry about all the exclamation points, I had no idea I could get so excited. I need to find emoticons or something.
I was able to attach a link (woo hoo....see it is just not the same without exclamation points...woohoo!!!) to the Stitching Bloggers web ring (see right), and thought maybe I should talk a bit about my stitching,

My first stitching project, besides those punch cards with the shoelaces, was a stamped I LOVE YOU basic sampler. It is long gone, I must have done it when I was 10 or 11. My mom, my grandma, and my aunts all did some sort of cross stich or needlepoint...I have very fond memories of sitting around a fire with all the women in the family stitching. Very quickly I moved on to counted cross stitch and did a few very small motifs and cats. I did do one big Killer Whale that still hangs in my bathroom. But then college hit, I don't remember doing one stitch. Since then I have picked it up now and again. This past summer during all my field work for my thesis, I started again in earnest as a destress device. (usually it would have been reading...but that didn't work this time)

I don't have that many WIP's , I guess because I tend to get rid of stuff that no longer interests me, ie..a fairy I started 4 years ago that looked hideous and unmotivating...I ripped and used the fabric for another project.

So current WIP's include:
1 Oberlin's "Pittsburgh" my home town started in 95?? it's not my best work...has a ton of backstitching but I will finish this.
2 Alma Lynn "12 days of Christmas" putting this onto an afgan, have days 1-5 done, started 99.
3 Lavender and Lace "Santa of the Forest" started 97, my biggest and most complicated one I need a plan of attack and a scroll frame.
I am also doing Lizzie Kate's Flip it Blocks for the year....I discovered these in July so I will be continuing them into next year.

Well this post is too long and I will find a digital camera and post pics soon

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Wil Wheaton Lives!!

well as you can see I figured out how to put a picture on the site but when I tried to add text it didn't take. Then I tried to read an article about how to make your blog more readable and stuff. and tried to add a blog roll....HAHAHA big mistake I am so new to this code/hmtl/http/gobbledygook I think I'll stick to words.

I started to grid a half finished Santa of the Forest by Lavender and Lace last night (I started it back in 97) I hope the gridding helps and maybe Ill be more inclined to finish it.

While messing with that site I did discover a long lost friend. Wil Wheaton...get out!! You must be a Trekkie to appreciate this. While other girls were picking up Teen Beat for pictures of Kirk Cameron I refused to buy anything what did not have Wil in it. He was plastered on my wall Backstreet/New Kids style. Wil Weaton was my first serious crush (oxymoronic eh?) And he lives. I haven't heard of him in years. I was an old trekkie by junior high and when TNG came out it was MY Star Trek. Will was pretty beat up by the die hard fans for "saving" the Enterprise one too many times. But that was the writers not Wil. But reading his blog it sounds like he is having a hard time with his new book "Just a Geek" . Boy do I need to learn how to link targets and such!! Wil, I know the media has never been your friend, but I know lots of fans are out here like me and love you for who you are ( and because you are a cutiepie)
I am so going to buy that book tomorrow

Go visit Wil....till i figure out how to link other blogs, just click on the title of this post.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Holy cow It worked

My wedding day 4/26/03

My very own Blog!!!

Oh yeah I must be crazy ...I know nothing....NOTHING about blogs. Exept they are fun to read. I hope to learn quickly how to do all the cool stuff other bloggers have, and if you wil bear with me I'm sure it will be a fun ride.

First allow myself to introduce........myself.
My name is Heather, I'm 30 (oh the trauma), Married 1.5 years, owned a house (ranch, brick, hardwood floors, built 1965) 1.5 years. Currently working on a Masters in Biology. I have numerous intrests which you will discover as we go. But I will attempt to keep this blog focused on my wishy washy passion for cross stitch. That is after all what got me into reading blogs in the first place.

My first concern is how am I going to get pictures of my WIPs on here...I don't have a scanner or a digital camera..hmmm. Told you I was new.

Well lets see if this post works then we shall see if I can maybe put a picture in from my wedding (have a few on Ofoto).

See you soon