Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Florometers suck

Science I am supposed to be working on my proposal right now, but instead I need to nail down the procedure for a ammonium reading process that this lab has never done before. And of course it isn't working and taking 10 times as long as it should. And the papers describing the process are incomplete or at the very least unclear.
Ok sorry, enough science, as for the cross stitch I have been tearing away on the Rose Heart sampler (on band 3 &4) in my new Stitchers Wonder stand (Christmas gift) and under my new Ott light ( Christmas gift). I think I like the stand for bigger pieces. Once I finish the sampler ...Ill see if Santa fits and keep him on there permanently.
Flickr limits my bandwidth. I don't know what that means literally but practically it means I can only upload so many photos a month. So I will try to upload as many stitching photos as I can tomorrow. I could get a premium membership for $40 a year which may be worth it if I need it...we shall see.

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