Friday, April 29, 2005

Christmas in May

Hello all,
ok Forget the flippin towel...It's not going to be as cool as I thought, there are too many floating stitches to make it double sided, and it was depressing me. Into the WIP pile for now.

On the up side Santa has been screaming at me, and although I would love to start a new project that would be springy,I would feel guilty. I need to work on santa when I am inspired to do so or he will NEVER get done (he was started in 1997 for crying out loud, I may never do a L&L again!)
I worked on him a bit last night and think all the previous 9 months of heavy stitching has helped me...It went very smoothly. I am going to proceed with one color at a time in a limited section of the chart from top to bottom. I will continue to work on him until the screaming stops.

This leads me to the Question of the Week...Do You Set Stitching Goals? Well mostly the answer is no, I don't have an active rotation or a limit to hours per project. I will set a goal for a gift, but otherwise its a work as I feel sort of thing. ( as regular readers will already know) This does seem to work for me as I usually have less than 5 WIP's.

I sent out my ornament round robin piece out yesterday and am looking forward to recieving all the ornaments with all the fabric and fibers provided, over the next 6 months! I hate trying to find specialty fibers.... When I was in my LNS the other day I finally broke down and asked her to order Holly Berry from GAST (I can't seem to find it anywhere convenient!) so I can finish the Waxing Moons Freebie birds.

And on a scientific of my committee members suddenly realized he had a conflict with my thesis proposal defense (Set for this coming wed) so it has to be rescheduled for thursday. ugh it makes me nervous just talking about it so i'll sign off now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Village Sampler -PS

Hello all,

The weekend was great, mom bought me plenty of plants and we shopped alot too. I am finally able to blog about the big Village Sampler by Prarie Schooler I have been stitching for her since February, here it is all framed:
and here is mom with it:

MyFi XM radio
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Yesterday was Ian and my 2nd anniversary, I of course, have no $$ to get him anything till pay day in a couple of weeks, But he - mister overtime- went and got me the XM myFi radio....told me he was going to change my fan belts yesterday while I was at school and instead mounted the antenna and car mount for it. I was totally not expecting it cause of the price...and he has shown reluctance to add me to the XM bill. This one has its own battery so you can listen to it like a walkman...I am soo excited to have it for workouts and driving around.

We did go to Olive Garden for dinner and then saw Sin City at the movies (how romantic!).

I have very mixed feelings about this movie. If you don't like the bloody, violent edginess of Quinten Tarentino like style...then don't go see this movie (director is Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez) . If you are a graphic/comic book lover....then this movie is a must see for the visual presentation. If you want to see Frodo (Elijah Wood) as the creepiest character I think outside a true horror movie...then go see this movie.

I thank god this movie was not in full color...or I would be having nightmares of SE7EN quality...of which I will forever regret watching. But the controlled use of editing and color made it palatable and within a few months I will be able to see it again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mom and Stitching Blogger Question of the week

My mom is arriving tommorrow for the weekend, I have lots of stuff planned (she hasen't been to mi casa in the spring) gardening and shopping top the list.
It is supposed to rain here all weekend but the chance has decreased to 30% for each day. I know we need the rain...I don't have regular allergies and I have a stuffy nose right now, if i'm suffering then you know its bad. And I have to mow today...ugh

Max went tothe neurologist yesterday...we paid $100 for this guy in a lab coat to feel up the dog and tell us he will be fine. We do have to do physical therapy (stretching and rotating the leg and shoulder), and we have to make him use his bad leg my irritating the good foot...he recommended taping a Lego to the bottom of his good foot, and taking him on slow walks...this should be entertaining.

I may not be posting much till tues after mom leaves have a great weekend!

Have you ever been asked to do model stitching?
Did you do it? If so, what was your compensation? (money, stash, etc.) If not, why not?
If you haven't done it, if you were asked would you? Why or why not?

No, But I would jump at the chance. I wouldn't like a really large project, cause I don't stitch very fast, but being paid to stitch....that would be wonderful. Unforunately there are alot of stitchers out there who are better than me (and faster) and there aren't that many opportunities (few LNS's and few designers). so my chances of ever model stitching is very slim

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Towel Detail

Towel Detail
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Here is the towel...I swiped the pattern off the cross stitch a day calendar,(It was a border) and put it on this kitchen towel. If I can edit it right there will be 2 pics front one back. I am trying to make it double sided.

Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

April flip It-LK

April flip It-LK
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Ta da...all done, and I have more stitchy pictures to come!

My updated garden pics are at my site on

Friday, April 15, 2005

Devils Haircut

Ok, so I think I have mentioned the fact that I have a side job doing some contracting.....the one that made us owe $$ in taxes this year (which turned out cause I set the money aside for that all year).
There hasn't been a single contract for me since Dec, and this month I have 18 appointments! this is good (Each appt. means $60-100 for about 1 hour) but then the company calls me and wants to add on a huge closeout....this is a big pain in the ass, although they pay almost twice a normal appt, you have to put in a lot more time and energy. So I tell them thanks, but no thanks (I have never turned down one before) find some one else...I have no extra time trying to finalize my proposal, and finals coming up too. Well they send it to me anyway...the day before it has to be done. and of course there is 200 pounds of stuff I have to haul to Fed ex to ship to a town I could of driven too. ugh I hate closeouts.

OK enough venting,
My blue bells are blooming, a few pink tuips- they look good, and my Hostas are finally starting to show. I have a Clematis that appeared last year by the mailbox, but didn't thrive. but this year we bought a trellis (just a small one) for it, and it is senting up numerous shoots....I can't wait to see the flowers (I hope) to see what kind it is.

I finished the April flip it (Just 2 weeks behind!) and have started the May one . I turn it into a door know hanger like the rest and post a picture.
Still working on the towel....Then I think I will pick up Santa of the Forest till the end of the month when I'll let myself start a new project for May. I have 2 kitted up and ready....Black Swan's View to a Spring Garden (you will have to scroll down the page) or Victoria Sampler's Seaside Garden) which one? you pick.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

stitching blogger question of the week

Do you "stitch with the seasons?" (This could be reflected by the colors that you stitch with, the themes that you choose, or even that during your favorite season you stitch more (or less) than in others.)

Unfortunately yes....this is why I have soo many christmas WIP's that are 5+ years old....cause I only work on them for 3 months out of the year. Honestly who wants to stitch a snow man when flowers are blooming!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ian and Max

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Aren't they boys

Monday, April 11, 2005

wow I Suck posting on a regular basis.
I have been finishing up a secret cross stitch project that I can't post here till it is all done and framed. But on the upside my April flip it is almost done, (just need to run and buy DMC 598). And I am continuing on my towel. (Ill post pictures by Wed night swear!).

In doggie land, we have to take Max to a Neurologist this week, he is still not walking on his right front paw, but no bones are broken.

And in Academia, my poster at the conference in tuesday turned out ok (after I paniked monday night due to it being a foot smaller all around than I thought it was). I ended up getting an honorable mention, and $25! I think its just cause I buttered up the judge....but what ever.

and in garden land, my wood poppy, azaleas, and bluebells are blooming. I spent the weekend raking the yard from winter debris/bagging and burning it up. Mowed the yard, and weeded around a few beds.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Puppy Down!!

Hello all,
Bad news here, Saturday Max ran off and after a long search we got a call from an after hours clinic, saying they had him. He had been hit by a car. He has some superficial scrapes, but is not putting any weight on his right front paw. Its not broken, and doesn't seem dislocated. They wanted 90 dollars to talk to the vet (and more for an xray) so we made him comfortable sunday and taking him to OUR vet today. The tech at the clinic brought him to us saying it was probably nerve damage and that his leg would have to be amputated....this hugely upset my husband and he is (and I am) freaked out at that prognosis.
He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, is eating and drinking, (and digesting) just fine. There is no swelling and he seemed to improve over the last 24 hours….I’ll post the update after the vet visit today.

On a lighter Note: heres a meme I swiped from another blog:
Accent: none that I know of (but I do say y’all once in a while)
Bra size: Slightly larger than you… hee hee
Chore I hate: Scrubbing the tub
Dad's name: Horace Dwight (family name)
Essential make-up: moisturizer, and lipgloss
Favorite perfume: I don’t wear any
Gold or Silver: Both (at the same time Grandma!)
Hometown: Past- Pittsburgh, PA Current- Greensboro, NC Future- Savannah, GA
Interesting fact: I hate horror films, but read horror books
Job title: Graduate Student
Kids: 0
Living arrangements: Single Family Home
Mom's Birthplace: Summit, NJ
Number of apples eaten in last week: 0 –They aren’t in season!
Overnight hospital stays: 0
Phobia: Calling for pizza delivery (don’t ask)
Question you ask yourself a lot: Will I ever understand my thesis?
Religious affiliation: Unitarian Universalist
Siblings: 1
Time I wake up: varies ---currently around 6:30 am -8:00 am
Unnatural hair color: nope it is currently naturally turning grey
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Bamboo (does that count?)
Worst habit: I am not telling
X-rays: Teeth, Left ankle, Left Leg
Yummy food I make: Cranberry Apple Pie
Zodiac sign: Cancer

Saturday, April 02, 2005

and where have YOU been?

I've been pretty damn sick, thats where. I think I caught the flu last Sat, I still have a cough to day (a full 7 days later). And you know I am sick (RELLY SICK) when I havent eaten the giant chocolate bunny Ian bought me for easter, and don't feel like stitching.

And of course, everything was due this week, but it went by quickly. I met with the statistical consultant on my project, that went well. And I had a poster to finish, so it could be approved and sent off to kinkos for the WRRI confrence that i am attending on tuesday in Raleigh, NC.

Meanwhile the house is disentigrating into filth and driving me crazy, but since I couldn't stand for more that 10 min at a time for 5 day, I forgive myself. So today I have already done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned and dusted my side of the bedroom (Ian does his own pretty well), and scrubbed the kitchen counters. I am dying to get outside and mow/rake up the winter mess, plant some flowers and move stuff around, but it has been raining alot and everything is saturated. Maybe tomorrow.