Monday, March 30, 2009

Go, Dog,Go

Home of a Needleworker
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I know ...boring photo...this is Home of a Needleworker by LHN, I actually ripped out the brown roof you see here and restitched it with 3 threads cause all the white showing thru was just irritating.

So yesterday I took Annabeth to go see her first play. My school was puting on an hour production/adaptation of P.D.Eastman's Go, Dog, Go (appropriate for ages 3 to 12). I know she is only 22 months old but I did it for 1 main reason...SHE LOVES Go, Dog, Go. and I mean we read it 2-3 times a day every page.... and She can sit thru an hour of engaging TV (Elmo, Baby einstein, Signing Time, Buscuit Brothers) with out moving, so I figured I'll give it a try.

I took my husband ( the book we read was his. It is so cute on the front page where it says This Book Belongs To: after his name it says " I LIKE THIS" in the big caps of a first grader) We got there right at 2 when the play was to start. they were still selling tickets so we waited a bit and sat down right before they began. Now our seats were right in the middle of a row (giant rows of 50 folks or so)and right in the middle of the theater front to back). She was good right untill the lights go off --not fade to black mind you--and bam she begins screaming at the top of her you stabbed her, I knew I could not calm her there in the theater, so I stepped on a few toes running out of there and into the lobby where I got her calmed down in under a minute or so. At this point I am thinking they are going to kick me out for bringing a not quite 2 year old to a play....but I decided to try it once, I was able to get just inside the doors with her quiet so she could see the 1 "dog" on the stage. she jumped a couple of times when the audience laughed...but did not make a peep. There was NO way I was heading back to my seat but standing for 50 minutes was not my ideal. I snuck a look around the corner, and right there back row the last seat was open. She sat in complete rapture for the entiire show UNTIL the lights went out at the end..then the screaming started again...I think A. is afraid of the dark.
Poor Ian was stuck in the middle of the theater wondering what we were doing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

QT: 1 of 8

Quaker Turtles
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Thank you all for your comments on Miss Mack, the button border took FOREVER to finish, so yess I have been stitching, but that one has been worked on maybe twice a week while I did other stuff .....LIKE.....Quaker Turtles by WIth my Needle. I got this as a full kit and have started it, but it is going take me forever cause 1) over one is not my favorite technique (unlike Sara who LOVES it) and 2) all one color is going to be a bit boring. This is one of the smallest circles to do of the 8 for the set.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miss mary final cut!

Miss mary final cut!
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Completed 3/24/09 on rose linen with black DMC
Thinking of finishing as a pillow

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can you blog in 15 minutes with 1 fuzzy photo?....Go-

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So I have been stitching, I swear. I had Spring Break last week but didn't get alot done cause, well lots of reasons but truly they are all boring. My mom came to visit, and Ian and I went to a B and B for a day and a night to enjoy ourselves for maybe the last time for a long time cause his job is not looking up, but mine is now and I think i will be renewed for at least another year...but there are changes coming in my department (read- bigger classes and less lecturers needed). What I really want is like 2 days to just shop for clothes and things for me, but i never have 1)time and when I have time i am out of 2)money.

Annabeth is walking with more confidence but not without holding on for dear life to mom or dad, Her day care is starting to ask if we need physical therapy and making me question if the doctor is right about PT, that it will not help speed things up. His prediction of 21-24 months for walking is here and we wait with bated breath (usually from luging around her 25? pound body)

Oh the is something not on my list but a quicky...Lizzie Kate "Cross stitcher in residence", on 28 count Navy Bean by Lakeside linens, with most of the threads called for WW and GAST and some scavenged.

gotta go teach cat anatomy...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Pirate's Creed

Pirate's Creed
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Finished yesterday. Although Sue Hillis' Designs aren't my usual style, i could not pass this one up. Should I hang it up in my office at school? or at home? An easy stitch (4 days or so) using 28 count khaki evenweave and DMC floss.