Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another one done.

I believe ornament by Amy Bruecken Designs
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I Believe ornament by Amy Brueken Designs, this was in 2008 JCS ornament mag. I stitched it in DMC conversions (except the yellow , it was an overdyed Dye is Cast thread I had on hand.). I stitched it on an overdyed yellow faby I had (not sure of the count it is an evenweave.)
I finished 2 of these. One was made for my Tarheel exchange gift, and I finished this one for me a couple days a go.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Puppydog row by Bent Creek

Puppydog row by Bent Creek
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Here is Puppy dog Row by Bent creek. I did it on the 28 count linen called for by the pattern. using DMC. I am sorry about the distance in the photo, but it is long! I did this one mostly because I found a custom frame for it by Poppy Kreations very cheap. and frames for these rows are not your standard size.(it is on their website in frame gallery # 29). I hope to have it framed and hung next week. I did not like the original pink poodle that was second from the left so I made it a off-black (3799) poodle...i am still unsure about it, mostly cause of the eyes...but they just do not appear if I use black. what do you think?

Keep it or change it?

Closeup of changed dog
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More stitching tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
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From my family to yours.

P.S. See the dress came out pretty good. I'll be back friday with ......Stitching!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Kitchen

old walls with wallpaper
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I still can't find my camera, It had better "Before" photos. But you can see here the wallpaper coming down.

Here are the spackled walls, the painting, and finally the stenciling.

Spackled walls
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Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Finished walls
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We painted the wainscoting white, and the walls are now Liveable Green (Duron). I originally spotted the color in a friends redone master bath! the stencil is of oak leaves, which cover my yard right now.

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We will eventually paint the cabinets, and doors.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is for you Melanie and Jane:

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I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Past finals, holiday parties and a trashed house. I submit my end of the semester grades in 2 hours. Then I have 4 weeks till spring semester begins. This past week my mom and my stepdad were in town to help take down wallpaper and repaint my kitchen walls. It took 4 days to do, and it took 3 days to reorganize the house (my kitchen floor is still covered in spackle dust). I had my work party this past friday, and a Tarheel (cross stitch crew) get together and christmas exchange this past sat. At which point there was whining about my lack of updating the blog. (hence the title.)

Somehow in the past 2 weeks I have lost my camera, but here is what I do have for you: Annabeth photos! you can see her sprinkling cookies here (she did well till she found she could in fact eat the dough). planning her attack on the house plants, and just being cute.

Sprinklin cookies
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Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

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Tomorrow: kitchen photos before and after! (preview: you can see some of the before wallpaper in the background of the photos of her at the table)

Friday, December 05, 2008

I'll be back soon

Things are simply crazy here. I don't know why I just haven't had a sec to even upload new photos of annabeth or stitching to my computer. I have a question for all you moms out there. I read blogs where people are posting during nap time, how the hell are you doing that? when do you do laundry/ take a nap/ do dishes/ prep dinner? I mean I am lucky A will go down for 2 hours but I need every sec.

I am stitching but can't post what i have been working on till the recipient recieves it. I am wrapping up the school year and should have more time after this coming week. On top of that my mom and my stepdad are coming down from PA tomorrow for 1) early christmas, and 2) remove wallpaper and paint my kitchen (they wanted a project!).

In baby news A. is climbing, and readily pulling herself up to standing. She is cruising cautiously, we are hoping for a christmas miracle for walking. She is signing a few signs now, "milk" "all done" and "duck" go figure. It all came in a rush after she figured out how to wave bye. Guess the books were right.

Meanwhile Abi tagged me....and I have to tell you this was tough for me...I am just not that interesting. Oh and I am invoking the blogger chain mail killer rule and not doing Rule# 4 and 5 (i don't know enough bloggers well enough)

Here are the tag rules:
Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you.
Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog.
Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself.
Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.
Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

#1. I was in a sorority in college. I know I don't seem like the type, right? but let me tell you it is a great opportunity for folks who need the social nudge to help meet people and make friends (no, they are not ready made friends, I didn't like them all!) I'll tell you this, I always had a party to go to and knew people there. (see #6 for a bit of background)

#2 For about 10 years I used to keep track in a ledger all the books I read and how many pages a day I read. the most books in a year: 38 (1994) and the most pages in a day: 590 (same year)

#3 I have a half brother who is 10 and lives in Canada. A result of my dad's 2nd marriage (now divorced), I haven't seen him since he was 3 but i hope some day to meet him again.

#4 My favorite flavor is mint, chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint, doesn't matter. I love christmas just for the mint factor

#5 I am a certified, card carrying, bartender. I haven't tended a bar in 5 years..but i can still tell you what is in a Pink Squirrel.

#6 Growing up I survived the bully attracting trimverate : Glasses, braces, and curly hair. But i still get hives driving past a junior high or middle school.

I feel like i just left a psychiatrist's office: thanks for listening!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Max and the floss tag exchange

Max and the floss tag exchange
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I received my floss tag exchange form Jayne in the UK (she does not have a blog). Here is Max all mpressed with the tag and treat she sent for him.also she sent some cool floss and fabric.

Floss tage from the UK
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Floss tag exchange

Floss tag exchange
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Ok So Georgie recieved my floss tag exchange (I am on The Hooked on Exchanging blog) and she got it pretty fast. I posted it on the mail out date of the 3rd and she posted here on the 10th. She is in Australia people!

I did a Debbie Draper designs freebie called Hearts Desire, with Dinky dyes silk over 1 on 28 even weave. I was pretty happy with it. I think I used too thick batting in it though, I had a heck of a time getting the eyelet in. I may do this again, but honestly I don't use rings alot...I think I would rather have a scissor fob. I am still (im)patiently waiting for my tag to arrive.

The holiday dress is almost done. I hemmed it and will be attatching a zipper tonight (I found my machine's zipper foot...that's good). And when I was at Hobby Lobby I took another good look at the model...they used a zipper not available at the store...and attached side loops for the ribbons sash (not in the pattern, hmph). I still have to get stockings and shoes to match!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Labor of love

Labor of love
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I haven't been stitching, but I have been sewing, this is Annabeths dress so far as of last night.

If you look at that hobby lobby pic below you can see that the sleeves have these cute black bows on the gathered sleeves. Well this is a "Project Runway" simplicity dress. Which means that the bodice, sleeves, and skirt can all be done like 12 different ways and then put together for an infinite amount of dress combinations. But for the model maker (see pic from previous blogging) apparently this wasn't enough cause she (or he, lets not be sexist) decided to construct the sleeves differently than the 12 ways shown. So I was going along my merry way following what i thought was the sleeve pattern i saw in the store exactly (I haven't used a pattern in 20 years people! I am reading this pattern like my life depends on it) And i end up with a sleeve hat made its bow from the band itself...not tacked on like in the store. It took me forever to figure out that i might be able to fake my way through the construction i saw in the store (it would just be more gathering/measuring/ screaming etc.) but after all my debating I figured I made one sleeve, i guess ill just do the other.
And the neckline...well the pattern just says to hem it (actually it doesn't say that, it just says to hem all remaining hems , of which the neckline is one). But I looked in the store model, and the neck is all reinforced and pretty, and finished looking. So I DID fake my way through that one, cutting fabric for the inside with interfacing and akll that nonsense.

Lord helped me I was able to do the sleeves gathered and attached to the bodice somewhat evenly. I am going to make sure this fits around Annabeth before attaching the skirt...than i get to attach a zipper (new for me too) and MAYBE we will do a holiday photo before tha holidays

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Anna B Panda

Anna B Panda
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Hello my name is Heather....and I am not stitching.

I know I have been avoiding telling you but I am just not into it right now. I put together my floss tag for my exchange this weekend and sent it out (when it gets where it is going I'll post a photo). and I have a secret project i am to be working on for christmas for someone who reads this blog so any progress htere cannot be viewed, and Miss Mary Mack has hit the skids.

In other news A. went trick or treating for the first time friday she is in her consignment aquired costume...a cute Panda. we went around with a skeleton and a bumble bee, and hit about 8 houses before she decreed enough! I am a bit dissapointed with the haul this year...not enough chocolate...aparrently LaffyTaffy was on sale ick.

Tricking and Treating
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In Crafty news....I bit off more than I can chew...I was looking for a holiday dress for A, for Thanksgiving/christmas pictures etc. And everything out there is way too frouffy...I was wandering through Hobby Lobby and saw this:

Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Isn't it great!.. I know it is a camera pic but you can see it is simple and the fabric is great. So i used a 40% off coupon and bought the Simplicity Pattern and the fabric, I have cut the pattern and stitched the bodice together...but the sleeves are giving me fits! I have to go back to hobby Lobby and look at the display for some help. Wish me luck...I was hoping to finish this this week for our family picture next week.

Psst....OBAMA WON!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family outing

Annabeth and I at the renissance fair
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Ian, Annabeth, and I did our yearly fall family tradition and went to the Carolina Renissance Fair. It is our 8th year going! I wore my bridesmaid dress from sis's wedding and fit right in. This photo was taken as Annabeth was watching the joust. We weren't able to stay long this time, and for annabeth it has to be rough sitting 1.5 hour drive there, then sit in a stroller for 3 hours, then sit another 1.5 hours on the way home. Thank god this not walking thing comes with a bit more patience than your average toddler, or we would be up a creek wih her. I cannot wait till she can walk around and enjoy things like the toddler rides, the petting zoo,watch shows,go into the shops (cause they are too small or crowded for strollers) etc. Oh and I am also looking forward to COMMUNICATION..any day now we are hoping for a word....any word...even a swear word.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


NH and NY and Wedding 187
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Annabeth. Ian, and I flew up to Pgh last friday. A. was very good on the planes, but then again this is her 4 time flying and she is only 16 months old! We arrived late fri night, and Sat had a rehearsal lunch ( even though we had not rehearsed yet), and then spent the day making bouquets, flower arrangements, cords for the handfasting, and ironing dresses. Ian was the MC/DJ so he worked on the music...all we had was a ipod shuffle (or maybe it was a nano).

Anyway the next day , Sunday was the wedding. My sister had a planner for the day, so we just dropped stuff off and waited till it was time for the wedding. We did rehearse at 1pm, then got ready for the wedding at 3. Ian looked a bit dismayed at the big closet full of DJ equipment, and all he had was this tiny shuffle to attach to it, but then,the photographer brought a laptop computer and another iPod for the music, so Ian was all set . My in-laws were able to watch A, and make sure she napped before the wedding, while the rest of us got ready.
The ceremony went great (they had 3 clergy involved!) . It was in the Pavillion at Avonworth park, the reception hall (Mayernik Center) being right next to it. The food was very good, and the only flaw was we didn't have alot of time for all the music Ian prepped (the reception was only about 4 hours, by the time we were done with dinner it only left about 1 hour for dancing.

Above you see me trying to get A to sit still for the wedding party photo... She was a part of the party but really only in theory...Ian had to walk her down the aisle, and since she couldn't stand for the photos we tried a small stool but she wanted to pick at the flowers in the bouquet.

So here is the rest of us.
NH and NY and Wedding 192
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The next day, monday my mom hosted a brunch for our family (alot of them traveled in from across the country) and Liz and Zach opened all their gifts.

Then we left tuesday morning at

oh and Annabeth loved Delta's cookies.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finish for my Sista

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Here is the stitching I finished weeks ago but couldn't show you. It is JBW Designs, Blessings. I changed the colors a bit to match her wedding colors and finished it as a folding stand up.

finished as a stand up
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Tune in tomorrow for a few wedding photos and Annabeth photos, and maybe some new stitching...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Don't give up on me!!

I am here, but been very busy. My sisters wedding is this sunday, so I am leaving tomorrow for PA and will be back tues. I hope to post pictures of both the wedding (annabeth and I are in the bridal party) and stitching that I A) could not show you orB) haven't completed.

Miss Mary Mack is helping me clean out some of my old 310 on floss cards, but she is far from being done, and I haven't been stitching all that much lately. Maybe after this last trip of the year things will be more settled.

Annabeth went thru a weird couple of weeks where she started fussing a bit when going to sleep and then is either up at 5 or 6 am or sleeps in till 8. She is not being her consistant 8pm-7:30am self lately. Part of it is teething (3 new ones in the past few weeks) and part is that she started in the older toddler room at daycare. She is napping better now that she is away from the babies, but she is exhausted at the end of the day. I think it takes more energy to crawl after all those walking kids. But the transition could not have gone better, they are watching her carefully (as well the other kids) to make sure she isn't run over.

Wee will see you soon

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miss Mary mack mack mack is quite big big big

Miss Mary Mack
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I guess after all my smalls and over ones, She just looks huge to me. I am doing Miss Mary Mack (La di da) on 32 count english rose linen. and the patterns says it will be 8 1/2 in, by 8 1/2 in. but i thinks she looks like she will be bigger than that. One upside, she is stitching up very fast.

In other news I got the new JCS ornament issue yesterday. I was excited to see that the preview ornaments from a couple of issues ago are not repeated here, but have their complimentary versions. I think I will do Jeanette Douglas's first to be the back of the one I completed already.
I found that I want to do about 7 of these ornaments.:
Blackbird Designs, Moss Creek Designs, Hands to Work, The victoria sampler,Jeanette Douglas,Jemini Designs, and Brittercup Designs.

I was surprised at how many of these ornaments look totally phoned in. At least five of them look like " oh crap I have to have an ornament designed for JCS tomorrow" procrastination. There is always one or two, but this year there seems to be more than usual. Or am I just becoming more picky with age?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Stitching picture!

Bent Creek Angel of Joy
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Finished this last night. Bent Creek's Angel of Joy . It was in the 2000 JCS ornament issue. I love the little twisty arms. I used some old Dye is Cast threads. I especially like how the green (Basil) came out.

Sorry the photo is fuzzy. Does anyone know of a point and shoot digital camera that can take macro photos without a flash and be in focus??? seriously, I am so taking stitching in with me next time I go shop for a camera.

Annabeth Picture!

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Here Max is just biding his time, he knows the human puppy will be done with her snack soon and can move in for the scraps

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As things stand now.

Hello every one, I think it is time for a Annabeth update, and a stitching update (without pictures, sorry)

We headed to the Drs (plural) last week. Her ped and her neurologist. My skinny minny has only gained 3 lbs in the past 3 months, for a total of 21 lb 5 oz, but has shot up 2 inches to 32 inches. thats right folks, we are in 18 month onesies but in 9 month pants. Her neurologist was happy to see her crawling, but unfortunately told us to not expect her to walk till 21- 24 months, sigh. I can tolerate her not walking...its the people asking us why or telling us how thankful we should be that she isn't yet, like they did before she crawled. Well let me tell you something, having her crawl is a joy to behold, It is soooo wonderful to see her get what she wants and to get where she wants to go. She doesn't get into much and listens when you tell her no (she crys about it...but stops doing it). I can not wait to see her walk and run.

I have 2 stories for you. Ian was sitting with her in the front room, and i went to the bathroom to run a bath. the minute she heard the water she dropped her toy and headed down the hall and into the bathroom, right up to the tub. (she LOVES running water) It was so wonderful to see her pop her head around the corner (i did not know she left daddy) and come to me.
The second story was Sat. when she and I were in the front room playing. Well she was playing, I was reading a magazine or something. She decides to leave the room following the dog i guess, and I hear her play with toys in the other room, then it gets very quiet (maybe 5-10 min later). Usually you know quiet=trouble, but I found her sitting in the kitchen with nothing around her, just staring at the back doors. When I called her name and she saw me she began to cry. I had no idea why she cried at the time, but now I think she thought I left, and was waiting for me to come back (just to be clear here...I have NEVER left her alone in the house, but she does know the door we use when we leave). How sad is that!
She is becoming attached to her blanket, so far i can get her to leave it in the crib...we will see how long that goes on before it is carted all over creation.

Stitching news:

Let's take a look at the updated list for 2008:
Here it is, if ithe project is done it is in yellow. "resting" in a drawer is in green, and active WIP in Blue.

1. Simple Gifts, Homespun elegance
2. Mitten Games, Crossed Wings
3. Little Angel in the Clouds, Heart in Hand
4. A is for acorn and B is for Butterfly, Erica Michaels
5. Nine Patch Village, Brightneedle
6. Four Trees, Bent Creek
7. Dragonflies, ladybugs, and bees, oh my!, M designs
8. Blackbird Sampler, Blackbird designs
9. Rune Sampler, Enchanted Needle (May)
10. For the Birds, Drawn Thread (May)
11. Blessings, JBW designs (Oct)
12. Grand Old Duke, Arelate Studio
13. Birth Sampler
14. Miss Mary Mack, La Di Da
15. Four seasons ornament series, Prarie Schooler JCS Mags (2007)
16. Quaker Diamond, Hillside Samplings
17. Puppy Dog Row, Bent Creek
18. Pumpkin Patches, Full Circle Designs
19. Halloween House Sampler, Drawn Thread
20. Ringlet Tree, Marilynn and Jackie’s Collectibles
21. Snowman Needleroll, M Designs
22. Just a Little Snowman ornament from Twisted Threads JCS Mag
23. Angel of Joy ornament from Bent Creek JCS Mag
24. Mimi's desk weight Olde Colonial Designs
25. Jeannette Douglas christmas ornament 08
26. Santa's cottage Mary Englebright

Not including a scissor fob i did for an exchange this spring , and floss tag that I am doing for a current exchange, I have done 13 of 25 projects for the year...not bad, but I do not think I'll be able to complete the other 12 in the next 3 months. I am considering dropping the ringlet tree (I don't like it as much now) and I am already looking at what I want to do next year.

I am doing the ornaments that i had kitted from old JCS ornament issues now just to get the small stuff out of the way, so I can have room for other smalls when the NEW JCS ornament issue apears later this month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Halloween finishes

Halloween House Sampler
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First up is my Halloween House Sampler by The Drawn Thread. I am really not happy with this. First there were two sets of Initials on the model, but I am not sure who else's initals I could of put in here, so I just centered mine, and it looks a bit off. Then as I mentioned before the white kinds of blends in to my fabric, so it is tough to see. and finally it came out smaller than i thought it would, so it won't work in the fabulous frame I had in mind for it. What do you think?

Possible frame?
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Next up is a piece that i stitched YEARS ago, like in 2000. House Haunting by Shepherd Bush, It is finished in the model as a bag, I tried that and was not happy so it sat in the drawer for 8 years. I bought Judy Odell's instructions for a stuffed stand up this summer. They were excellent (I still think her booklets are a bit overpriced at $18 each!) and i learned a new finishing stitch that i can use on my ornaments too, a modified ladder stitch. I can teach it to you but it will cost you at least $6.

So I am pretty happy with it, for a first try. I am going to add ribbon, or buttons, or something to dress it up a bit

House haunting by Shepherds Bush
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Side view
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Halloween house

Halloween house
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Currently I am working on Halloween House Sampler by the Drawn Thread. I saw this over one in a LNS and loved it. It was on my wish list for a while and someone sent it to me shortly after A. was born with all the NN thread that it called for. (I never found out who it was , but Thanks again!). I am doing it over one on 28 count. The only thing I don't like so far is that the white is not showing up well on the fabric, it maybe too light. Oh well. I am too far along now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


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As many of you know , we have been waiting with bated breath these many months for A. to start moving.

She has the gift (curse) of inheriting my ability to put my feet over my head. Benifitical for joining Cirque de Soleil, but not so good for developing gross motor skills. she did not sit strongly till 9 months, and now I am pleased to announce Annabeth began crawling at14 months and 27 days (for those who are not parents, most babies crawl between 8 and 10 months). While not technically a milestone in a pediatritions book, it is in ours!! We are hoping that now that her hips are tighter, enabling her to crawl, walking will not be far behind.

This development has been like a switch flipped, she can now go from back to stomach to sitting up to crawling and reverse that process. She could not do this last week. She did bits of the process...but now she needs no assistance any step of the way. It is strange to go in and get her in the morning, and she is sitting up playing in her crib...something usually seen at 5-6 months.
This snippit of crawling was taken on Friday (3 days after the first attempt), and now 4 days later she can cross a room, but she has not gotten very speedy yet, that may take another 3 days.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mimi's Desktop weight kit (Olde Colonial Designs)

Mimi's Paperweight kit
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Stayed up last night watching the last of season 2 Heroes, so I'm ready for season 3, and finished the paperweight kit.

As I mentioned I did not like the over 2 cross stitches on the pattern for the vines, flowers, and vases, so I did some adjustments and made it all over 1. It is a little thing, only 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. I am pretty happy with it, I think my finishing skillz are getting better.

Now back to THE LIST.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What can you stitch in 12 hours?

Bell ornament
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

I can stitch the Bell Ornament by Jeanette Douglas, which was in the JCS Ornament Preview issue . I did this so I could see some progress on something.

I have stopped stitching the Blackbird sampler, I think that is heading into a drawer for some rest (sometimes my projects need beauty sleep). and I was working on that kit I told you I bought at Keepsake Needlearts in NH, It is an Old Colonial Designs kit, Mimi's Desktop Weight
and I am doing some redesign on it...I decided the over 2 looked weird with the over 1 right next to it.

So I did this ornament just as it was called for....OKOK so I didn't have the pearl floss in 719, so I used white. And I did not have 3858, so I used 2772. Big deal. It still came out nice and got DONE!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Made it to Vegas, and returned with minimal scarring

Made it to vegas
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So I mentioned I got to go to vegas right? Heres how it played out:
Last Tuesday the 12th I fly to Pgh, PA with Annabeth. I meet my mom, have lunch, then turn around and catch a different flight to Las Vegas.(different airline, but just a carryon, no luggage). Meanwhile my husband boards a flight from home to Las Vegas. I land in the airport and wait all of 5 minutes for him to arrive. NO delays or complications!

We catch a prepaid shuttle to the Hilton where we have a room for the night, then decide to head out and see the sites. We utilized the monorail to get to the strip. We got to see up close how crowded and icky the place is ...People, the city smells like hot garbage. Only one other time have I been that grossed out in a city ...New Orleans. Seriously not even New York is this bad. No wonder there is so much is to keep your eyes up off the ground. Got to see the Bellagio water show, but could not find the canopy of lights on Fremont St. (later we found out it is not on the Strip, it is downtown...miles away.) The city blocks are huge, and I guess i didn't expect the casinos to be so large. We only made it 2 blocks in 2 hours. We walked till about midnight (4am eastern time) then headed back to sleep.

Next day we discovered that nothing opens till 10 so we took advantage to go out and walk some more of the city...saw Luxor/Excalibur. and just so we are clear: 104 degrees is not ok because it is "dry" heat. I can't breathe in that kind of air...give me humidity anyday.

outside in the Dry heat
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

We finally got into ST when it opened...rode both rides, (The Klingon one was way better than the Borg one. ) Went on a backstage tour, and tried to buy souviners...but the convention the previous week and the fact they were closing in 2 weeks meant that the selection was PITIFUL. Any one know where i can get a lousy T-shirt that says " I was the last tourist at Star Trek the Experience"?

my favorite Enterprise D
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Me with Klingon
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

we stayed there and looked at all the stuff (and rode the rides more) most of the day, then had dinner in Quarks Bar. and caught the shuttle back to the airport around 11pm where Ian and I got on seperate red eyes. He went home, and I headed back to Pgh, PA for the week where my sisters wedding shower and my daughter waited.

My Biggest Challenge: trying to explain to normal people WHY we went to Vegas for 24 hours without looking loony tunes

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stash from vacation

Stash from vacation
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So I had laid out dozens of potential shops to visit on the trip, but like I said I only managed 4. The first on was Accompishments Needlework in Charlottsville, VA. I was greeted at the door by the owners 2 dogs (see then on the website) and was allowed to browse while she (Moira the owner) worked with some needleworkers in the back. She popped out to see that I had picked up Quaker Turtles by With My Needle, and said, "oh, would you like the kit for it?" . Lucky for her I had lots of money (this being the first day of vacation) and said sure, The kit was very reasonable, and included everything , fabric, felt, thread, and finishing fabric too. I also got the Stuffed Stand up instruction book by Judy Odell. I give it a 4 out of 5 skein score.

The second shop was The Stitchers Stash in Fairfax, VA This place was nice (but not as big as it looks online, they must have used a wide angle lens). But the sales ladies on duty were a bit on the frosty side. There was a obnoxious customer demanding most of their attention (2 of them). but she seemed like a regular so I got ignored quite a bit...The selection was top notch and with a framers next store who specialize in needlework, I don't think you could go wrong if you swing by. I got The Lark by JBW and Ladybug Ladybug by Little House needleworks. 3 1/2 skeins

the third is a favorite of mine in Hyde Park, NY by my inlaws, Deer Hill Farm Cross Stitch. This time I was the only customer, so I was able to monopolize the owners time into cutting be alot of size specific fabrics I had listed before I left for projects on my list. I also picked up some beautiful skeins of the discontinued Needlwork necessities thread on sale and just one chart, Little Sam by Bent Creek. oh and a needle minder! I love this place, she has a great selection of charts...but my wish list is getting almost to picky for the brick and mortar shops. Only one compaint..she used to have a frequent customer card, if you spend $100 you go $10 free, and she said she was losing money on those so she upped them to spend $200 get $10 free. I love this lady give her 5 skeins.

I attempted to go to Hunter's needlework in Merideth, NH. It was closed due to illness. This was on the door, not on the phone message. I don't think this one will be there much longer. The sign on the door indicated fewer open hours then was on the answering machine, and that listed fewer that was listed in the Needlecrafter companion book I was using to find these stores. Not a good sign.

Finally I tried Keepsake Needlearts in Center Harbor, NH. If you are a Quilter...your mecca is next store in Keepsake Quilting. I had my doubts about this place because the catalog I recieve from there is only kits...and sure enough...lots and lots of Aida kits. no fabric, no charts, no thread. Sigh. I did find a small paperwight kit on sale, a Jeannette Douglas bracelet kit and I also picked up a book: 200 braids to twist,knot, loop, or weave byJacqui Carey. At that point I ran out of $$ and went home. 2 skeins

Annabeth at 14 months

Annabeth at 14 months
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Annabeth here is at a friends 1st birthday party...she had more hair that any of the 1 year olds there!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I know....I suck.

I hate the cycle of not blogging. You want to blog, but then there is so much to say, and then it all sounds boring in your head, and you would have to pull out the camera to upload and download and all that crap. So you don't blog, and then more stuff happens and then more pics are taken, and the cycle continues.

In order to break this cycle I will soundbite what I want to tell you. Then I will return to elaborate on some of them in the near future.

  • I got back from NH (family vacation) last week. I visited a total of 4 LNS on the way up and there. Got a lot of stuff and have reviews of the stores to post.
  • It rained in NH. ALOT
  • I haven't stitched squat lately
  • I am fighting a smidge of frustration with my child of 14 months: I am not asking her to walk and talk. Just maybe a crawl and a word other than dada. How bout a sign? I have be signing to her for 8 months!
  • I leave in 1 week for my visit to PA for my sisters bridal shower.
  • I finagled a way to go to VEGAS for 24 hours...just to experience Star Trek: The Experience. Guess that makes me a Trekkie.
  • I got totally sucked into the Twilight Series, didn't realize it was a teen romance sort of book till about the 5th page but I ended up reading the first three books in 4 days (yes they are all 500 pages long) Only the third one pulled me out of the story with over the top teen agst. Hey, I read Sweet Dreams romance as a teen so this is totally up my alley.

OK I will be back soon

Monday, July 14, 2008

Before I go....

Quaker square
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I am about to leave on a 2 week family vacation. I am bringing a bit of stitching, (blackbird sampler, and a christmas ornament or two) but not being too optimistic about it.. Before I go, I thought you would like to see the framing I picked up last week.

Here is Quaker Diamond, Hillside samplings. And Rose Hearts by Just Nan.

I will not be posting alot in the coming few, but I will be twittering a bit.

Rose Hearts
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And now for something completely different....

ST:TNG Poster
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I am a Star Trek fan. More of a trekker than a trekkie, but here you can judge for yourself: I started watching the original series in syndication in the late 80's. I looked forward to the New Generation in the 90's every week. I like Voyager, do not like DS9, and am still unsure of that Enterprise show (I catch it only occasionally, and have serious trouble with Sam Beckett as the captain). I have been to exactly 2 conventions in my life (one in Pgh, PA and one in Tulsa, OK). But that is mainly because they just don't come to the east coast that much anymore. And I don't dress up (OK ok once I was Spock for halloween).

At this point you may be wondering why I am rambling on like this...well because 15 hours ago I was informed (by Wil Wheaton , of course) that after 11 years Star Trek: the Experience in Las Vegas will be closing in 6 weeks. And I have been racking my brain on how to get out there before Sept 1st, with my husband (also a fan), but without my 1 year old, before school starts, with both a 2 week vacation/reunion in NH (that has been planned for years), and a bridal shower (which involves a 1 week trip to PA) to attend before then.

I had only heard of The Experience a couple of years ago, and I naively asumed it would exist till I saw it. I have been going thru the 5 stages of grief repeatedly. Denial: How can they close it if i haven't been there yet? Anger: Why didn't anyone tell me sooner? I could of gone in June, I had plenty of time last month! Bargaining: Why can't they keep it open for another few months? Can I go to Vegas and return in one day? Depression: Ian's vacation time is all used up. No one has the time to watch the baby for us. And finally Acceptance: It was just a show, and just a ride, maybe someday the opportunity will appear again.

The above photo is a poster I bought in 1999 at the convention in Tulsa. Marina Sirtis is the only signature I have so far, but I thought I lost it years ago in our moves...Ian found it last week in the garage. Micheal Dorn and Brent Spiner will be in Vegas for a convention in August. Coincidences? I think not.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WIP blackbird sampler

WIP blackbird sampler
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I have begun Blackbird sampler by Blackbird Designs (not to be confused with the freebie of the same name). But I am having some design issues. The first one I fixed already, I started it on 28 ct over 2 but it was coming out way to big for my taste, so now it is over one. But then the name. I think BK Adams name is there because she wrote the phrase, and there is no alphabet included with the chart to personalize it myself. So should I... A) shrink the box and leave out the last line, or B) chart out my own name and year? The other problem is sorta with the phrase myself. I like the idea of it, but in reality blackbird is not a symbol of creativity. (or not that i can find on the internets.) But a bowerbird is. I haven't charted it out yet but should I C) change it to bowerbird, or D) leave it as is cause it would mess up the balance?

Any opinions?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mary Engelbreit house

Mary Englebright house
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I know I haven't been stitching alot, Besides lots of people visiting this summer, I have been concentrating on catching up on my scrapbooking a bit. I was able to finish a first year album for A. kinda a highlights thing. I am pretty happy about that.

I did this quick little stitch, it was a kit rom Bucilla, Mary Engelbreit's Santa's Shop. I removed the aida, and substituted some linen, I want to finish it into a little scissor fob, but I am not sure if I want to find some cute fabric or stitch something else on the back.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Before assembly

Before assembly
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After assembly
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I finally finished my Prairie Schooler 4 season block. the first picture shows all 6 sides stitched, and ready for assembly. the bottom picture is the finished product. These were the Four seasons found in last year's issues of Just Cross Stitch, and the small end squares are past freebies. I stitched them on 18 count Aida,and stuffed with matress foam. This came out mostly how i envisioned it , my corners are a bit rough... it is a challenge to not bulk up the corners withe excess fabric but yet not cut too much away and cause fraying.

I am not sure what I will do with it, maybe a show pin cushion.

Updated: Hmmmm cubes must be in the air. Abi posted one too. I have never played Portal, but she put her cube together the same way I did, but I used a ladder stitch in stead of a whip stitch to connect my sides. and i used Heatnbond instead of interfacing.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

This place is hoppin!

Mom and daughter on her frst birthday
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The party was fantastic. The weather was perfect (a bit humid but not deadly). and A. was in a very good mood for most of it. I was running around a bit too much to enjoy it my self but I think everyone had a good time.
A. did not smash her cake. she was very delicate with it, picking off each blob of icing individually, so we had to smash it a bit so she could try the cake part. I think she liked it.
Birthday cake
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she is now 18 lb 2 oz, and 30 inches long. and she eats like a horse

The big news... Yesterday she figured out how to be mobile. She can now push herself backwards on her butt, in small circles. I am trying to figure out how to post some video of this development.

My inlaws left yesterday, and now we have about 2 weeks of no visitors, but then my mom visits again for a few days. It looks like between now and then, I will finally get to experience the joy of babyproofing the house.

I have not cross stitched a thing in days, I have been reading! First , "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz, I have always loved Dean, so I figure if he puts out 4 books on the same character maybe I should start reading them (good but not his best). Then "things I learned about my dad (in therapy)" a group of essays by bloggers and writers edited by my favorite mommy blogger, Dooce (Heather Armstrong). I liked this book, but am unsure if I want Ian to read it as it seems a source for lots of reasons why you should never have more than one kid. And speaking of ex-Mormons now I am reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakhauer. I am fascinated and horrified by the story of the LDS church, both mainstream and fundamentalist, of which I only had a vague notion prior to this book. But this is not a religious blog so I will leave it at that.

Back to cross stitching. I was almost finished with the Winter block, but realized that i was all out of 3023, so I need to go buy that, in the meantime, have started the last block, spring, but it is nothing to show yet just a blob of red.