Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hobbies come and hobbies go..

I am one of those folks that gets obsessed with something for a week or two and then my interest quickly fizzles out or into a very slow burn. It can be books, usually a series like Twilight...(yes they are pretty shallow but damned if I wasn't at that bookstore for 4 nights in a row buying them mybrain screaming *MUST READ NOW!*). It can be a movie or a TV show, most recently Star Trek-I saw it 3 times in just a few weeks. It can be something new on the internet, like Facebook or a new game from Bigfish. And of course the hobbies. I always save the goods for when the need (flare up) to jewelry/knit/make candles/scrapbook comes around again. These last few weeks it has been quilting, so much so that i have not had a sec to blog about it till it was done:

I have dabbled a bit in this before, but not for long and something always frustrated me. For this story we must go back to about a year ago in NH......( insert ripply time effect here). I went to Keepsake Needlearts (disappointing) and next store to it is the Holy Grail of Quilt stores: Keepsake Quilting. There I had purchased a nice little pile of fat eights that were in shades of my my favorite color: purple. I also saw some fabulous Trip Around the World quilts...those looked very simple.... just squares right?.

So around the 3rd week of May this year I decide just to fiddle with these a bit, cut out the max # of little squares from each fabric and laid them out:

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It wasn't very big, but I didn't care at that point a big quilt was not going to happen for me any way. I went and bought a special 1/4 foot for my sewing machine (I cannot drop the feed dogs on the old thing and it pulls to the left) I sewed each square to the next in little strips then stitched the strips together. (of course as soon as I was done i found a way to strip piece one sigh) had to run out and find a border/backgound fabric...once I did that someone crawled right over to sit on it and decided it was definitely made for her.

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One assembled I attempted to quilt it (by machine can't handle that yet) and that definitely needs work/practice. but i quilted (in the ditch) for a week straight till it was though I think i am burned out on to find my next fire.

It is about the size of a wall hanging for a wall that does not exist for it, or a doll blanket for the child that does not yet like dolls, or a table topper for a table that also does not exist. But I saw it though till the end, so it is my first, and I'll consider it practice...for the next quilting binge (in about 4 years)

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Friday, June 19, 2009


Observe the first steps of our 2 year old!

This was wednesday, and it is honestly some of the first unassisted steps A has taken...Can you not tell by my reaction? Priceless.

Monday, June 01, 2009

2 years old

2 years old
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Hard to believe that almost 2 years ago today I gave birth to a squishy faced baraccuda...and now she is the cutest thing ever.

Her little quirks are numerous and fun to note but what I find astounding everday is how much she feels like an extension of me, I am requently shocked at how looking at her is like looking back in time at myself as I never knew me. Hmm that makes little sense. But I bet the parents out there understand it.

She is still not walking independantly and after a couple of PT visits and another Neurologist visit the consensus is....she can/could walk...she just doesn't want to/is scared to try. Basically the current consensus and hypothesis is that her cognitive awareness of the world and herself as a person who could fall and hurt occured before she could physically she is all but terrified to fall and clings to you for dear life. Let go and she drops to a crawl. So what we need is an injection of bravery...I know some of you with little boys probably have some to spare.

Before I left the neurologist i wanted to ask him when he thought she would walk...but instead I asked when I should start to worry..."call me in 3 months if she isn't walking " was his reply.

The other little quirks include calling everything "ba" (we have a definitive vocab of only about 10-15 words...which worries me alone apparently) AND we are going through huge amounts of stranger anxiety (not seperation anxiety though interestingly enough). So much so that her visiting grand parents (my parents last week, Ians this week) have had to reintroduce themselves for 10 minutes after every sleep including naps. It makes me very anxious to try to have her pictures taken for this year...It could end in disaster.

that is the update