Friday, September 29, 2006

Come on wolfie.....

Come on wolfie
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....You're almost there. I have a Tarheel get together tomorrow, and I am hoping to make some serious progress on this guy during the 5-6 hour stitchathon.
tune in mon to see the results

Meanwhile, I have the urge to start a Halloween stitch for the month of Oct. (and as a reward for doing a whole month of just Santa). So yesterday I pulled and kitted Spookline by Sam sarah. I don't have the purple fabric, so I am trying on more of a raw grey/brown fabric. I am antsy to start it, maybe as soon as sunday.

oh and as for this weeks SBQ suggested by Sharon:

When you find yourself making a lot of mistakes in various stitching projects do you find it better to muddle your way through or do you take a brief break from stitching? If you do take a break, how long do you take?

Small mistakes I just fix and continue on, but when there is a big mistake, wrongcolor, a large section done wrong, I get frustrated and end up putting down, sometimes for a very long time...months or years in the rare case. I usually remember that I made a major mistake, and it just takes me a minute to find it pull it with new found patience and start again. Right now I have one WIP in that catagory. from last year, It is sitting in a drawer right now waiting for me to rip out EVERYTHING i had stitch so far cause it isn't centered right.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Does this look like a sweater to you?

So I kinda struggled getting the ribbing done for the back of the sweater, but now that I am on the body it is going much faster, which is good cause I have to do 27 inches or so. One inch done.....
I know it is tough to see but it is a knit 10 purl 2 pattern, which is all you are going to see, No fancy cabling or anything, so I won' t bore you with too many intermediate pictures.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boring eh?

Santa as of 9/21/06
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Well tough, I have honestly worked only on this Santa the past week.
I am knitting for my class, but since I actually started the sweater I am attempting to make teachers idea not mine, i wanted to do a nice scarf.......I can only do about 300 stitches (2 rows) before I am tired of concentrating so hard. Right know I am ribbing (knit 2 purl 2) the bottom of the back of the sweater. I have an inch done with another to go.

the moral is when I am done with the knitting I move on to santa., I finished the shadow of his cloak (the checkerboard) and found a nice single row of 814 to divide the wolf from the cloak. So I will be working on the wolf till he is done (maybe by Oct 4/5). There are about 6 shades of white to grey to work with, and a bit of confetti action going on here, but it was the same with all the other animals and he is the LAST one. Mom mentioned the other day that she remembers when I bought this pattern, and thinks it was either during college or right after, so that definately dates this WIP a bit further back than I had thought, into the 11 year range, sigh IT WILL NOT BE 12 years!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Santa update

So Since I am not working on any other cross stitch you would think I would of made it a bit further on this guy, but I don't want to bore you with daily photos, where you can't see much change. I had to be a bit slow working out from the bear to the robe, because some where along the line the outer robe became off by 1 stitch to the left and an extra row down. so I made the bottom row from the bear correct with the pattern and filled in the rest above that so I the mistakes would blend in naturally.
So far I am cruising along nicely and am not bored by him yet. I think that the color changes (which are pretty often) helps and also the fact I can see the finish line from here.

So work is going very well, I love my job, it is just like teaching in grad school but without the ongoing thesis work. I get to teach all the time.

In addition I promised myself that I would learn to knit after I graduated, so I signed up for a class on mon nights that started this week. So far it is not as relaxing as others make it look, I am constantly having to think about whether I am kniting or purling and which direction the needle should go,yada yada, but here is a picture of my first attempt.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

After -Santa of the Forest

Santa as of 5/5/06
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September is Heather will finish Santa of the Forest month

Here he is almost exactly 4 months after the photo below....of course, most of the bear was done in the past 3 days. Good use of a Labor day doncha think? I Finished Seaology, and got a good start on Santa. I vow to have him done by christmas. I will not start anything new for at least this month.


Santa as of 3/3/06
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Here he is last we saw in March

Friday, September 01, 2006

All signs of the Seasons

Oh my, I FINALLY found my camera last night (It had fallen in the cushions of my couch) and took pictures of everything I hve done stitching wise since I finished SIgns of summer. Well here it is I finished Signs of Winter and Signs of Spring (see closeups in the below posts).
Two weekends ago I stripped the frames i wanted to use of dark green paint, unfortunately I could not get all the paint off of the wood (I am sure it wasn't sealed or primed), and their were too many details in the frames to sand it all off. I had wanted to use colored stains but with all the green left I had to go back to the old standby, acrylic paint. The colors are actually a bit more muted than the photo shows, and I hit the frames with a bit of steel wool to weather them a bit. I think Fall and Winter are my favorites. now I just have to find a spot to hang them.

In addition I have been trying to finish up Seaology By Trilogy, I had trouble with the light house when I was away from my Ott-lite in alaska because the 612 matched the fabric so closely.

I am very excited about this one, I think I am willing to spare the cash (now that I am gainfully employed with no car payment!) and have it professionally framed, It is such a wierd size that I know it would take me forever to do it myself. the trick is to find a good framer and so far the ones in this town, have used masking tape (ok I am sure it was "framers" tape but still I have an aversion to it) or have been astronomically priced, even after I stretched it myself. I haven't tried the bigger box craft stores, due to the horror stories. But I have one more framer in mind that I am going to try.

Signs of Spring-- Bent creek

Signs of Winter --Bent Creek