Sunday, June 25, 2006


Hello all I am here and doing well. I arrived after a 9 hour ride up from Fairbanks on thursday and went right to work the next day. I got to ride in a helicoper out to a lake 14 miles away on Fiday to do sampling, and yesterday we hiked about a mile to another lake to sample. the routine wil be about that every day. drive fly or hike to a lake or stream, take water, benthic (bottom), and algal samples, bring back to camp and process the samples (by filtering or picking out the invertebrates). I will be able to post a few pics on flickr. when ever I upload to the set ( Toolik 06) I shall let you know here. just click on the picture here to see the rest of the set.

Some stitching on the fights up

here is what I got done on the flight up, I am still not sure how much will get done up here we work 6-11 all day, I might have some time while filtering water...but that is my letter writing time too...meanwhile enjoy some of the pictures, see post above.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

As I wait in.....Orlando, but that's in the wrong direction!

So after being overbooked on the flight to cinncinati, I was bumped to a later flight, which was then overbooked, so I was offered another flight to Orlando, which will then connect to my final leg out of Salt Lake. (I did get a travel voucher for a future flight).

As I sit here for an hour or two I found a few websites that features the trip I'll be taking tomorrow up to the field station on the Dalton Highway, Pictures here, and here. I love linky things, don't you? I will try to take some of my own pictures tomorrow. I am hoping that the bus will stop at the Artic circle sign.

Ok I am off now to stitch for a bit while I watch out for Micky Mouse.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday before the Big Chill

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Ok now I know why people just stop blogging, You have stuff to post but the day just flies by and then you have more stuff to post, but then your thinking how can I get this all in one post, and then another day goes by. etc. etc. Well when you mom comments that you haven't posted in a while, you know its bad.
OK so Below this post you will find a few more photos of Alaska, and Drum roll please, a cross stitch pic or two (ok two) to tell you the truth I haven't been stitching much, and I am not sure I will be doing a whole lot of stitching up in Toolik. I wil be taking a few pieces...simple stuff. Sealology, which is pictured here. Signs of Summer and maybe Signs of Winter. and a couple of Tie One On kits.

I think I have everything packed for the middle of nowhere Alaska for 6 weeks (and when I say middle of nowhere I mean the nearest drug store is a 300 mile gravel road away). So I've have to think of stuff that you wouldn't normally on any other week long trip. Have you ever tried to quantify the amount of shampoo you use in 6 weeks...II haven't either.
I Leave Wed at noon and won't be online again till Friday. I hope to blog then at the very least.

Bent Creek Signs of Autumn

I finished this one a week or so ago. I used DMC conversions for most of the pattern (except the wording). THere was alot of similar browns, and some of the recommended conversions didn't work. I just started Signs of Summer.

Robert and I in front of the glacier

Robert is one of the other ex-graduate students at the conference and he and I took a day excursion to see some of Alaska.

Portage Glacier

Portage Glacier
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Bird Creek

Bird Creek
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Just one of the many creeks along Turnagain Armalong the Seward Highway

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My first moose

My first moose
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Hello all, I know I have the worse blog ever. I like totally don't blame you if you all put me at the bottom of your favorites list. But I please don't leave me all together, I will be a more regular blogger in the fall...well cause I'll either have a job and be sitting in front of a computer alot, or I'll have no job and tons of time. either way you should stick around this summer, If nothing else then for the pictures. Firstup today Is my first moose.

I am in Anchorage for the NABS conference, and yesterday I gave my presention (went well thank you) and befor my talk I went for a walk around the creek/lake by the university (of alaska at achorage) and by the side of the path was this big female (cow?) munching away about 15 ft (5m) from me. awesome. I know they are like deer around here, but it is cool nontheless.

Stitching you say, well not since I got off the plane, But I bought a new digital camera and am looking forward to the macro setting to demo for you...I did work a bit on Seaology and will post a pic (eventually!)

Well I am off to go hiking, my goal is to see a glacier today, they are an endangered phenomenon.

PS. Suz, the pic of Toolik is in the winter, it will be summer when I am there, snow is pssible but flowers are more likely.