Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mimi's Desktop weight kit (Olde Colonial Designs)

Mimi's Paperweight kit
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Stayed up last night watching the last of season 2 Heroes, so I'm ready for season 3, and finished the paperweight kit.

As I mentioned I did not like the over 2 cross stitches on the pattern for the vines, flowers, and vases, so I did some adjustments and made it all over 1. It is a little thing, only 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. I am pretty happy with it, I think my finishing skillz are getting better.

Now back to THE LIST.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What can you stitch in 12 hours?

Bell ornament
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I can stitch the Bell Ornament by Jeanette Douglas, which was in the JCS Ornament Preview issue . I did this so I could see some progress on something.

I have stopped stitching the Blackbird sampler, I think that is heading into a drawer for some rest (sometimes my projects need beauty sleep). and I was working on that kit I told you I bought at Keepsake Needlearts in NH, It is an Old Colonial Designs kit, Mimi's Desktop Weight
and I am doing some redesign on it...I decided the over 2 looked weird with the over 1 right next to it.

So I did this ornament just as it was called for....OKOK so I didn't have the pearl floss in 719, so I used white. And I did not have 3858, so I used 2772. Big deal. It still came out nice and got DONE!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Made it to Vegas, and returned with minimal scarring

Made it to vegas
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So I mentioned I got to go to vegas right? Heres how it played out:
Last Tuesday the 12th I fly to Pgh, PA with Annabeth. I meet my mom, have lunch, then turn around and catch a different flight to Las Vegas.(different airline, but just a carryon, no luggage). Meanwhile my husband boards a flight from home to Las Vegas. I land in the airport and wait all of 5 minutes for him to arrive. NO delays or complications!

We catch a prepaid shuttle to the Hilton where we have a room for the night, then decide to head out and see the sites. We utilized the monorail to get to the strip. We got to see up close how crowded and icky the place is ...People, the city smells like hot garbage. Only one other time have I been that grossed out in a city ...New Orleans. Seriously not even New York is this bad. No wonder there is so much is to keep your eyes up off the ground. Got to see the Bellagio water show, but could not find the canopy of lights on Fremont St. (later we found out it is not on the Strip, it is downtown...miles away.) The city blocks are huge, and I guess i didn't expect the casinos to be so large. We only made it 2 blocks in 2 hours. We walked till about midnight (4am eastern time) then headed back to sleep.

Next day we discovered that nothing opens till 10 so we took advantage to go out and walk some more of the city...saw Luxor/Excalibur. and just so we are clear: 104 degrees is not ok because it is "dry" heat. I can't breathe in that kind of air...give me humidity anyday.

outside in the Dry heat
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We finally got into ST when it opened...rode both rides, (The Klingon one was way better than the Borg one. ) Went on a backstage tour, and tried to buy souviners...but the convention the previous week and the fact they were closing in 2 weeks meant that the selection was PITIFUL. Any one know where i can get a lousy T-shirt that says " I was the last tourist at Star Trek the Experience"?

my favorite Enterprise D
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Me with Klingon
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we stayed there and looked at all the stuff (and rode the rides more) most of the day, then had dinner in Quarks Bar. and caught the shuttle back to the airport around 11pm where Ian and I got on seperate red eyes. He went home, and I headed back to Pgh, PA for the week where my sisters wedding shower and my daughter waited.

My Biggest Challenge: trying to explain to normal people WHY we went to Vegas for 24 hours without looking loony tunes

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stash from vacation

Stash from vacation
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So I had laid out dozens of potential shops to visit on the trip, but like I said I only managed 4. The first on was Accompishments Needlework in Charlottsville, VA. I was greeted at the door by the owners 2 dogs (see then on the website) and was allowed to browse while she (Moira the owner) worked with some needleworkers in the back. She popped out to see that I had picked up Quaker Turtles by With My Needle, and said, "oh, would you like the kit for it?" . Lucky for her I had lots of money (this being the first day of vacation) and said sure, The kit was very reasonable, and included everything , fabric, felt, thread, and finishing fabric too. I also got the Stuffed Stand up instruction book by Judy Odell. I give it a 4 out of 5 skein score.

The second shop was The Stitchers Stash in Fairfax, VA This place was nice (but not as big as it looks online, they must have used a wide angle lens). But the sales ladies on duty were a bit on the frosty side. There was a obnoxious customer demanding most of their attention (2 of them). but she seemed like a regular so I got ignored quite a bit...The selection was top notch and with a framers next store who specialize in needlework, I don't think you could go wrong if you swing by. I got The Lark by JBW and Ladybug Ladybug by Little House needleworks. 3 1/2 skeins

the third is a favorite of mine in Hyde Park, NY by my inlaws, Deer Hill Farm Cross Stitch. This time I was the only customer, so I was able to monopolize the owners time into cutting be alot of size specific fabrics I had listed before I left for projects on my list. I also picked up some beautiful skeins of the discontinued Needlwork necessities thread on sale and just one chart, Little Sam by Bent Creek. oh and a needle minder! I love this place, she has a great selection of charts...but my wish list is getting almost to picky for the brick and mortar shops. Only one compaint..she used to have a frequent customer card, if you spend $100 you go $10 free, and she said she was losing money on those so she upped them to spend $200 get $10 free. I love this lady give her 5 skeins.

I attempted to go to Hunter's needlework in Merideth, NH. It was closed due to illness. This was on the door, not on the phone message. I don't think this one will be there much longer. The sign on the door indicated fewer open hours then was on the answering machine, and that listed fewer that was listed in the Needlecrafter companion book I was using to find these stores. Not a good sign.

Finally I tried Keepsake Needlearts in Center Harbor, NH. If you are a Quilter...your mecca is next store in Keepsake Quilting. I had my doubts about this place because the catalog I recieve from there is only kits...and sure enough...lots and lots of Aida kits. no fabric, no charts, no thread. Sigh. I did find a small paperwight kit on sale, a Jeannette Douglas bracelet kit and I also picked up a book: 200 braids to twist,knot, loop, or weave byJacqui Carey. At that point I ran out of $$ and went home. 2 skeins

Annabeth at 14 months

Annabeth at 14 months
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Annabeth here is at a friends 1st birthday party...she had more hair that any of the 1 year olds there!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I know....I suck.

I hate the cycle of not blogging. You want to blog, but then there is so much to say, and then it all sounds boring in your head, and you would have to pull out the camera to upload and download and all that crap. So you don't blog, and then more stuff happens and then more pics are taken, and the cycle continues.

In order to break this cycle I will soundbite what I want to tell you. Then I will return to elaborate on some of them in the near future.

  • I got back from NH (family vacation) last week. I visited a total of 4 LNS on the way up and there. Got a lot of stuff and have reviews of the stores to post.
  • It rained in NH. ALOT
  • I haven't stitched squat lately
  • I am fighting a smidge of frustration with my child of 14 months: I am not asking her to walk and talk. Just maybe a crawl and a word other than dada. How bout a sign? I have be signing to her for 8 months!
  • I leave in 1 week for my visit to PA for my sisters bridal shower.
  • I finagled a way to go to VEGAS for 24 hours...just to experience Star Trek: The Experience. Guess that makes me a Trekkie.
  • I got totally sucked into the Twilight Series, didn't realize it was a teen romance sort of book till about the 5th page but I ended up reading the first three books in 4 days (yes they are all 500 pages long) Only the third one pulled me out of the story with over the top teen agst. Hey, I read Sweet Dreams romance as a teen so this is totally up my alley.

OK I will be back soon