Friday, April 27, 2007

Week Five: 4/28-5/4

Although I am still a bit worried about labor and delivery, Ian pointed out that it is only 1 to 2 days, and that maybe what we (meaning me) should be reading is some books on how to deal with this new addition. I have recently discovered 2 that I am really liking now, Baby 411 written by the Baby Bargains people, and The Baby Whisperer. I am not a "by the book" type of person, but I love to explore ideas. Both of these really speak to my way of approaching things, even when they contradict each other (sleeping methods). Neither has an agenda that there is only "one" way to do things but they are full of ideas/techniques that give me something to start with.

So I was able to complete 8 out of 10 of last weeks goals. Not too shabby. So I will move the 2 not done to the top. Ian and I are heading to Carolina/Kure Beach this Mondayfor a few days, our last hurrah if you will. Our plan there is to sit on the beach and think of this babies name (If we do decide on one we still aren't telling till she is here). So this week's goals will be a bit on the lighter side
Oh and my apologies to Cathy for this blog being a to do list for now, please note #8, I promise some stitching action...I'll be getting my first round robin soon!

1. Finish redoing the figures for manuscript and pull research papers. (can you tell I am avoiding this one?)
2. Start Baby book
3. Find SOMETHING to swim in for the beach (and I thought finding a suit that fit was tough as a DD!)
4. Finish thank you notes
5. Buy trim paint for baby's room
6. Clean and organize bathroom --this requires getting 4 years worth of soap scum off the tile. and a bit of touch up painting.
7. Clean out, wash, and vaccuum car
8. Bring something small to stitch for the trip to the beach

hmm I can't think of any others right now....well when I do, and you know I will, I'll add them.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

4 Years Ago....

wedding day
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Ian and I were married on the beach of Tybee Island, GA 5 years and 1 month after our first kiss on that same island.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stacked turtles

Stacked turtles
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I have not been stitching at all, but I saved these little guys for just such an occasion. I finished them about a month ago. They are pulled from Bent Creek's Animal Arches for a project that I am still not sure I want to announce yet ( It will only happen if I have time).

The goal list is working out well, I have about half knocked off. But get this, I headed off to get the whole passport thing going, had pictures, waited a half hour at the processing place, and when I get to the front of the line I find out my Birth Certificate is no good. I had my Hospital certificate (which is apparently just for show) and my Certificate of Birth (given by the health dept) but since it did not have a seal/watermark it was not acceptable. I have been using this same documentation for my entire life! Anyway thay tell me I will have to order another one, which I can do online (thank you technology), and I find out that this is DISTURBINGLY easy. all you need is a Date, Place, Name, and Parent names. THAT'S IT! I'll have it in 5-7 days. I am glad this is easy for me to do (saved me ALOT of hassle) but also a bit upset...anyone with a bit of personal info could totally get a Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate and steal an ID. If the original one I have from 1974 is not acceptable, how is one that was ordered online (by anyone) and printed yesterday more acceptable by the powers that be??

In BABY news I just came back from another doctor visit. I am so tired of these boring doctor visits... I almost wish I could just call up and say everything is fine, I'll see you when labor starts. Instead it is the usual pee test/weight check/BP then a 15 min-half hour wait for the doctor to measure my stomach and listen to the heartbeat (which I know is there...she was just kicking me a second ago). And since I have no questions, and no problems they are out the door. I guess I just want something to get excited about. My childbirth classes are over. The infant car seat is installed. Her room is nowhere NEAR ready, but I have no control over that. And I have a feeling it will be a long slow wait from here. Time sped up in the middle there... now it feels like the first 2 months when we were just WAITING to see and hear her...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Let the final countdown begin....Week 6

I taught my last class yesterday. And since I only teach labs I don't have to worry about finals and can now fully get organized and prepare for the big B-Day on the horizon. I am on a big rollercoaster right now. Some days are very good, I am motivated and upbeat. Other days everything I see and hear irritates me to no end. I have alot to do in the next month and a half so in order to keep the down days to a minimum I am going to use this blog to lay out 10 weekly goals for myself. So this place will be very laundry list like for a bit. Here we go

Week 6: 4/20 - 4/27
1. Grade all the last papers for classes, put grades in, and clean up office.
2. Finish redoing the figures for manuscript and pull research papers.
3. Package up Round robin and send out.
4. Get the Passport application process started (I am heading to Canada in August).
5. Clean/organize master bedroom and hall closets top to bottom.
6. Return/Exchange baby shower gifts (just a few).
7. Write 10 thank you cards.
8. Clean out and plant herb bed...this is the only garden I am planning on keeping up this summer.
9. Start baby book
10. Get dog groomed

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby shower....Check.

Guest of Honor (me)
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Hello all,
I know you are just dying to know how the shower went. Well, better than I anticipated. It was short and fun for both me and the guests...I think. There are more photos on my flickr accout if yu want to check it out. My sister (to my right in the next photo) planned the games which kept everyone involved while I was opening gifts. I got a lot of things off my registry and quite a few things that were not. ( I didn't use the code phrase Anna, but it did pop in to my head a couple of times, of course those were the things that did not have a receipt.)

Opening gifts
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I did discover that I registered for WAY to many towels/washcloths and blankets (I am having a baby in JUNE , I must of lost my mind registering.) and then got more blankets/bath stuff that i did not ask for! They say not to register for toys or clothes because those things are always a popular gifts. That came true for the toys I won't need to buy any more, but not so for the clothes. I got a couple of cute dresses, but only a few packs of onesies and that was it.

I know more gifts will be coming, Ihave another shower or wo, an Ians buddies are throwing him a pamper party (perfect for guys they bring a package if diapers and beer and hangout to razz the future father about how much his life is going to go down the drain)

Did anyone catch Notes from the Underbelly on ABC last week? A complete riot, and the absolute truth. I actually made me feel abit better about the lack of reason behind wanting to have a baby...I think it will be on wed at 8:30...If you have ever been pregnant or are even considering it, I think you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Week 32

Week 32
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May I rant for a moment ? Thanks, and no flames please, I just need to vent this out.
So my least favorite (and most oft asked) question now is "Are you getting excited? " Depending on my mood, I may lie and say yes but usually I am honest and say no, I am scared out of my mind. Why is this so shocking to people? Both those who have had and haven't had kids?

I was talking with Ian this morning and he feels as scared and helpless as I do. Excitement? no. I mean this is not like a countdown to vacation, or buying a house, or even to a big event like our wedding. I feel like I have entered a dark tunnel and on the other side I am told there is light, but I also know it is a giant rollercoaster that, now that I have paid for the ticket, I will never be allowed off.
Would I change my mind? No, I know in my heart that I would make this decision again, for I would ever regret not going through this most basic of human experiences. But for the love, stop asking if I am excited about my world turning upside down.

My shower is saturday and while it is exciting (who doesn't love gifts) I am also very fearful of it. I don't fake emotions well, and am scared I will seem cold if I can't manage a big Ohh and Ahh over every little cute thing. ugh.

Here is another pic so Bellastitch doesn't feel so bad about being big. Looks like a beer gut, eh? oh and those stretch marks, those are from puberty, nothing new yet.

Belly shot- week 32
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Round and Round and round

May and June minikats
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Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it, and belated Passover greetings from last week.

But on to the important things, cross stitch. I joined a round robin a couple of months ago, my first ever,...not thinking as a transformed parent yet...and instead of bailing on the group, I am going to use it as the perfect excuse to keep cross stitch in my life during this time of transition, Sleep or no sleep. It consists of 6 folks and will go until next Feb. I chose to do a design I have been meaning to do for a while...the 12 monthly mini-kats by Calico Crossroads. It is on 28 count Laguna instead of the 14 ct aida called for. Each person only has to do one, but I did 2 to get us rolling...May and June. May took a couple of days, June only 1 day to do. I will be sending this off as soon as I can (although the robin does not officially start till May).

after this picture, my cat Sam asked if he could be a mini-kat, I told him he did not fit.....not happy.

Sam -trying to be a mini kat
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