Friday, April 20, 2007

Let the final countdown begin....Week 6

I taught my last class yesterday. And since I only teach labs I don't have to worry about finals and can now fully get organized and prepare for the big B-Day on the horizon. I am on a big rollercoaster right now. Some days are very good, I am motivated and upbeat. Other days everything I see and hear irritates me to no end. I have alot to do in the next month and a half so in order to keep the down days to a minimum I am going to use this blog to lay out 10 weekly goals for myself. So this place will be very laundry list like for a bit. Here we go

Week 6: 4/20 - 4/27
1. Grade all the last papers for classes, put grades in, and clean up office.
2. Finish redoing the figures for manuscript and pull research papers.
3. Package up Round robin and send out.
4. Get the Passport application process started (I am heading to Canada in August).
5. Clean/organize master bedroom and hall closets top to bottom.
6. Return/Exchange baby shower gifts (just a few).
7. Write 10 thank you cards.
8. Clean out and plant herb bed...this is the only garden I am planning on keeping up this summer.
9. Start baby book
10. Get dog groomed

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xsquared said...

I'm such a list person - I wouldn't get anything done without them! I hope yours help :)