Friday, April 27, 2007

Week Five: 4/28-5/4

Although I am still a bit worried about labor and delivery, Ian pointed out that it is only 1 to 2 days, and that maybe what we (meaning me) should be reading is some books on how to deal with this new addition. I have recently discovered 2 that I am really liking now, Baby 411 written by the Baby Bargains people, and The Baby Whisperer. I am not a "by the book" type of person, but I love to explore ideas. Both of these really speak to my way of approaching things, even when they contradict each other (sleeping methods). Neither has an agenda that there is only "one" way to do things but they are full of ideas/techniques that give me something to start with.

So I was able to complete 8 out of 10 of last weeks goals. Not too shabby. So I will move the 2 not done to the top. Ian and I are heading to Carolina/Kure Beach this Mondayfor a few days, our last hurrah if you will. Our plan there is to sit on the beach and think of this babies name (If we do decide on one we still aren't telling till she is here). So this week's goals will be a bit on the lighter side
Oh and my apologies to Cathy for this blog being a to do list for now, please note #8, I promise some stitching action...I'll be getting my first round robin soon!

1. Finish redoing the figures for manuscript and pull research papers. (can you tell I am avoiding this one?)
2. Start Baby book
3. Find SOMETHING to swim in for the beach (and I thought finding a suit that fit was tough as a DD!)
4. Finish thank you notes
5. Buy trim paint for baby's room
6. Clean and organize bathroom --this requires getting 4 years worth of soap scum off the tile. and a bit of touch up painting.
7. Clean out, wash, and vaccuum car
8. Bring something small to stitch for the trip to the beach

hmm I can't think of any others right now....well when I do, and you know I will, I'll add them.

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bunnyhead said...

Everyone is always very worried about L&D. There is all the theatrics we see on television on top of fear of the unknown. Your body was built to handle delivering babies and you're going to be just fine! The worst thing you can do is read books that will make you feel like you will be harming your baby and it's development in some way if you don't follow their ideology. It sounds like you picked some good ones! Every family needs to find their own way of doing things, but it definitely doesn't hurt to hear about the different ideas out there.