Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Haunted Houses by With Nancy's Needle

Two Haunted Houses by With Nancy's Needle
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Finished it monday. I am very happy with the result. I am now moving rapidly on a halloween scissor fob. Hoping that will be done in time for me to do one more halloween ornament by the end of the month.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

First Needlepoint!


So this past summer on vacation in Charleston I was very excited to visit Keep 'em in Stitches a LNS located in nearby Summerville, SC. The last time I was there in 2005 it was a lively place full of people,  the store was hosting a trunk show by Cindy Valentine,  and had the latest cross stitch stuff out of Nashville.  This time however, I walked in to a empty (of people) and dusty store. I was *not* greeted by a cobwebby old woman in an easy chair I had no idea if she was a customer or a proprietor ( I later found out was the owner's mother). I wandered around abit uncomfortably looking at dated charts and empty racks.  I am not sure if it is the economy or illness or something else, but I have a distinct feeling it will not be there much longer. Counter to that, my visit to Stitch and Frame on the way home in Rock Hill, SC was awesome! the place was packed and the store was full of goodies. (spent most of my money there)

Anyway while I was wandering about looking for something to buy, I did spot a finished and framed needlepoint that I immediately fell in love : Two Haunted Houses by With Nancy's Needle.  I bought the kit, and about 1 month ago finally got my hands on a frame and tacks for the canvas.  I have been working on it steadily since then and am almost done (this picture is a week old, I only have part of the border left).

Most needlpoint patterns do not appeal to me, and i am not sure i'll do more, but it is easy stitching!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have closed my blog to all but familiar stitchers and followers, If you can see this in your feed but not when you click on my blog, email me at and Ill add you to the list
Reason? well I find it difficult to post about JUST stitching, and I don't want to do another blog.  I think my children are adorable and I suspect unscrupulous persons might think so too:

 EDITTED: OK I have opened it back up for now, cause I am not happy with the process of limiting readers, I think I have to do some more research into this.

So turns out the second kid isn't always like the first HA!  Annabeth SLEPT her first few weeks, Hudson...not so much, he was more of a snacker, falling asleep at the breast after a few sips and waking immediately upon removal, so MUCH less stitching.  but since I have not posted any stitching since 2010 (gak!) Here is what i have completed so far this year (pre baby):

Christmas Joy needle book, Cherished Stitches, JCS 2009:
Christmas Joy Needlebook--Back
Christmas Joy Needlebook --Front

I finally finished a stitched Engelbreit house (completed a few years ago) into a fob:

And finally a scissors keep about which i cannot remember  (or find anywhere) the name of the piece: it is Cats Whiskers design studio (now closed), it is the 2009 scissor pocket for the "bianca" ghinger scissors. I had enough floss left to make a fob too.


since the baby I have been working on several WIP, but that is the next post ~~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hudson : a Labor Story

This post has been in the works for 3 months now, I hope you will forgive the delay:

As I mentioned 4 years! ago when my daughter was born, I found a lot of comfort on the internet through blog posts about natural labor and so I wanted to add to that so I posted her labor story here. I was able to have another natural childbirth this past June, so this is my son's story:

This pregnancy was a bit different than my first, I was more uncomfortable due to a number of reasons, more and earlier Braxton Hicks contractions, extreme round ligament pain on my right side, random sharp pains in my cervix, and a lower carry in general. (I gained less weight this time but got more stretch marks, yay me!). This time I also planned to have a midwife instead of a OB, and try for a water birth to help with possible thigh labor that I had with my last labor.

My son was due June 14th, and when I went in for  my first pelvic check at 36 weeks and was already at 3 cm.  My midwife was not worried yet so I went on vacation to Charleston w/ the family.

1 week beore my due date I as at 4cm, "Any day" my midwife said.  A long weekend later, the day before my due date, I was clocking in at 5cm, 100% effaced...with membranes bulging.  I was sure this boy would be like his sister and be on time but just in case, Tanya, my midwife and I came up wih a plan in case nothing happened in the next 24 hours, a "natural" induction, so I could ensure a water birth.

We ended up needing that "plan".  Wed- morning  June 15th, Ian and I dropped off Annabeth at daycare (routine for her) and checked with Tanya, I was at 6cm and my water still did not break. (I wasn't too surprised, with Annabeth the OB broke my water when i was about 9 cm.). She stripped my membranes and we checked in to the hospital at 10 am and the next 5 hours were BORING. Which I realize now is why they tell you to pack food and music and reading etc. I walked the halls trying to get things started, and rocked on the birthing ball. I had mostly painless contractions (some lower back pain) and they were not very consistant or regular. But everytime Tanya checked me I was a cm bigger.

By 3pm (at 8 cm) I was tired of waiting and ready to go.  So we filled the tub, (I requested it as hot as possible cause that is how I like my baths) and she broke my water.  3 contractions later I was hurting enough to get in the tub. 2 more contractions later I was unhappy and wishing I had asked for an ice bath instead of a sauna. I got up on my knees and had a couple more contactions before I got out to go to the bathroom (If you are planning a water birth - let everyone on your team know you need to do this!).

In Labor

  I got back in the tub and the contractions were in their "Why did i decide to do this naturally?!" phase. they were REALLY bad, in long, hard waves--but within the next 3-5 contractions i had one that did not stop and finally figured out that I was pushing and straining against the pressure and not the pain and physically backed off enough to realize that the head was sitting right in the pelvic opening - what a strange sensation! I then announced to everyone that this baby was coming out on the next contraction (I was DONE). On the next contraction I pushed and felt the head pass through, but when I relaxed everyone kept telling me to push more?!. So I did but there was nothing to push against, but they kept saying PUSH, and I guessed that there was a shoulder caught or something --it ended up that his right hand was up against his head so it was out first (hence why i had all the cervical pain ---he had been poking me with that hand for 3 months!. but finally he was out and it was OVER!

He was a funny color - blue/purple but most water births are like that because they hold their breath.Once he finally breathed he pinked up quickly - freaked Ian out though. I knew he was fine because his eyes were wide open :)


I know what you are thinking-  I look good, right?   Remember,  I knew that morning I was going to have a baby, so I showered and put on makeup and earrings -cause i remembered the pictures after Annabeth was born- not pretty.  I also was in hard labor for only an hour and a half ---barely broke a sweat. 

We had a short list of names, but his did not come easily like Annabeth's did.  The next day we announced the name:
Hudson Robert  8lb 10 oz, 21 inches long.

My 2 babies

 He is now 3 months old and is doing fabulous, I will be posting an update on both my babies and some STITCHING! in the next post (and it will not take me 9 months).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update and recap of Fall 2010 (part 2- the stitching)

First up lets take a gander at last years *ahem* list of stitching to do:

  •  Baby Blocks JCS mag--WIP
  • Quaker Turtles- With my Needle --WIP
  • Baby Sampler --WIP
  • Nine Patch Sampler-Brightneedle --WIP
  • Home of a Needle worker-LHN--WIP
  • Blackbird sampler-Blackbird Designs --WIP
  • Grand Old Duke -Arelate sudios--WIP (yeah i just started it...what of it?)
  • A is for Annabelle- Nora Corbett
  • Sampler snowman- Homespun elegance
  • Sweet Lavender- Crazy for cross stitch nov 2002
  • Snowman needleroll- M designs
  • Americana Sampler- twisted threads
  • Let it snow-JBW
  • 5 christmas ornaments (kitted)
  • 3 HOE exchange
  • EGA mystery sampler-Cherished stitches (Louise Henderson is  our vice-president)
  • EGA guest teacher project -to be announced

Um yeah... want to guess how many of those  I actually finished? 1, the first one- Baby Blocks.  I think this is a sign that list making is going out the window.

So what did I do?
  • Snowman Photobooth by Bent Creek
  • 2 Sue Hillis Retreat exclusive needlecases
  • Catherine Jordan  QuakerNecklace
  • book mark from EGA
  • EGA needlecase for raffle basket
  •  LHN exchange - Lady Bug  Lady Bug
  • ornament exchange- Moonlight serenade by Midnight stitches
  • The aforementioned baby blocks
  • 5 Halloween ornaments
    • Oct 31 -Glory Bee
    • Jack O'lantern -Casey Buonaugurio (I have to stop stitching her stuff, I have to look up her name every time!
    • Sue's Boo Fob- Fancy Work
    • Pumpkin Boo -Mill Hill kit
    • Wicked -Primitive Betty Freebie
  • 2 Valentine ornaments
    • Love -Plum pudding needlearts freebie
    • February Pinkeep - Maryse Dupont Freebie
  • 4 christmas ornaments 
    • Tiny Tree- Elizabeth Designs Freebie- for EGA exchange
    • Partrige in a Pear tree- Glory Bee
    • Hope Needleroll - Jeanette Douglas
    • Christmas Joy Needle Book Cherished Stitches
  • Been working my butt off on the EGA seventeenth Century sampler, nothing against the EGA but honestly this is what has been slowing down my progress the most on my other projects, we are given a month per band but it takes me a month of my 1-2 hour evenings 3 nights a week (if i am lucky) of stitch time to finish before the next band. the funny thing is that most of these ladies are older than me (read retired or sans children in house) and I tend to keep up more often than them. I will be very happy when this is over, and may bow out of future large commitments -it is crampin my style.

 Here are all the photos in slideshow mode, if you click on the picture in flickr it will give you more detail about the designer and name etc.

I do want to show you the ornament i got in my christmas exchange with the EGA.  I totally won the lottery on this, this is a gorgeous piece of needle work. Do not ask me the designer or anything about the stitches, I know almost nothing about needlepoint...but i know talent when it shows itself: (and I do know the pom pom is turkey work)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A update and recap of fall 10 (Part1)

Hello everyone, How was your 2nd half of 2010? When i ditched my blog in August I really ditched everything in the blogosphere, I stopped reading almost all blogs, reading message boards, participating in exchanges, being on twitter, and really slowed down my own stitching.  After some serious reflection I think this outlet fulfilled a need I had back in 05 that has since disappeared. But i cannot bring myself to shut her down. SO i thought I would post a brief update about what  happened  in my life, and part 2 will review the stitching i HAVE done in 2010. I have no idea how often i will be around in the future...continue reading to see why.

  • We went on a family vacation to a lake in VA this summer- tons of fun
view from lske house
  • I had a VERY hectic semester, I helped design a online class for high school on a 2 month deadline, and i took a grad school class which ended up a total disaster in the long run. (I got an A but am not sure i deserved it really)
  • I planned and executed a HUGE Halloween party, so of course there was buying and crafting and planning, and we had a modest turnout...but could of been better. (I was the Ghostess, Ian was Ashe from Army of Darkness, and A was a Witch)





  • I became pregnant -planned very carefully as usual, this baby is due June 14, 2011.  So now I know I will have to really cut back on crafts/stash, but this decision was well thought out for the past 3 years.  so currently we are purging our craft room, now the new baby room. (photos are mid purge) On the up side I am finishing a bunch of stitching, which will be the next post.