Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have closed my blog to all but familiar stitchers and followers, If you can see this in your feed but not when you click on my blog, email me at and Ill add you to the list
Reason? well I find it difficult to post about JUST stitching, and I don't want to do another blog.  I think my children are adorable and I suspect unscrupulous persons might think so too:

 EDITTED: OK I have opened it back up for now, cause I am not happy with the process of limiting readers, I think I have to do some more research into this.

So turns out the second kid isn't always like the first HA!  Annabeth SLEPT her first few weeks, Hudson...not so much, he was more of a snacker, falling asleep at the breast after a few sips and waking immediately upon removal, so MUCH less stitching.  but since I have not posted any stitching since 2010 (gak!) Here is what i have completed so far this year (pre baby):

Christmas Joy needle book, Cherished Stitches, JCS 2009:
Christmas Joy Needlebook--Back
Christmas Joy Needlebook --Front

I finally finished a stitched Engelbreit house (completed a few years ago) into a fob:

And finally a scissors keep about which i cannot remember  (or find anywhere) the name of the piece: it is Cats Whiskers design studio (now closed), it is the 2009 scissor pocket for the "bianca" ghinger scissors. I had enough floss left to make a fob too.


since the baby I have been working on several WIP, but that is the next post ~~

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Sharon said...

The kids are adorable. It's amazing how different each kid is. My first baby loved pacifiers, we had one in every nook and cranny. The last two wouldn't even touch them. Much to my disappointment.

Very pretty stitching, especially love the needle book.