Friday, May 26, 2006

More modeling?

I have here 2 more Erica Michael freebies that I stitched up as models for Brenda using the Dye is Cast threads. I don't think the castle came out very well, but the daffodils came out wonderfully

I finished these up last week but havan't had time to post them. okok I have had the time (since I am not doing anything but looking for a job) but haven't been on the internet too much. I have been catching up on my stitching, and reading (I read two novels this past week!) and I have been doing some pieceing of the Rhythm and Blues quilt, I was able to get blocks 3, 4 and 5 done.

With the cross stitching I put a few more stitches in tothe View of a spring garden,and Seaology. I will try to post some pictures this coming week before I head off to Anchorage.

Remember last year when i went to New Orleans? well this year the same conference is in Anchorage...and Ill be heading up on the 3rd for a week. Then I'll be heading back up on the 21st to work for my advisor in the boonies of Alaska (Toolik Field Station). I'll be up there till the end of July. I don't think I'll be able to do a whole lot of stitching but that doesn't mean I am not going to try

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Melanies Exchange -recieved

Hi everyone. I got my exchange today... from Melanie. Maybe I should explain. See this was a two way exchange. First Person 1 bought fabric, a speciality fiber and a charm or beads, then sent them to person 2, then person 2 had to use the materials to make the finished product (no theme limits) then send it to person 3. this was called Melanies exchange cause it was her idea. It was Chiara that picked out the fiber (Gast purple iris, and the pretty blue mill hill beads) And Melanie stitched the heart and made the most well made bag I have ever seen. (and I know she did it a bit last minute which mkes it even more impressive). It is lined and everything, I would love to have that kind of talent. She also sent me some hand dyed thread done by her and a package of Reflections Silkweaver fabric, and finally some chocolate! A win win situation all around.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A graduation, a gift, and guests

Hello all, I am here, my sister and her boyfriend just left a few minutes ago

A gift
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. SO lettsee what happened in the past week. Well everyone (sister, her BF, MIL,FIL, mom, and stepdad) arrived on thursday. We had arelaxed evening and then on Friday we ran around a bit doing some shopping and finished up the stretching and framing of my damsel fly . I skipped the big graduation and just went to the departmental grad at 3pm. I was only one of 2 masters students who showed up (there were 6 of us graduatng) but thats ok...I got to were a silly cap and gown and who wants to pass that up!. I gave my advisor the finished damselfly afterwards...see photo. I think she really liked it.

We all went out to dinner that evening and on Saturday we had the backyard party/BBQ. A pretty good turn out, with the usual results - people show who you didn't expect and people who didn't come who you did expect-. Party only went till about 11...we started early and are not so young anymore.

My parents left monday to spend a few days in Wilmington, NC and my sister and her man suck arount till today, Yesterday we hiked around Pilot Mtn., but mostly I been downloading music to put on my new IPOD!. Yep I got one for graduation, now I won't be hiking across the undra this summer with only my thoughts to keep me company.

So anyway the house is a wreck and there is about 20 loads of laundry to do, and all the good photos have to be sent to me from the parents with the good cameras (hence only 2 photos for you today.

Officially I would like to offer up this pattern for sale and the others like it for $6 each.. just leave me your email if you are interested

Wee beasties 1, wee beasies 5, and wee beasties 6.

All of these are in excellent condition (well the one I did is a bit wrinkled but unmarked)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Crafty is as crafty does

Scrapbooking page
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I went to a Creative Memories event yesterday, Memoranza, and "scrapbooked" 16 pages in 6 hours. (see example to your right) I say scrapbook in quotes, cause I do nothing like what you see in the magazines and in craft stores nowadays, with all the ribbons and tags and buttons, ugh how about pictures people. Any way I was able to do finish our trip to Charleston that we took in March (that is the most recent event I have pics of), and almost all of 1997 (I had all those pics cropped and ready). I am very excited since this is the first of my photos that I have been able to get done. I did do an album for Ian for christmas of our first 3 pets ...but it was one of those small albums. I figure if I will simultaneously work on some old stuff and the most recent stuff...then eventually I may catch up.

I diligently came home and worked on the Damselfly, No pic though, since the iridescent krenick doesn't show in pics, I think it is pointless till the backstitching gets started. I was able to get most of the third wing done before running out of thread...I have to head out and find 032 BF today, but since it is one of the more popular, I should be able to get it at AC Moore. If not Hobby Lobby will be open tomorrow (I hate sundays, no one is open!). I did buy a sectional gold frame to frame her once she is done. I was going to find a open frame but 8X10 was too small by a smidge, and I don't think she needs a mat (besides I suck at cutting them) the frame is a 9X10, and I am debating glass, my instinct is no cause of all the iridesence. Opinions?

Finally I have 3 days to clean the house and yard before my family descends upon this place (6 people all told) for graduation on friday. Wish me luck, I am feeling very unmotivated today.

Friday, May 05, 2006

View from river street inn

Hello there everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting, my computer was being uncooperative. Here is the view from one of the three floor to celing windows in the River Street Inn in Downtown Savannah.

We left Sunday night, stopped overnight in Columbia, and arrived in Savannah in Mon. Ian booked the night in the Inn which is located in one of the old cotton warehouses on the riverfront. It was really great to be in a hotel room that was furnished with real furniture. We have only done that once the Biltmore Hotel in Ashville. Dinner was at a Morrocan resturant, neither of us had ever had morrocan food before, and it was excellent. We headed down to Tybee Island on Tuesday (and the Howard Johnson...back to the real world!)
and enjoyed the beach before heading back wed.

I was able to start and finish the border of the damselfly on the trip , and finished the lower right wing last night. Just 2 wings left to fill in and back stitching (a ton of that!) in the next week.

I also found a big mistake...if you look at my past photos there is some brown where there isn't now. I found 2 symbols that were swapped on the pattern, a brown and a green, I only saw it cause of the photo on the pattern (which looked different from my finished product), I thought it looked strange but trusted the pattern. But think it looks good now.

as of 5/5/06
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