Thursday, June 02, 2005

Welcome Back!

More Jellys
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Why thank you, I know you all missed me. So here is the New Orleans synopsis:
The conference had over 2000 people (NABS- North American Benthological Society togehter in a joint conference with AGU- American Geophysical Union) and the conference hall in NO was HUGE...they handled 2 other conferences/meetings at the same time.

My talk on tuesday went just fine, not too many others in the room...there were at least 10 other talks at the same time. There were presentations every 15 min from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Mon thru Friday and as many as 20 at once in different rooms. Needless to say you got burned out pretty quick. They announced next years meeting in Alaska, and we had our final banquet at the Aquarium of the Americas (see jellyfish- click on him to see all 27 pics in Flickr).

The city itself was unique, keep in mind that I only saw a small part of it, But from the Conference center to Bourbon St. and back it was filthy and smelly and beautiful. If you look up the city has cool architecture, beautiful gardens, and wonderful resturants. But look down and every form of nasty liquid you can think of is running down the sidewalks and into the gutters. No recycling, and no street cleaning in sight. Music every where, and panhandlers and hustlers everywhere too. Everyhthing is expensive (food, drink, art, souvoniers) but the deals are there if you care to search them out.

I wish I had time to go do some more exploring, I didn't get to the Garden district nor see the plantations or swamps or cemetaries. but with no car and so many others who have diferent ideas of a good time...I was limited. I may go back someday.

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