Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sydney's Cross Stitch

A friend of mine's stepdaughter comes to stay with them every summer (I think she is 11 or 12) and a few weeks ago asked if she could try what I was doing. Well at the time I was working on my June Flip it and so I gave her an 11 ct piece of aida and she picked the colors and I enlarged the draonfly square of the pattern...and tryed to teach her what to do. So she heads home with it (I tell her I'll teach her backstitching next week) and then I see her 1 week later and this is what she has done. She taught herself how to do the backstitch (using a example that i had done in her house) And did the hearts and lettering freehand...she even added her initials and date (like I do )! I gave her another small piece (a flower on 14 ct aida) and a more complicated kitted piece by Janlynn (confetti stitches). I had sent for the DMC mentor kit but I think she will be way beyond that stage by the time it arrives. She will be reading this blog so I am sure she would love to see what you think of this cross stitch whiz kid.

As for me I started my August Flip it yesterday and am still working on Santa. Ian and I played hooky yesterday and spent the day cleaning up an old metal cabinet (with about 30 drawers) that used to be a garage piece. the drawers he is taking to work and bead blasting 2 at a time. but the cabinet itself had to be cleaned, sanded, and washed. We were able to prime and paint it....after MUCH deliberation I finally settled on the hammered brown metal from Rustoleum...although the cabinet doesn't look very "hammered" the color is good and makes the cabinet look useable in ( drum roll) the craft room! The drawers will be so clean and lined that Ill be able to store cross stitch and beading supplies in them all. I will post pics of it when it is done (the drawers will take a while there are 30 of them).


Anonymous said...

Hey there we were pretty impressed by this cross-stitch whiz kid! You must be a pretty good teacher. Can't wait to see what she makes next. Hope you will share it with us.

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