Thursday, June 23, 2005

What was your first 45?

We were talking firsts the other day and here are some Questions for you....if you are old enough!

Your first 45: She-Bop by Cindi Lauper, I didn't realize till much later (like last week) that this song is about didn't either mom?
Your first 33: Break out by The Pointer Sisters I did a solo dance to Neutron Dance at my 5th grade talent show...don't ask me where I got the guts to do that.
First Cassette: Dr. Hook. I can't remeber which album but it did have my favorite song on it... "You make my Pants want to get up and Dance". What can I say it -was in the 99c bin at the local kmart or somewhere.
First CD....god help me I can't remember?..maybe the Robin Hood soundtrack.

As for stitching I finished th June Flip it but don't have appropriate fabric for the back, and sinc we are still broke I can't go shopping till July...Well at least Julys Flip it was done last year maybe I can get August done before the month starts. I am currently working on Santa...I took him with me to the Tarheel get together last Sat and have been on him ever since....I just have the rabbit to do and I'll be close to 50% done. (I'll post the pic tomorrow). I am getting ready to pull all my photos and scrapbook memoriabilia out of the attic to organize them. I'll be putting most of my stitching aside for July (we shall se how long that lasts).

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