Monday, June 06, 2005

Cross stitch Crazy

Seaside Garden Wip
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Here is what I have been doing the last 5 days

I looked at Santa when I got home and figured I had made so much progress he could wait since I have an itch to start something new....Started on the Victorias Sampler's Seaside Garden friday and almost done was easy, I am sorry for the dark pic. I will post a lighter finished one...(should be done this week) Then I will start the Black swan sampler (since I am not samplered out yet) but it is not as easy and I will probably switch it and santa out in a mini rotation with the round robin and flip it filling in the gaps ( see progress below)
And here are some other small finishes I never posted, I am in a christmas round robin is mine (all from the JCS 04 ornament issue)

And here is Eva's.... this one was over 1 with over dyed threads and a pain in the ass. I am now just waiting on the third to arrive in the mail (there are 6 total)

And of course here is the May Flip it, done just in time for june (figures) I did finish it as a pillow ornament yesterday. Since I've already did the july flip it last year, I have a month to catch up and get a head start on august.

I am looking forward to tonight, We are going out to eat to celebrate a friends 30th birthday (I am glad I am not the only one getting old)

May Flip it
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Mindy said...

Hey, you've been making some definite progess on your stitching! I really like all of these, especially the kitty. Is that Chessie and Me? I also think the sampler is going to be gorgeous when you're done.