Thursday, June 09, 2005

View to a Spring Garden WIP

Yep I started this last night and got the first band (all backstitching) done.

So the plan is to work on this till I get bored or its done....then I am contimplating taking a break (Gasp) don't panic, I would still continue the ornaments and Flip its...But my photos are calling me. Ian and I have one of those big 3o something gallon rubbermaid full of loose photos, and I dont want to just album them...its too big of a job. My neighbor is a Creative Memories consultant and I have enough stuff to start. I have just been putting it off for so long, saying I do it when I graduate, that our photos are extremely disorganized.

Part of my frustration is based on a scrapbook album that I started after college...which Iwas very proud of.....that has disappeared, and I keep hoping it will show up and I will be able to continue from there. But I think I amready to let go of that grief and organize Both mine (AND IANS!!) photos...he has also indicated intrest in helping me.

But I'll detail out plans if and when that project begins.

In other news...yesterday was a depressing day due to the fact that we had a fence estimator tell us that the only way we could have a fence put in to finish fencing off the back yard (2 sides are done but the third borders a road) would be to lose about 15 feet of our back yard. Our property line is much further in than either of us had suspected. So we either have to re think the entire back yard or install a big hedge and invisible fence for the dog. So our plans for a fence went from when to if ...I hate that.

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