Thursday, November 29, 2007


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Did you know that there was no t in poinsettia? I always thought it was pointsettia. Go figure. I started this ornament on a ecru colored linen, then after one petal decided that it was going to be too big. So I started a second on whe white evenweave (top poinsettia) It doesn't look smaller but it is. After I finished it I went back and finished the other for a christmas exchange. I was going to go buy the beads that the ornament called for, Mill Hill 02012. But first I checked my stash of maybe 10 different beads....Lo and behold I had the exact beads! I love it when that happens.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Annabeth Show- NY tour

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At least that is what Ian and I called it all week. We packed up the baby, the dog, and the food (me!) and headed north last monday for 1 full week of the tour. (It was not a vacation and thanksgiving was just a big dinner in the middle of it all). We broke the trip into 2, 5 hour drives stopping in DC to stay with relatives...the best way to describe this trip is to list for you who A. met for the first time, in order of appearance over the week:

Great Uncle Rob
Great Aunt Ginny
Grandpa's girlfriend
Great Great Uncle Bill
Great Grandma
Great Grandpa
Great Great Aunt Doris
Friends of ours totalling 7 and their children (not all at once)
First cousin once removed Hilary
First cousins twice removed Elise and Greg, and their children (are they thrice removed?)
Neighbors of Grandma and Grandpa

this does not include those who have been in the presence of A. before, Grandpa (my dad) Grandpa and Grandma (Ian's parents, with whom we stayed). We haven't figured out the terms for all the grandparents involved yet...
This event was so big because there has not been a baby in Ian's family line in years, he is an only child, so this is the first grandbaby and greatgrandbaby.
Needless to say our schedule was all messed up, the routine out the window, and naps wherever we could get them:

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We returned last night, and I am back at work today. I hope to have some cross stitching news for you tomorrow!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Somewhere over the rainbow

Sorry everyone for the lack of posting, We have had a busy week..Letssee...monday I dragged Ian and A to Portrait Innovations for our christmas (and first family) portraits. I was so proud of myself making our appt. on a monday so they wouldn't be busy, then when we walk in the door it was wall to wall families, VETERANS DAY, damn. We waited about 15 min past our appt. time...A. did pretty well for the first half of the pictures, but then quickly progressed to meltdown mode. But it was really nice, they took almost 70 photos, then you can go throught them right after and pick them up n 20 min. ahhh the wonders of digital photography. I felt a bit rushed, but next time I'll watch the school calendars.
Then tuesday A. was a subject in a study that the University is doing on how children learn. Basically they played with her (and I did to) for 45 minutes, with heart rate monitors and a brain activity cap on her noggin. Unfortunately, she was tired, and just fussed through the second part of the test. But they do it again at 10 months.
The rest of the week I have been trying to wrap stuff up because we are driving up to NY tomorrow, with a layover overnight at my aunts house in VA. (2 5-hour drives).

As for stitching, I am still waiting on my order from Stitching bits and looks like I wont get it for another week, but meanwhile I have been working on (very slowly) Brittercup's Poinsettia ornament from this years ornament issue. It looks fast, but not when you only have 30 minutes at a time to work on it.

The world seems to be pointing me in Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.. (Iz)'s direction. I heard his version of "Somewhere over the rainbow/wonderful world" song on the loud speakers in Target the yesterday. I always disliked the Judy Garland version, but love his version. Then today when I finished reading Dean Koontz's "One Door Away from Heaven" (I read when I am breastfeeding) He mentioned Iz in the afterword and how he listened to Iz's albums while writing the book. I think I am going to go buy his In Dis Life album, it looks like the best one.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Strep Ornament.

Front of ornament
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Thank you for all your comments on this ornament. The thread used is In the Burgandy Silk n Colors, by Thread Gatherer. I had it left over (apparently) from the M Designs Peace Ornament done years ago (found on the same page in the 2004 Orn. Mag.). The finish on this in the mag just shows the 4 sided box stitch with a frayed edge. But I got to thinking (I know trouble...right) the back would suck unfinished, I debated a fabric back, but then lightening struck, and I thought I'll just do another side with just the outer border and initials and a date, using the box stitch to join the 2 sides. THEN as I started the other side I asked my husband what he thought....HE said why don't you do the other side the same pattern but in green. Brilliant! Now I have to do it that way, His lightening being way better than mine. SOooooo then I get Strep Throat.


Didn't see that one coming did you?

Neither did I

or maybe I did...

No I did not get it from my daughter, although I don't know who to blame, I haven't had Strep since high school.

Antibiotics are one of the greatest gifts from science.

SOoooo feeling better I go on a search for green silk to "match" . I don't work in silk too much it is so expensive... $6.80 a skein, you should get a free diamond encrusted box to keep them in. but I caved and bought Dark Forest Silk n Colors, (and other stuff too) from Stitching Bits and Bobs....So the finish will take a bit longer than planned.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Christmas Ornament 2004

CHristmas Ornament 2004
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This is another WIP I am exclusivlly working on right now. It is "Christmas Ornament 2004" from Periwinkle Promises in the 2004 JCS Ornament issue. I had only done 1/4 of the center redwork last year before I realized It wasn't symetrical, and gave it up to the WIP pile. As with all my mistakes, give me a little time and I can tackle it it better with little to no frustration. So I got the center fixed and completed in 2 nights, and been working on the Queen stitches for the past few nights. I usually don't mind queen stitches, but so many of them....40 in one L shaped corner, takes quite a bit of time. But it has a really neat ridge effect when all the stitches are grouped together. I hope to have this ornament done (And I will FINISH IT!) next week.