Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Annabeth Show- NY tour

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At least that is what Ian and I called it all week. We packed up the baby, the dog, and the food (me!) and headed north last monday for 1 full week of the tour. (It was not a vacation and thanksgiving was just a big dinner in the middle of it all). We broke the trip into 2, 5 hour drives stopping in DC to stay with relatives...the best way to describe this trip is to list for you who A. met for the first time, in order of appearance over the week:

Great Uncle Rob
Great Aunt Ginny
Grandpa's girlfriend
Great Great Uncle Bill
Great Grandma
Great Grandpa
Great Great Aunt Doris
Friends of ours totalling 7 and their children (not all at once)
First cousin once removed Hilary
First cousins twice removed Elise and Greg, and their children (are they thrice removed?)
Neighbors of Grandma and Grandpa

this does not include those who have been in the presence of A. before, Grandpa (my dad) Grandpa and Grandma (Ian's parents, with whom we stayed). We haven't figured out the terms for all the grandparents involved yet...
This event was so big because there has not been a baby in Ian's family line in years, he is an only child, so this is the first grandbaby and greatgrandbaby.
Needless to say our schedule was all messed up, the routine out the window, and naps wherever we could get them:

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We returned last night, and I am back at work today. I hope to have some cross stitching news for you tomorrow!


xsquared said...

She's getting so big! And still such a cutie! How old is she now?

Doris said...

cute baby! congratulations :D