Saturday, December 22, 2007

FInally, Happy Dance.

Christmas ornament 2004 side 2
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Is there anything more pathetic in the needlework world than a stitcher sifting for her ort bag looking for a piece of thread longer than an inch to use to finish the last few stitches. I don't think so. I did manage to find the last bit tonight.
And the other side:

Christmas Ornament 2004 side 1
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Christmas Ornament 2004, by Periwinkle Promises. The red is Thread Gather's Silk N Colors In the Burgandy, and the green is Forest Green. This is on 28 ct. white linen. I stitched the 2 sides together with some white sewing thread, and gave it a bit of stuffing for dimension (a suggestion from a friend).

Abi asked if I limit the size of my ornaments. and at first my gut reaction was yes, I like smaller ornaments. But then I looked at my collection and I just stitch what I like (I do have some big ones). This one in particular I thought would be smaller than it ended up being, About 4 inches square. My big question for in the heck is she able to stitch so much with a baby the same age as mine?

As for christmas...My house is clean, decorated, and my gifts are wrapped....bring it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stitching Post!

Ornament tree 07
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I was able to put up my ornament tree in my craft room. Although I have had it for a few years I don't think I have taken a picture for you before. You can see toward the lower right my first ornament I ever stitched in 1999, Merry Christmas from Oklahoma. That year Ian and I were in Tulsa while he was in school, we couldn't afford to head home for christmas, and I stitched about 10 of these as gifts to friends and family. Speaking of Tulsa, while my heart goes out to the midwest ice storm and their power issues, I have to laugh when I hear the news reporters asking if they could of been better prepared if they knew how bad it would be. I keep thinking of how poorly Tulsa handled snow for the 2 winters I spent there. They DO get snow and ice EVERY year, but they think of themselves as "the south", sorry guys, you were not in the confederacy and your climate is not quite the same psst, that's Texas. The city of Tulsa has maybe 5 plows, and they would only plow the highways (2 in the city) , what got me was they would never plow the on or off ramps! I literally watched the plows pick up the plow before leaving the highway. Cars skidding right behind them.

Oh sorry I got off track there.... here is my progress on the green side of Christmas Ornament 2004 by Periwinkle Promises. See the front here. It is of course the Queen stitches are slowing me down. But I hope to have it done by Sat...and maybe assembled by Mon.

Back of Ornament
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not much to say....

....cause not much is getting done. I finally got the decorations out of the attic monday, but little is actually 'done' with any of them. I did get a new ornament sorting box and organized the ornaments. I told Ian we can start a new box for A. but if Ian or I get any more ornaments, then it needs to replace an old one. Ian and I each came to the marriage with a full 6 foot tree worth of ornaments, some bizarrely similar.

We headed out to our usual place to get the tree this year, with my intention of purchasing a potted pine to decorate, then plant like we did 3 (4?) years ago. This place is about 30 min away and we have been there 4 times in the past 7 years to cut our own tree. We weren't there last year, so when we drive by it and there are just a few brown pines (drought), and a big development ad board I was a bit confused. I found out later, Ian thought the same thing but nobody said anything out loud. So we kept driving thinking it must be further ahead. About 10 miles later, Ian called 411 to get the number and we discover they had there are no trees to cut for 4/5 years to come. But I am not worried since I wanted a potted one anyway. Of course once there we see that the little potted guys are very Charlie Brown, and not what I wanted. They had cut trees from the mountains, I got a small one of those. So we drove 60 miles to buy a tree that we could of gotten a mile from our house at one of those lots. SIGH.
At least I supported a local business right?

Other than that my house is a full time wreck, A. has a cold, and finals are this week. Stitching has definately taken a back seat.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Finished ornaments
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OK I know they are not fabulous, If i did a third it would be perfect. I have never consructed a round ornament before and not one with a glue only/ no sew technique (thought it would be still took me 2 days to do). I worked on my mitering technique. The one on the left was done first the one on the right 2nd and better.

I thought about sewing it, but then I could not figure out how you get the board inside, course I could of just stuffed it. Finishing is a continual learning process, with so many methods and choices involved...I would love to take a finishing class someday. I am hoping to finish more ornaments before Christmas, I have 6 waiting for me...but I am running out of time. Anyone know where I could buy some?

Deer Hil Farm cross Stitch (for those of you who asked) is a wonderful little store right on 9G in Hyde Park. The owner is very helpful and knows just where everything is. She has complete stocks of fabric and thread, and alot of charts (quite a few in the sale bins too). Right when I walked in she had a little tree with several of the 07 JCS ornament finished and on it, it was nice to see the finished ornaments. Fora small shop she has lots of models and they are all up to date. It is worth the day trip for those of you nearby, oh and there is a rc hobby store for your husband to visit right next store.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Haul

Thanksgiving Haul
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Over thanksgiving I visited Deer Hill Farm Cross stitch in Hyde Park, NY and when I returned from our trip there was my package from Stitching Bits and Bobs. The full haul includes:

• Bent Creek: Snowbound
• Sweetheart Tree: By the Sea sampler (no wonder I could not find this one.. I was looking for a chart not a kit!)
• Little House Needleworks: Through the Woods
• Arelate Studio: Grand Old Duke #1
• CHS: Rainbow
• Homespun Elegance: Old shaker Tune
• Cricket Collection: Sleepy Hollow
• Blackbird Designs: Blackbird Sampler
• And of course the green silk for my Christmas ornament (but I am working on that now, so it isn’t in the picture)

This just about cleans out my wish list, now I just need some time to stitch.
A few days ago I was freaking out abit realizing I have a very short time before christmas to get ALOT of stuff done, and that I would only have about 3 whole days alone to get it all done between the end of school and Christmas. Ian and i sat down and planned out every free sec we had, so as of right now, 3 days later, 90% of the gift shopping is done, and 99% of the christmas cards are done. (still need a couple more addresses). YEAH I might get it all done on time.