Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Haul

Thanksgiving Haul
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Over thanksgiving I visited Deer Hill Farm Cross stitch in Hyde Park, NY and when I returned from our trip there was my package from Stitching Bits and Bobs. The full haul includes:

• Bent Creek: Snowbound
• Sweetheart Tree: By the Sea sampler (no wonder I could not find this one.. I was looking for a chart not a kit!)
• Little House Needleworks: Through the Woods
• Arelate Studio: Grand Old Duke #1
• CHS: Rainbow
• Homespun Elegance: Old shaker Tune
• Cricket Collection: Sleepy Hollow
• Blackbird Designs: Blackbird Sampler
• And of course the green silk for my Christmas ornament (but I am working on that now, so it isn’t in the picture)

This just about cleans out my wish list, now I just need some time to stitch.
A few days ago I was freaking out abit realizing I have a very short time before christmas to get ALOT of stuff done, and that I would only have about 3 whole days alone to get it all done between the end of school and Christmas. Ian and i sat down and planned out every free sec we had, so as of right now, 3 days later, 90% of the gift shopping is done, and 99% of the christmas cards are done. (still need a couple more addresses). YEAH I might get it all done on time.


Abi said...

Your stash looks great! How was Deer Hill Farm? Many moons ago, I lived not too far from there (Poughkeepsie). I drove by the store twice a day (to and from work) but they were always closed on my way home.

xsquared said...

Great stash! I'd love a review of Deer Hill Farm as well. That's about 2 hours from me, and around a lot of historical sites. Might be a nice day trip.

June said...

Lovely stash! :)

Congrats on getting so much Christmas shopping done. Not to mention finishing so many cards! Christmas always seem to sneak up on one. ;)

Sharon said...

Great stash, sounds like you got your Christmas shopping in hand.