Saturday, December 22, 2007

FInally, Happy Dance.

Christmas ornament 2004 side 2
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Is there anything more pathetic in the needlework world than a stitcher sifting for her ort bag looking for a piece of thread longer than an inch to use to finish the last few stitches. I don't think so. I did manage to find the last bit tonight.
And the other side:

Christmas Ornament 2004 side 1
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

Christmas Ornament 2004, by Periwinkle Promises. The red is Thread Gather's Silk N Colors In the Burgandy, and the green is Forest Green. This is on 28 ct. white linen. I stitched the 2 sides together with some white sewing thread, and gave it a bit of stuffing for dimension (a suggestion from a friend).

Abi asked if I limit the size of my ornaments. and at first my gut reaction was yes, I like smaller ornaments. But then I looked at my collection and I just stitch what I like (I do have some big ones). This one in particular I thought would be smaller than it ended up being, About 4 inches square. My big question for in the heck is she able to stitch so much with a baby the same age as mine?

As for christmas...My house is clean, decorated, and my gifts are wrapped....bring it.


Doris said...

beautiful ornament!

Jen said...

Beautiful ornament

Abi said...

Great ornament Heather!

I am so lucky to have a baby who loves to nap. That and I only work 20 hours a week from home. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ornament. And I always love to see baby pictures! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and glimpses of your life.

xsquared said...

Gorgeous ornament! I like that finishing idea, I'll definitely be trying that out next year.

Carol R said...

Beautiful ornament - I just love queen stitches especially in a cluster