Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stitching Post!

Ornament tree 07
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I was able to put up my ornament tree in my craft room. Although I have had it for a few years I don't think I have taken a picture for you before. You can see toward the lower right my first ornament I ever stitched in 1999, Merry Christmas from Oklahoma. That year Ian and I were in Tulsa while he was in school, we couldn't afford to head home for christmas, and I stitched about 10 of these as gifts to friends and family. Speaking of Tulsa, while my heart goes out to the midwest ice storm and their power issues, I have to laugh when I hear the news reporters asking if they could of been better prepared if they knew how bad it would be. I keep thinking of how poorly Tulsa handled snow for the 2 winters I spent there. They DO get snow and ice EVERY year, but they think of themselves as "the south", sorry guys, you were not in the confederacy and your climate is not quite the same psst, that's Texas. The city of Tulsa has maybe 5 plows, and they would only plow the highways (2 in the city) , what got me was they would never plow the on or off ramps! I literally watched the plows pick up the plow before leaving the highway. Cars skidding right behind them.

Oh sorry I got off track there.... here is my progress on the green side of Christmas Ornament 2004 by Periwinkle Promises. See the front here. It is of course the Queen stitches are slowing me down. But I hope to have it done by Sat...and maybe assembled by Mon.

Back of Ornament
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Jen said...

Love the tree and all of the pretty ornaments. Also, it's nice to find someone else with a similar background with the same hobby.

Abi said...

I love your ornament tree. Do you have a set limit on how big you want your ornaments to be or does anything go?

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What an adorable idea. It is a cute tree.

Heidi said...

What a pretty ornament tree. And your WIP looks good, can't wait to see it put all together. :)