Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not much to say....

....cause not much is getting done. I finally got the decorations out of the attic monday, but little is actually 'done' with any of them. I did get a new ornament sorting box and organized the ornaments. I told Ian we can start a new box for A. but if Ian or I get any more ornaments, then it needs to replace an old one. Ian and I each came to the marriage with a full 6 foot tree worth of ornaments, some bizarrely similar.

We headed out to our usual place to get the tree this year, with my intention of purchasing a potted pine to decorate, then plant like we did 3 (4?) years ago. This place is about 30 min away and we have been there 4 times in the past 7 years to cut our own tree. We weren't there last year, so when we drive by it and there are just a few brown pines (drought), and a big development ad board I was a bit confused. I found out later, Ian thought the same thing but nobody said anything out loud. So we kept driving thinking it must be further ahead. About 10 miles later, Ian called 411 to get the number and we discover they had there are no trees to cut for 4/5 years to come. But I am not worried since I wanted a potted one anyway. Of course once there we see that the little potted guys are very Charlie Brown, and not what I wanted. They had cut trees from the mountains, I got a small one of those. So we drove 60 miles to buy a tree that we could of gotten a mile from our house at one of those lots. SIGH.
At least I supported a local business right?

Other than that my house is a full time wreck, A. has a cold, and finals are this week. Stitching has definately taken a back seat.

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Becky K in OK said...

Now that ornament box is a good idea. It would be perfect to store stitched ornaments in also. Thanks for the heads up.