Monday, January 31, 2005

Marla June

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Finally got some pics of her yesterday (she is 6 days old), when I went to visit.
You can see more at my flickr site (click on photo).

Marla has jaundice...I know it is common, but they have had to hook her up to this light thing and the is teathered to about a 4 foot radius. I guess this treatment is better than in the past when they had to keep them in the hospital under grow lights.

It also makes her look like a glow worm. As of today her hemoglobin levels have gone down and she might be of the light by tomorrow.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Waxing Moon Freebie Birds1

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My work so far on these guys...I need a bit more $ for the threads still needed, so its on hold for now.

That is summer sparrow on the lower left, autumn blackbird on the lower right (both done)and winter cardinal upper left (need 2 more colors) and spring bluebird (still need one more color for it)

I think I may do this one again as a bell that I know what the colors they look like I could organize them better...maybe this one will be a gift.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

now where was I?....

.I am sorry it has taken so long to post (a whole week !)
Whats happening....... well I started and finished 2 small xstitch projects, I am working on a Bless the Baby Lizzie Kate sampler (small) and a large project that I can't talk about cause its a surprise for a friend.
I was all excited for the Hobby Lobby sale this week where all DMC stuff would be on sale. But when I went to check out the DMC linen fabric was not . This was a perfect example of non-truth in advertizing ...the ad said "DMC needlework fabric (of a certian size) $1.99" Not Aida, or evenweave...needlework fabric ...I told the manager forget it..and the may want to change his signage to let others know.
Later that day (monday) I went to say hi to a friend who was in the hospital over the weekend with labor issues and was to be induced that evening. When I arrived she had just given birth to her daughter Marla June not 15 minutes before. She had come so quickly that there was no warning. She was beautiful and I'll post pictures when I get them....(I didn't have my camera on me ).
Since then not too much new...Ian and I have met with American Express Financial Services and are in the process of trying to get our finances in order.
Just plugging away at school for now.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I need an assistant

Well the pet hunt is off... cause I can't seem to find one that I really want. It is finally cold here and if it werent for the flowers I would be upset about it.

Stuff I need to do:
1. read papers for class (stream eco)
2. Do application for summer assist. money
3. the Proposal....I can't seem to just sit and read all the primary lit. I need to to get this baby done. ( i am dreading this so much that I would rather study Stats that read) Will try this weekend.
4. Get a 2004's inventory and sales of Mary Kay organized for taxes.
5. Mail out a bunch of packages to people who are waiting for random stuff from my house.

What I really want to do:

Stitch....that or go to the beach
oh and watch the Steelers kick some New England ass Sunday

More progress pics tomorrow

Friday, January 14, 2005


I'm in one of those moods I can't define....I may be a bit depressed...or maybe stressed...or maybe pissed off.
I didn't sleep very well last night maybe cause I was nervous about physiology...not the subject matter itself , I just wish I could see if this is the right thing to do...I don't want to waste my time doing all this work and have nothing come out of it. I guess I just worry it is too late to change anything...that i am screwed no matter what i do.
And the animal front isn't helping at all as I have not seen a cat yet that I like. I did see 2 dogs at the shelter that appealed to me but Ian is concerned we do not have the time for a dog yet. and I know that if I take him to see them we will get one...cause i have more willpower than he does when looking at the animals (but he has the willpower when discussing). so i don't want to manipulate the situation.....ack i am rambling...sorry.
Finally we are now out of $$ on top of fixing my car has wiped us for the next few months. I hate it when I can't buy stash (even just a little bit).

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Current work on Waving Moon Freebies (this one is Summer Sparrow)

Rose Hearts is all done!! (Sorry it isn't rotated)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The things we do

Well the outline did just fine...I need to add an objective or two....but my big fear (her screaming at me that i did not understand my thesis at all ) never happened. Next I have due the study sites and collection methods...should be easy since I did it already.

Now for the bad news. I have decided for my own career sake to sit in on the Physiology Lecture and Lab. See My Big Plan is to teach community college....well it seems as if if you don't have A and P under your belt you are not marketable. I kinda knew this before but hoped it would just exclude me from a few colleges. but the more people i talk to the more this seems like a good idea. I could do it now or pay for it later (literally...i would probably end up taking the class while applying for a job). So this means I just added 6 hours to my schedule...Ill attend anatomy next (my last) semester. I just hope this pays off....I can't think of another way.
And the uber-bad news is that its at 8am!!!MWF

I have a stitch retreat in the next town on Sat. very excited I love the excuse to stitch...currently I am plowing along on the Waxing moon freebies (the birds) all 4 on 1 square....If I like it I may do a bellpull later this year (cause i like that idea better but don't have the fabric right now)

Oh and Cici (who was the cat i wanted to go see on monday) was adopted that evening, so lets hope there is another cat out there for me.

Monday, January 10, 2005

no kitty shopping today

So Ian and I were supposed to go meet the SPCA today and look at some cats...but the the turkey accepts a road trip to Savannah to go fix a plane. Ack. Doesn't he know I am mentally counting down the days/ no the hours till I get to go kitty shopping. Damn it. I KNOW we need the over time money and I KNOW we shouldn't rush things but I was supposed to have a new cat by 7pm tonight (stomping feet and pouts). So the countdown will continue till Wed at 6 pm.

Mean while back at the stitching post....I just need to put beads on the Rose hearts sampler...can't wait to post a pic (maybe tomorrow) oh and I was able to sew up the flipits for january and february...Ill post a pic of that too. And I picked up some more GAST threads (expensive so one or two at a time) to continue my work on the Waxing moon freebies (didn't I mention I started another project). Anything to avoid work on santa. ha.

So in the scholastic realm I was not getting anything done on my proposal and asked my advisor for some I have a outline due tomorrow. I am afraid to show it to anyone for fear of looking like an idiot. But thats better than never getting it done. right ;)

Friday, January 07, 2005

Supressing Fire

So I tried to switch my profile picture.....didn't work at all, not sure how I got the other one up in the first place. well I will readjust it later.
Ian and I have been watching Band of Brothers on DVD and I must say how awesome it really is. I was unsure about watching it, I really did not want to sit through 6 DVDs of boring war movie. Its got some gore (WWII duh!) (Ian just tells me not to look and I bury my nose in the stitching.) the story telling is fabulous (cause it's true). the cinematography is great and the actors are very very good. Now of course I will have to read the book by Stephen Ambrose.
Speaking of books, I just finished the Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. Now having read 2 of his books(the other being Lost) I have mixed reviews. In Lost I was disappointed, the story seemed disjointed and wandering. No real ending at all. This one, Confessions, was better it flowed more like a good story....his writing is still a bit wordy/spacy/convoluted sometimes...see for me it is not how proper or how intellegent the writing but how I lose myself in the reading/story. and when the wording jolts me out of the story I notice...and Mr. Maguires writing seems to do that more than i would think such a popular writer would do. Of course Ill still read Wicked and Mirror Mirror....maybe he will get better.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I love spring...what?? its January?

Persephone must of come home from hades for a visit.

My daffodils (and an iris or two) are confused, they are poking their leaves up like its april. And at 65degrees today it feels like it. It just been getting warmer since Friday. Ian went flying in his plane (Piper colt)on Sat and I got to watch (he has to do 10 hours solo before he can take me up). We were out at his coowner/coworkers house. Which has a hangar and is on its own little grass strip. Its about 40 min away from us. There are lots for sale around the strip...if we won a million tomorrow I would consider buying some land (but it costs as much as our house).
There has been talk about getting a dog AND a cat soon. (Sooner than I thought Ian would be ready and I never thought he would agree to both at once).
We took my car in for inspection yesterday and it failed....the steering assemby housing is leaking and the Emergency brake doesn't work. Well the E brake is an easy fix..Ian can do it for the cost of a new cable. But the steering thingy...Nissan quoted me $800. Ian found the part for $200 how tough will it be to replace is the question.