Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I love spring...what?? its January?

Persephone must of come home from hades for a visit.

My daffodils (and an iris or two) are confused, they are poking their leaves up like its april. And at 65degrees today it feels like it. It just been getting warmer since Friday. Ian went flying in his plane (Piper colt)on Sat and I got to watch (he has to do 10 hours solo before he can take me up). We were out at his coowner/coworkers house. Which has a hangar and is on its own little grass strip. Its about 40 min away from us. There are lots for sale around the strip...if we won a million tomorrow I would consider buying some land (but it costs as much as our house).
There has been talk about getting a dog AND a cat soon. (Sooner than I thought Ian would be ready and I never thought he would agree to both at once).
We took my car in for inspection yesterday and it failed....the steering assemby housing is leaking and the Emergency brake doesn't work. Well the E brake is an easy fix..Ian can do it for the cost of a new cable. But the steering thingy...Nissan quoted me $800. Ian found the part for $200 ....now how tough will it be to replace is the question.

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