Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The things we do

Well the outline did just fine...I need to add an objective or two....but my big fear (her screaming at me that i did not understand my thesis at all ) never happened. Next I have due the study sites and collection methods...should be easy since I did it already.

Now for the bad news. I have decided for my own career sake to sit in on the Physiology Lecture and Lab. See My Big Plan is to teach community college....well it seems as if if you don't have A and P under your belt you are not marketable. I kinda knew this before but hoped it would just exclude me from a few colleges. but the more people i talk to the more this seems like a good idea. I could do it now or pay for it later (literally...i would probably end up taking the class while applying for a job). So this means I just added 6 hours to my schedule...Ill attend anatomy next (my last) semester. I just hope this pays off....I can't think of another way.
And the uber-bad news is that its at 8am!!!MWF

I have a stitch retreat in the next town on Sat. very excited I love the excuse to stitch...currently I am plowing along on the Waxing moon freebies (the birds) all 4 on 1 square....If I like it I may do a bellpull later this year (cause i like that idea better but don't have the fabric right now)

Oh and Cici (who was the cat i wanted to go see on monday) was adopted that evening, so lets hope there is another cat out there for me.

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