Monday, January 31, 2005

Marla June

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Finally got some pics of her yesterday (she is 6 days old), when I went to visit.
You can see more at my flickr site (click on photo).

Marla has jaundice...I know it is common, but they have had to hook her up to this light thing and the is teathered to about a 4 foot radius. I guess this treatment is better than in the past when they had to keep them in the hospital under grow lights.

It also makes her look like a glow worm. As of today her hemoglobin levels have gone down and she might be of the light by tomorrow.

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Carol said...

God Bless little Marla June!!!! So cute, and I hope she gets to come home soon!

Just stumbled across you while surfing - nice to meet you, and really enjoyed your blog! Will come back again soon!!

Carol in NH