Thursday, January 20, 2005

I need an assistant

Well the pet hunt is off... cause I can't seem to find one that I really want. It is finally cold here and if it werent for the flowers I would be upset about it.

Stuff I need to do:
1. read papers for class (stream eco)
2. Do application for summer assist. money
3. the Proposal....I can't seem to just sit and read all the primary lit. I need to to get this baby done. ( i am dreading this so much that I would rather study Stats that read) Will try this weekend.
4. Get a 2004's inventory and sales of Mary Kay organized for taxes.
5. Mail out a bunch of packages to people who are waiting for random stuff from my house.

What I really want to do:

Stitch....that or go to the beach
oh and watch the Steelers kick some New England ass Sunday

More progress pics tomorrow


Lee said...

Go Steelers!

Carol said...

sorry - this Patriots fan agrees the Steelers were good this year, but... you will get there someday soon, I am sure!

Carol in NH