Friday, January 07, 2005

Supressing Fire

So I tried to switch my profile picture.....didn't work at all, not sure how I got the other one up in the first place. well I will readjust it later.
Ian and I have been watching Band of Brothers on DVD and I must say how awesome it really is. I was unsure about watching it, I really did not want to sit through 6 DVDs of boring war movie. Its got some gore (WWII duh!) (Ian just tells me not to look and I bury my nose in the stitching.) the story telling is fabulous (cause it's true). the cinematography is great and the actors are very very good. Now of course I will have to read the book by Stephen Ambrose.
Speaking of books, I just finished the Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. Now having read 2 of his books(the other being Lost) I have mixed reviews. In Lost I was disappointed, the story seemed disjointed and wandering. No real ending at all. This one, Confessions, was better it flowed more like a good story....his writing is still a bit wordy/spacy/convoluted sometimes...see for me it is not how proper or how intellegent the writing but how I lose myself in the reading/story. and when the wording jolts me out of the story I notice...and Mr. Maguires writing seems to do that more than i would think such a popular writer would do. Of course Ill still read Wicked and Mirror Mirror....maybe he will get better.

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