Thursday, January 27, 2005

now where was I?....

.I am sorry it has taken so long to post (a whole week !)
Whats happening....... well I started and finished 2 small xstitch projects, I am working on a Bless the Baby Lizzie Kate sampler (small) and a large project that I can't talk about cause its a surprise for a friend.
I was all excited for the Hobby Lobby sale this week where all DMC stuff would be on sale. But when I went to check out the DMC linen fabric was not . This was a perfect example of non-truth in advertizing ...the ad said "DMC needlework fabric (of a certian size) $1.99" Not Aida, or evenweave...needlework fabric ...I told the manager forget it..and the may want to change his signage to let others know.
Later that day (monday) I went to say hi to a friend who was in the hospital over the weekend with labor issues and was to be induced that evening. When I arrived she had just given birth to her daughter Marla June not 15 minutes before. She had come so quickly that there was no warning. She was beautiful and I'll post pictures when I get them....(I didn't have my camera on me ).
Since then not too much new...Ian and I have met with American Express Financial Services and are in the process of trying to get our finances in order.
Just plugging away at school for now.

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