Monday, January 10, 2005

no kitty shopping today

So Ian and I were supposed to go meet the SPCA today and look at some cats...but the the turkey accepts a road trip to Savannah to go fix a plane. Ack. Doesn't he know I am mentally counting down the days/ no the hours till I get to go kitty shopping. Damn it. I KNOW we need the over time money and I KNOW we shouldn't rush things but I was supposed to have a new cat by 7pm tonight (stomping feet and pouts). So the countdown will continue till Wed at 6 pm.

Mean while back at the stitching post....I just need to put beads on the Rose hearts sampler...can't wait to post a pic (maybe tomorrow) oh and I was able to sew up the flipits for january and february...Ill post a pic of that too. And I picked up some more GAST threads (expensive so one or two at a time) to continue my work on the Waxing moon freebies (didn't I mention I started another project). Anything to avoid work on santa. ha.

So in the scholastic realm I was not getting anything done on my proposal and asked my advisor for some I have a outline due tomorrow. I am afraid to show it to anyone for fear of looking like an idiot. But thats better than never getting it done. right ;)

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Kiwi Jo said...

I'm sorry you couldn't get your kitty and I hope you got your outline done. I hate showing my supervisor my first writing drafts but then I realised that everyone's come back covered in red pen so I didn't feel so bad.