Thursday, July 08, 2010

Slow down I want to get off!!

Well, after I last posted I took off to Pgh to be in a fabulous wedding of my best friend so my days were full of parties, rehearsals, getting hair and nails done, and fighting with the bust of the dress.

Got home, spent some time with my in-laws, did a ton of laundry,went to work to catch up ( I am not teaching but I gave myself a few large projects this summer to do to try to keep my self looking employable, and my resume spiffy), went to my EGA yard sale swap (where I got an almost complete set of the discontinued Six Strand Sweets for $5!), attended a BBQ, Saw Twilight: Eclipse (better than New Moon),  went to the local parade and downtown festival, went to fireworks which WERE NOT enjoyed by all members of this family. Then spent the 4th packing to go to Lake James campground for 3 days and 2 nights and we returned yesterday only to attend another BBQ last night. I am now back to work *ahem* avoiding work by writing this blog. Amongst all this is a dog that cut his leg, opened his stitches 3 times despite the cone, and now runs around scraping our legs with a new cone on his head bigger than he is  (and scaring small children). and we are also having a minor babysitter crisis that has left us without our regular babysitter and scrambling to find another for dates upcoming.

But wait there's more!  This Sat my daughter has been invited to 2 birthday parties at the same time and no i have not bought gifts yet, and did I mention it is my birthday that day too and so soon i will soon be looking at the upperside of the thirties? ugh birthdays should not be acknowledged after 25 or so.

All this is to tell you that i have not been stitching much and have nothing to show :( I will try to remedy this as soon as I have an evening to breathe :)