Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family outing

Annabeth and I at the renissance fair
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Ian, Annabeth, and I did our yearly fall family tradition and went to the Carolina Renissance Fair. It is our 8th year going! I wore my bridesmaid dress from sis's wedding and fit right in. This photo was taken as Annabeth was watching the joust. We weren't able to stay long this time, and for annabeth it has to be rough sitting 1.5 hour drive there, then sit in a stroller for 3 hours, then sit another 1.5 hours on the way home. Thank god this not walking thing comes with a bit more patience than your average toddler, or we would be up a creek wih her. I cannot wait till she can walk around and enjoy things like the toddler rides, the petting zoo,watch shows,go into the shops (cause they are too small or crowded for strollers) etc. Oh and I am also looking forward to COMMUNICATION..any day now we are hoping for a word....any word...even a swear word.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


NH and NY and Wedding 187
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Annabeth. Ian, and I flew up to Pgh last friday. A. was very good on the planes, but then again this is her 4 time flying and she is only 16 months old! We arrived late fri night, and Sat had a rehearsal lunch ( even though we had not rehearsed yet), and then spent the day making bouquets, flower arrangements, cords for the handfasting, and ironing dresses. Ian was the MC/DJ so he worked on the music...all we had was a ipod shuffle (or maybe it was a nano).

Anyway the next day , Sunday was the wedding. My sister had a planner for the day, so we just dropped stuff off and waited till it was time for the wedding. We did rehearse at 1pm, then got ready for the wedding at 3. Ian looked a bit dismayed at the big closet full of DJ equipment, and all he had was this tiny shuffle to attach to it, but then,the photographer brought a laptop computer and another iPod for the music, so Ian was all set . My in-laws were able to watch A, and make sure she napped before the wedding, while the rest of us got ready.
The ceremony went great (they had 3 clergy involved!) . It was in the Pavillion at Avonworth park, the reception hall (Mayernik Center) being right next to it. The food was very good, and the only flaw was we didn't have alot of time for all the music Ian prepped (the reception was only about 4 hours, by the time we were done with dinner it only left about 1 hour for dancing.

Above you see me trying to get A to sit still for the wedding party photo... She was a part of the party but really only in theory...Ian had to walk her down the aisle, and since she couldn't stand for the photos we tried a small stool but she wanted to pick at the flowers in the bouquet.

So here is the rest of us.
NH and NY and Wedding 192
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The next day, monday my mom hosted a brunch for our family (alot of them traveled in from across the country) and Liz and Zach opened all their gifts.

Then we left tuesday morning at

oh and Annabeth loved Delta's cookies.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finish for my Sista

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Here is the stitching I finished weeks ago but couldn't show you. It is JBW Designs, Blessings. I changed the colors a bit to match her wedding colors and finished it as a folding stand up.

finished as a stand up
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Tune in tomorrow for a few wedding photos and Annabeth photos, and maybe some new stitching...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Don't give up on me!!

I am here, but been very busy. My sisters wedding is this sunday, so I am leaving tomorrow for PA and will be back tues. I hope to post pictures of both the wedding (annabeth and I are in the bridal party) and stitching that I A) could not show you orB) haven't completed.

Miss Mary Mack is helping me clean out some of my old 310 on floss cards, but she is far from being done, and I haven't been stitching all that much lately. Maybe after this last trip of the year things will be more settled.

Annabeth went thru a weird couple of weeks where she started fussing a bit when going to sleep and then is either up at 5 or 6 am or sleeps in till 8. She is not being her consistant 8pm-7:30am self lately. Part of it is teething (3 new ones in the past few weeks) and part is that she started in the older toddler room at daycare. She is napping better now that she is away from the babies, but she is exhausted at the end of the day. I think it takes more energy to crawl after all those walking kids. But the transition could not have gone better, they are watching her carefully (as well the other kids) to make sure she isn't run over.

Wee will see you soon