Monday, February 15, 2010

Slow going

G.O.D. as of Feb 14
I swear I am working on him every night (Ok maybe i worked on a valentine freebie). But it is slow going. On the up side that is the bottom of him, so he is going to be closer to 8 x 10.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Current WIP update

G.o.d as of 2/3/10

Current state of Grand Old Duke ( When i abbreviated it in Flickr as GOD, I thought coincidence? ) Mylene, he looks bigger in the model (i think it was 14 count) but I am doing him on 22 ct he won't be much bigger than 5 x7.  And yes he will be all filler once the black outlining/detailing is done...I am just trying not to burn out on it .  so I alternate stitching on him and the baby sampler:

Baby sampler as of 2/3/10

It is not going as fast as I hoped, but i swear it will be done by Annabeth's 3rd birthday.   The original pattern is found at Kissy-Cross, but it is no longer available unless you contact the designer.  of course now that i stitched it I am thinking I should of made the border purple instead of blue (cause the original sampler was for a boy) but I think if I do all the lettering in purple it should balance it out.