Thursday, February 04, 2010

Current WIP update

G.o.d as of 2/3/10

Current state of Grand Old Duke ( When i abbreviated it in Flickr as GOD, I thought coincidence? ) Mylene, he looks bigger in the model (i think it was 14 count) but I am doing him on 22 ct he won't be much bigger than 5 x7.  And yes he will be all filler once the black outlining/detailing is done...I am just trying not to burn out on it .  so I alternate stitching on him and the baby sampler:

Baby sampler as of 2/3/10

It is not going as fast as I hoped, but i swear it will be done by Annabeth's 3rd birthday.   The original pattern is found at Kissy-Cross, but it is no longer available unless you contact the designer.  of course now that i stitched it I am thinking I should of made the border purple instead of blue (cause the original sampler was for a boy) but I think if I do all the lettering in purple it should balance it out.


Mylene said...

That sure both fine fabric you are using, love the second one for the Sampler?
Both progress are coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

If you like and have the courage for it, you might want to add a sparkling purple tread above the blue one to give it a more purple that case you do not need to redo it, just to stitch over it with one strand...just an idea. Ann.