Friday, January 29, 2010

Does it look like anyhing yet?

Grand old Duke WIP
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist

This guy will be a gift for my sister hopefully for her new house.  She is currently navigating the wild world of home buying with a possible closing in mid feb.

He is a challenge, he is completely outlined and detailed in black which makes it a kinda boring stitch with ALOT of counting, checking the pattern, highlighting the pattern, and counting again.

I have finished my exchange piece and I think Grand Old Duke and the Baby sampler will be at the top of my list for the month of February.


Mylene said...

wow! I went to have a look at that pattern and it is a HUGE one! Good start you made and goodluck with all the counting.

quietgirl255 said...

But if you do all the outlining in black will you have a bunch of stitching that is just coloring in? If so that part will go quick. He is cool!