Saturday, June 23, 2007

Doggie Treat

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It may look like we are offering her up to Anubis, but what you can't see here is that Max (our dog) is trying he darnedest to get lower than Annabeth. This is good news, He has actually been really good around her, not trying to lick her at all ( that was our big worry). We are looking forward to A chasing him around soon.

Grandma (my mom) and sister and stepdad arrive today to see A. I am looking forward to a bit of a break. Maybe even enough to walk Max again. It's tough to time his walk between the heat/feeding/ sleeping etc. I miss the daily exercise...I am hoping to get it into a schedule soon.

christmas chickadee done

christmas chickadee done
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on a premade bag. Thsnks Jenna for correcting me, this is a Valarie Pieffer.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Christmas Chickadee

Christmas Chickadee
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Christmas in June ;) I started this little guy the day before A was born. I think he is a Margaret Sherry that was in a British Cross Stitcher last year. I still have the holly and backstitching to do, I can only stitch when A is sleeping and I am not (about 2 hours a day).

Last night was better, she finally went to sleep around 3 and slept 6 hours straight. Now if we could just get those hours to be 12 -6, we would be all set.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

She may kill me

Taking care of everybody
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Annabeth has now officially started her 3rd week of life and is in a complete day/night reversal. For the past week she was in a funky 6 hour cycle, 6 hours up and eating, 6 hours asleep, repeat until parents scream. And of course right after the pediatrician appt and I get reassurance that this is normal, she changes it up--She slept all day yesterday (breaking every 2/3 hours for food of course). and was up all night long. 10-5. Feeding every hour. Around 2 am I had to walk away completely. Ian tried to pick up the slack but I still had to get up and feed her every hour. It is like working a different shift every week.

Breastfeeding has gotten a bit better, but it is still painful. We have ruled out the usual suspects including a poor latch and thrush. I am just blessed/cursed with extremely sensitive nipples AND a strong feeder for a newborn. "Oh joy , oh rapture, unforseen"

Thursday, June 07, 2007


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Someone sent me a couple of things off my wish list: Halloween Sampler by the Drawn Thread (with the needle necessities thread included) and Snowman Needleroll. I thought I knew who sent them, but now I am not so sure. Thank you very much to whoever it was! It is nice to get something in the mail for yourself...when everything else is for the baby.

I am cross stitching, I am working on a little something that I started the day before A was born, and I got my next round in the round robin...this one is much easier. It is an alphabet block by the Cross Eyed Cricket on Aida.

As for my labor memories: I do remember quite a bit, I think because I was so obsessed with how it was going to go. The timing of things are courtesy of my doula, she took notes during the labor and wrote up the whole story for us.

The three of us are doing great. The only surprise is this breastfeeding stuff is much more of an issue than I suspected. ( sleep is no problem comparatively). I guess I thought she would be a more passive part of the equation. Instead I find myself much more at her mercy. She decides when, at which breast, the position, timing, and the amount of pain I receive. I am definitely feeling like a tortured cow--and can see how the formula option is so attractive at 2 in the morning. We do have lots of help (my pediatrician's wife is a Lact. Consultant), and we will survive this, right? (if she doesn't kill me first)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Labor Story

Annabeth Day 3
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In the grand tradition of women posting too much information on the internet, let me give you all the rundown. I read alot of other womens stories, which helped me by both educating me on how different everyones story is and comforting me that I would have one soon too, and I had to do all that I could to make it the way I wanted it.

1:30 am June 1st: I woke up to go to the bathroom (not unusual) and while up felt a cramp, but just kinda thought it as the beef ribs I ate at 11 coming back to haunt me. But about 6 min later another one arrived, then another, they were peaking and fading just like a perfect example of a contraction.

2:00 am: woke Ian to help me time them, we decided that while not exactly regular (4-6 min apart) they were regular enough to get up and start getting ready. I finished packing, made some food for the "long" time to come, put laundry in the dryer...etc. I felt best walking through the contractions pacing up and don the hall.

3:00 am: Called my Doula Mary, she did not sound quite convinced I was in full labor, and after I got off the phone my body held off a contraction just to panic me that I made the wrong call. (like going to the mechanic only to find the car acting fine for him!).
I then showered for about 30 min...until I was bored of that then waited for Mary.

3:45 am: Mary arrived. By this time I could not talk through the conractions. For the next couple of hours I tried the best positions for the contractions: On the birth ball, sitting, laying, on my side. But they never worked for long, my legs would get restless and would have to get up and walk through a couple. We called the Grandparents around 5 am, then the phones went off. (my mom predicted a baby by 9am)

6:15 am: I had a contraction that would not end. When it did end I was ready to change my scenery. Ian took our dog to the neighbors, and I rode out a few contractions lying on the couch, resting between them, not talking as much. I noticed some spotting as well, asked if this could be my water breaking, but Mary thought not.

6:30 am: Ride to hospital was not bad, had 3 contractions on theway, and had to stay in the car to ride one out at the door of the hospital. In waiting room for TOO LONG (ok only 15 min)

7:05 am: into triage where they made me lay down to be monitored for 20 min. The contractions were getting closer to making me consider meds now (I won't lie) and laying down was torture. I was checked at 5 cm and -1 station.

7:30 am: up to L&D, I was looking forward to a bath, but the doctor on call I ended up with wanted continuous monitoring. DAMN. the contractions were making me cry now..oh and breathing goes out the window..Mary would breathe with me and that helped the most. I kept feeling like there must be something I could do to help with the pain, but there was nothing but to ride them out. Tracy the L&D nurse let me sit between contrations but stand/ walk in place through them while I leaned on Ian .

8:09 am: I was 8 cm! I did not greet this with the enthusiasm I do now. I rode out the contractions as best I could they were shorter but closer, I could rest a bit between.

8:43am: the doctor appeared to break my water to check for meconium (I did not want that convinced it would make the pain worse) But by that point I did not care so much and let him do it
...I was 9 cm 100% effaced and it did not change the feel of the contractions.
Tracy said if I felt like it I could start pushing gently and it helped ease the pain a bit... with each contraction could get about 4 pushes in, my legs still ached.

9:38am: the Doctor kept bobbing in and out...that killed me. He is supposed to show up only at the end, right? I was 10 cm.

9:50 or so: up on the bed and pushing. Once Mary told me to hold my breath with the pushes I started to feel progress. My legs were in horrible pain (I think now it was sciatic nerve pain). Tracy was helping to stretch me, and mentioned that it was tight (that was due to 5 months of kegals!) She mentioned that a resident might have to deliver if the Dr. did not come back ASAP. I knew the Dr. did appear when I felt not so gentle stretching during a contraction...I yelled at him to STOP. after that he said he would numb me, Thank god if he was going to keep that up.

I remember looking at the clock at 10:15 thinking I was missing my dr. appt and that someone told her why.

Baby arrived at 10:21, and I was amazed at the size of her and the cord (that thing was huge!).

They put her immediately on my chest and I was able to hold her for the next 1 1/2 hours, and feed her immediately. We had 4 names picked but one came to my mind immediately. I asked Ian which he thought of first and he said the same name....Annabeth.

Friday, June 01, 2007


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6/1/07 10:21 am
7 lbs 11 oz
20 1/2 inches
9 hours labor
no drugs