Thursday, June 07, 2007


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Someone sent me a couple of things off my wish list: Halloween Sampler by the Drawn Thread (with the needle necessities thread included) and Snowman Needleroll. I thought I knew who sent them, but now I am not so sure. Thank you very much to whoever it was! It is nice to get something in the mail for yourself...when everything else is for the baby.

I am cross stitching, I am working on a little something that I started the day before A was born, and I got my next round in the round robin...this one is much easier. It is an alphabet block by the Cross Eyed Cricket on Aida.

As for my labor memories: I do remember quite a bit, I think because I was so obsessed with how it was going to go. The timing of things are courtesy of my doula, she took notes during the labor and wrote up the whole story for us.

The three of us are doing great. The only surprise is this breastfeeding stuff is much more of an issue than I suspected. ( sleep is no problem comparatively). I guess I thought she would be a more passive part of the equation. Instead I find myself much more at her mercy. She decides when, at which breast, the position, timing, and the amount of pain I receive. I am definitely feeling like a tortured cow--and can see how the formula option is so attractive at 2 in the morning. We do have lots of help (my pediatrician's wife is a Lact. Consultant), and we will survive this, right? (if she doesn't kill me first)


Sharon said...

Nice RAK! I love to receive things in the mail. Stay positve, you will survive the BF, it will get better! It just takes a little time to get adjusted-then you will be a pro in no time!

Kendra said...

Hopefully the BF'ing will get better for you! The first weeks are tough, but I've heard a lot of people say that things just kind of click around the 6-week mark. I never made it that baby was a lazy nurser and didn't want to have to work to get food. After 2 weeks of lots of tears, I grudgingly switched to formula. She was much happier, but I felt (and still feel) guilty.

As for the whole thing of her dictating where, when, etc...get used to it. They get worse as they get older. :-)

Margaret said...

With both of mine things clicked at a few weeks for BF and we were all much happier campers. Hang in there!

Nice stitchy mail you got!!!

Did a doubletake the other day.... DS just finished a book where one of the major characters has your DD's name! LOL

Bellastitch said...

Good luck with breast feeding. We're still adjusting. She's not strong enough to breast feed efficiently so I am supplementing with formula until my milk supply increases. Best wishes to you and A!

Lee said...

I remember being surprised and dismayed that breastfeeding wasn't as easy and natural as I had thought it would be. Ha! It was a learning experience for both of us, but like everyone else says, you and she will catch on very soon.

And then when baby #2 comes along, you're such a pro, you could write your own How-To book!

saras said...

It'll get better! I promise! Hang in there.. you're doing what's best for her!

And yup... you basically feel like a cow for a few months (at least!)