Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mission Impossible? More like Mission Not Fun

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take one 4 month old infant and take her on an airplane. Keep in mind the following: You can not take a direct flight and you must have one layover of at least an hour. You must travel alone. You must try to feed the baby during takeoff and landings even though in the past week this baby has developed a bad habit of not eating well unless she is in a completely silent room. You may: bring enough earplugs for all the passengers on the airplane including the attendants and you may also worry non-stop about this mission until it actually occurs. Your reward: Time spent with family and a trip to see one of the rare LNSs left in the country.

Wish me luck I will be attempting this Mission tomorrow at 2pm (and then again on tuesday). So no I won't be at CATS this year. But have fun everyone!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stitching when I can

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Here is my progress so far on Spookline by SamSarah. I started this last year, and hope to have it done by Halloween. I decided I did not like it on the purple fabric the model was on, and instead I started it on this narural linen I had a drawer. I am using the called for Cresent Colors, only one of the colors seems to blend in to background, the green onion color of the lighter leaves. Unfortunately it is also used in the other half of the border and I am not sure what I will be replacing it with.

I attended the Tarheel get together today. A. went with me, and she behaved herself, mostly. I did not get alot of stitching done, and will probably look into getting a sitter for future saturday get togethers.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Holiday Quilts, RR

Holiday Quilts, RR
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I recieved this about 2 weeks ago. and have frogged the damn outline of my quilt twice. I based my stitching off of somone elses (ah the perils of an RR ) and have since concluded this is a bad thing to do when working on a piece that has been handled by many hands. This Pattern is Holiday quilts by Ursula Michael. It is (I think) from a Sitchers World magazine. The colors have been altered to be more green/red but this is a PERFECT design for an RR. This the last RR piece I have to do. I think I will be retiring myself from RRs for a while after this. A good experience, but now that I only have about an hour to stitch at night, I want it to be time for my own pieces.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Baby feeding herself
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Ian sent me this via his cell phone camera today, with the tag line, Look Mommy, no Daddy. We are slllllllooooowwwwlyyyyyy starting to find our hands, so it is pretty cool that she is starting to use them for a purpose
This weekend we started to bat at stuff and sometimes caught things to bring to our mouth. Now of course I have no idea how long this pose was held, but she sure looks like she has a grip eh? (Yes I know the bottle says Brooke, its a handme down).

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I know its just a bump in the road....

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Ok I'll be the first to admit that I am not a people person. I prefer to hang around my home and family. That being said, when I want to be social...I need to be social. My husband works on weekends so that is usually when I enjoy seeing friends, attending church, going to get togethers, and attending the infrequent parties that cross my path. However since A has been born I find these forays into the social world aggravating and draining. I am frustrated because I need to isolate myself to calm or feed her. And end up asking myself why the hell I came at all if I can't talk to others in a social setting for more than a few minutes. I am still trying to increase/maintain my milk supply for her so getting a babysitter or supplying a bottle over the weekend would be counter productive.

Today was difficult (and it is not even noon) because I tried to take her to church for the first time. She did not even make it through the Welcome. I have been feeling guilty for not going in 3 months (childcare was limited over the summer, and the nursery is not equipped to deal with immobile infants) and now I am thinking maybe I should just wait for another few months till she can sit up and be in the nursery.

I have my first Tarheel get together in a couple of weeks, and I am really starting to worry if I will be able to enjoy it at all with her along (I can't leave her home, the tarheels would kill me).

A coworker told me the other day that this time of a babys life can be trying with them seemingly attached to you 24/7, but that over all it is a very short time of their life. and while I "know" that to be true, it doesn't make the isolation any easier to bear.