Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back from a day off

Simple Gifts
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As my classes wind down (I am done with Phys labs, have one more Anat. Lab, and 2 more Bio lectures) my schedule is clearing up. So yesterday Ian and I dropped A. at daycare and went on a daytrip together, we had breakfast, traveled to his RC hobby shop (30 min away) my LNS hobby shop (1 hour away in the cutest town ever! Salisbury, NC) and finished at a Dave and Busters (1 hour 30 minaway) for fun and games. This was our Anniversary celebration. We have been married 5 yrs as of the 26th.

Not to leave A completely out of the loop, we picked her up and took her out to dinner at a hibachi place...dinner and entertainment!

The whole point of this entry though is to show you what I picked up at the framers, Olde Shaker Tune, and View to a Spring Garden. The photos look a bit off color due to lank of flash, or the angle so it would not reflect. While I was there I decided to drop of 2 more for framing, and no I did not pick anything new up...I found myself with plenty to do right now, and nothing has appealed to me lately.

View to a spring Garden
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another blast from the past

American Sampler
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Here is my second flatfold , I found the perfect fabric for it called "flying flags". You ALL probably recognize this Liberty Sampler pattern it was on the cover of a the prolific premire issue of Cross Stitch Quick, back in 85? I swear everytime I get together with stitchers and they bring their extra stuff to trade, there is always this issue in pile. I finished stitching this guy in 05. Anyone remember that?

My regular stitching is on hold for a bit, I am bored with For the Birds, but I am not interested in starting anything else now. I have a couple of non cross stitchng project that have my attention right now, but can't share them with you my readers yet. and I am wrappping up the semester, grades are due in 2 weeks!

Monday, April 21, 2008

First Flat fold

First Flat fold
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Ladies and gentlemen, please stand back....I am about to attempt 4 photos in one post!

This weekend was both busy/and not so busy. We think A. is going through a growth spurt, she is sleeping ridiculously long hours, like two 3 hour naps on Sat! that is in addition to her usual 12 hour night. So it is not busy in regard to her but busy getting stuff done. As you see above I used my time to create my first flat fold. I used the instructions here. I finished a little freebie from passione ricamo that i did in 2005. here is the back:

Back of the folding stand up
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I did this in anticipation of attempting this on Mitten games (if I ever find the appropriate fabric).

So in addition to finishing that I was able to plant some herbs I bought on Thursday, and install a rug in my kitchen.
The entry to my kitchen...well honestly... it sucks. See the photo below:

Kitchen entry Before
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See the door? That is from the garage, see the fridge?...that door is directly across from the door to the garage, yes they bump into each other. See the washer and dryer? what you don't see is between the dryer and the fridge, is the door to the back yard. This is a heavily trafficked area. and I have gone through a series of door mats and rugs, none of which work for me.

I first saw Flor rugs on, she uses them in her house. And so I ordered the catalog, and for $160, I bought 15 squares of Home Movies-popcorn, and cut and installed them all here:

Kitchen Entry After
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Pretty cool huh ;) I was excited about how they have turned out. I'll let you know how they hold up, but I am totally ordering a couple of extra squares to replace the ones that get really dirty.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Currently working on...

For the Birds, Drawn Thread
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For the Birds, by The Drawn Thread

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby shark doodo doodo

Baby Shark
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Yes indeed, I love these new jammies! They might of been in the boys section but the words on the shirt perfectly descibe my little chomper, I must say "no biting!" about 1o times a day. I offer her plenty of teething toys , but she would rather gnaw on skin. we have a third tooth erupting up top. And look at those curls! they just started to appear last week, my genes are finally starting to show. yay!

Quaker Diamond
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I did not find my camera cord, but i did find my memory card reader...hence the photos.

Here is Quaker Diamond, by Hillside samplings I did it in brown and yellow silk thread. (model was black and yellow) I think I am going to have this professionally framed and hang it in my kitchen.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ya'll are awesome

Thank you ladies! I got three excellent sugestions on my last post.

Heirloom Birth Sampler by Victoria Sampler suggested by Beth: I don't mind specialty stitches or hardanger (see below) but I have long ago ditched ribbon embroidery, I could never make it look good enough.

Child of Spring by Victoria Sampler suggested by Lee: I love this but wish I could see the colors in person before I could commit to it.

This freebie by Kissy-Cross suggested by Emilie: I think this is my pick! It had trees and birds and space for the saying (which i may adjust). I can easily add in some overdyed floss to spice it up a bit and maybe a colorful fabby too! AND it is free!!

Thank you again ladies.
The comment on hardanger reminds me of my experience with it. Some time around age 23 or so, I received several older cross stitch magazines. I had never seen these before, so I tore out the patterns I liked and tossed the rest. One of these patterns was this one (click it to see more detail)

First sampler/ first hardanger/ first linen
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I just stitched it...I had no knowledge that it was supposed to be hard. I just followed the directions. It was only years later that I learned how many folks struggle with kloster blocks and clipping their linen. It certainly isn't perfect, the blocks are a bit loose, and you can see some traveling threads, but I guess that just goes to show what you can do without preconceived notions. This thing even had diamonds and stuff in the blocks that is advanced. I have not done a lot of hardanger since then...It just isn't that attractive to me. I do have a heart pattern I may attempt someday.

I have a finish for you all to post soon...If I could just find that damn camera cord!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

long time gone

I haven't posted in a bit cause I can't find my cord for my camera so I have no photos, And while I know a photo isn't required for a post, I needed your help on a dilemma with my Quaker Diamond, and a photo would really help.

SOoooo lets save that and I have another dilemma for you to assist me with. I want to do a baby announcement for A. and couln't find anything that i liked for a while...then I thought I had decided on this. BUT the colors and style have been bugging me, looks too 80's or something. I have gone through several changes in my thinking about this (cause it has to be perfect, of course). these changes include trying khaki linen instead of a off white evenweave, but the thread colors are still too pastel or something, so maybe change all the thread colors.... that would take way too much time (there are over 30 colors in and 5/6 different color families) even then I am not sure I like the pattern at all anymore there are too many hearts. So it comes down that there is only one thing I like about this pattern is the saying. OK then...maybe I can put the saying on a pattern with an open area where I could insert it along with her name and birthday... maybe with a tree and some birds ? I have torn through the internets and I can't find anything that will work for me. I would love to do it in a band sampler, but I can't find one that will work. Constructing my own from scratch is out of the question...I have established I am not a designer, I am just too indecisive. Any one have any IDEAS??