Monday, April 21, 2008

First Flat fold

First Flat fold
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Ladies and gentlemen, please stand back....I am about to attempt 4 photos in one post!

This weekend was both busy/and not so busy. We think A. is going through a growth spurt, she is sleeping ridiculously long hours, like two 3 hour naps on Sat! that is in addition to her usual 12 hour night. So it is not busy in regard to her but busy getting stuff done. As you see above I used my time to create my first flat fold. I used the instructions here. I finished a little freebie from passione ricamo that i did in 2005. here is the back:

Back of the folding stand up
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I did this in anticipation of attempting this on Mitten games (if I ever find the appropriate fabric).

So in addition to finishing that I was able to plant some herbs I bought on Thursday, and install a rug in my kitchen.
The entry to my kitchen...well honestly... it sucks. See the photo below:

Kitchen entry Before
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See the door? That is from the garage, see the fridge?...that door is directly across from the door to the garage, yes they bump into each other. See the washer and dryer? what you don't see is between the dryer and the fridge, is the door to the back yard. This is a heavily trafficked area. and I have gone through a series of door mats and rugs, none of which work for me.

I first saw Flor rugs on, she uses them in her house. And so I ordered the catalog, and for $160, I bought 15 squares of Home Movies-popcorn, and cut and installed them all here:

Kitchen Entry After
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Pretty cool huh ;) I was excited about how they have turned out. I'll let you know how they hold up, but I am totally ordering a couple of extra squares to replace the ones that get really dirty.


Anna van Schurman said...

Great job on the flatfold. I need a couple of 18 hour days of sleep!

Abi said...

Great job on the finish as well as on the floor install! Were they hard to cut? I wonder how awful they are to remove?

Brenda said...

The floor looks great! The flat fold is awesome. One would never know that it is your first ff finish. Good job. A is certainly growing and I'm glad to see some curls, finally.

xsquared said...

Flatfold looks great! I'm still working up the nerve to try that finishing technique.

I'm in love with Flor - your rug looks great! I'm considering them for our dining room.

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Nice job on the floor!! Your flat fold turned out great. I'd never know it was your first if you hadn't told us. ;) I *love* the fabric you used to finish it.

Doris said...

great work on the flatfold and in the floor :)

June said...

The flatfold looks great - well done! :)

Sonda in OR said...

You've been busy! The flatfold is cute!

Heidi said...

You did great oin your first flatfold! I haven't done one of these yet. I like the design too.