Friday, April 11, 2008

Ya'll are awesome

Thank you ladies! I got three excellent sugestions on my last post.

Heirloom Birth Sampler by Victoria Sampler suggested by Beth: I don't mind specialty stitches or hardanger (see below) but I have long ago ditched ribbon embroidery, I could never make it look good enough.

Child of Spring by Victoria Sampler suggested by Lee: I love this but wish I could see the colors in person before I could commit to it.

This freebie by Kissy-Cross suggested by Emilie: I think this is my pick! It had trees and birds and space for the saying (which i may adjust). I can easily add in some overdyed floss to spice it up a bit and maybe a colorful fabby too! AND it is free!!

Thank you again ladies.
The comment on hardanger reminds me of my experience with it. Some time around age 23 or so, I received several older cross stitch magazines. I had never seen these before, so I tore out the patterns I liked and tossed the rest. One of these patterns was this one (click it to see more detail)

First sampler/ first hardanger/ first linen
Originally uploaded by Stitching scientist.

I just stitched it...I had no knowledge that it was supposed to be hard. I just followed the directions. It was only years later that I learned how many folks struggle with kloster blocks and clipping their linen. It certainly isn't perfect, the blocks are a bit loose, and you can see some traveling threads, but I guess that just goes to show what you can do without preconceived notions. This thing even had diamonds and stuff in the blocks that is advanced. I have not done a lot of hardanger since then...It just isn't that attractive to me. I do have a heart pattern I may attempt someday.

I have a finish for you all to post soon...If I could just find that damn camera cord!


Margaret said...

That's going to be a wonderful piece for A! I can't wait to see your progress. (And my children are nearly 10 and 14 and I STILL haven't stitched anything to commemorate their birth!)

saras said...

I vote for the free one to! I thought when I saw it the other day, it fit your discription perfectly!

xsquared said...

I love the freebie birth sampler! Looks perfect for you!

Beth said...

Oh, that is pretty! And you can't beat free. :) I love how the roots are showing beneath the plants. Hope you find that camera cord soon; I look forward to seeing progress reports on this.